Grandia Xtreme Giveaway

Grandia Xtreme Giveaway
1 Grand Prize Winner:
A free copy of Grandia Xtreme for the PlayStation 2, signed by the Enix America Team.
The Official Strategy Guide by Versus Books.

4 Second Place Winners:
A free copy of Grandia Xtreme for the PlayStation 2.
The Official Strategy Guide by Versus Books.

As the latest RPG in the Grandia saga, Grandia Xtreme challenges players to conquer 4 elemental dungeons in a riveting quest to save the world from disaster. The talents of an all-star cast, starring Dean Cain (Lois & Clark), Mark Hammil (Star Wars) and pop sensation, Lisa Loeb, bring the characters of Grandia Xtreme to life. Featuring an award-winning combat system and diverse gameplay, Grandia Xtreme is a thrilling adventure and is available only on the PlayStation 2.

RPGFan is proud to present the Grandia Xtreme Giveaway!

Grandia Xtreme Fact Sheet:
Release Date: 9/30/02
Grandia Xtreme is rated (T) for Teen (13+, Mild Language, Mild Violence)
Official Website: www.enix.com/grandia-xtreme/

Official Contest Rules & Instructions:
RPGFan will randomly pick winners from those contestants who filled out the entire form below and answered all five (5) Grandia Xtreme Quiz Questions correctly. Participants can find all answers to the quiz questions in RPGfan's Grandia Xtreme Review. All participants MUST be at least 13 years of age, and be a resident of the continental United States to enter (this excludes residents of Alaska and Hawaii from the contest). All entries must be received before 11:59pm PST on October 14th, 2002. The winners of the contest will be announced on the site on October 20th, 2002.

First Name
Last Name
Age (No one under 13 may enter)
E-mail Address
Street Address (sorry, no POB/PMB addresses)
Zip Code
Who is the main hero of Grandia Xtreme?
Who composed the music of Grandia Xtreme?
Who is Lutina's voice actress?
What kind of eggs cast magic in Grandia Xtreme?
Who is the developer of Grandia Xtreme?
Which gaming consoles do you currently own?
(check all that apply)
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo 64
PlayStation 2
Which gaming consoles do you plan to buy?
(check all that apply)
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo 64
PlayStation 2
Which newly released or upcoming RPG(s) do you own or plan to buy?
(check all that apply)
Grandia Xtreme
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
.hack: Infection Expansion
Suikoden III
Dual Hearts
Kingdom Hearts
Legaia: Duel Saga
Dark Cloud 2
Summoner 2
Wild ARMs 3
Evolution Worlds
Lost Kingdoms
The Legend of Zelda (GameCube)
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II
Shenmue II
What are your favorite types of videogames?
(check all that apply)
Single-Player Role-Playing Games
Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games
Action Games
Adventure Games
Sports Games
Strategy Games
Puzzle Games
Simulation Games
Racing Games
What is your favorite Enix game?
Disclaimer Notice
No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Contest is available to US residents only. Each contestant must fill out all fields of the form with complete and accurate information. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Duplicate entries will also result in disqualification. Employees of RPGFan and Enix are ineligible for the contest. All information collected will be used solely by RPGFan and Enix for confidential market research and will not be redistributed or reused in any way. The winners will be chosen at random by RPGFan from all complete entries by October 20th, 2002.


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