System Bashing and Lunar on PSX!

This editorial is for all the fans of Lunar, and system bashers.

Does everyone remember the Sega/Nintendo system wars several years back? I do, and quite clearly. It was just Nintendo and Sega at each others throats. Remember the Sega CD; the system that everyone said was, "The worst system ever created?" Now, what system was Lunar: The Silver Star originally released for? The Sega CD. No one cared about Lunar during those days (except for those who owned the game), and everyone screamed about how crappy the game is, simply because it was made by the "worst" video game company. Instead of giving the game a chance, many turned their noses away, because the game was for a Sega system.

Now, just a few years back, what system was the remake of Lunar: The Silver Star going to be released for? The Sega Saturn. Now, did anyone really care at that time? No, of course not (except for Lunar fans and I). It was for a Sega system, so the game didn't really matter. It didn't have "light source shading" and 3 million polygons a second on the display. So that game "sucked" to owners of the Playstation. Working Designs wasn't a good company at all because they hadn't released anything on the Playstation.

At this point, Working Designs has also joined the bandwagon and left their loyal fans to support the "superior system", and Lunar has all of a sudden become such a big deal. I hear Sony fans screaming about how awesome the game is. This is 100% wrong. First of all, the general public hasn't even seen the actual game for Playstation, other than a few cinemas recorded into AVI files, so how do you know that it's so awesome and so much better than the Saturn's version in Japan? Second, when it was a Sega game, it was unimportant. Why is it so great now? Simply put, it's because many people make ignorant conclusions. I'll admit, I sometimes do too. But personally, I don't care what system it's released for, although I can't play it now since I have a Saturn (if I was Vic Ireland, I would've released Lunar for BOTH the Saturn and Playstation; then he would have brought the game to the "largest" audience).

I'm gonna stop whining at this point, but when you get ready to scream, "that game sucks," you need to have a good reason. Don't bias a game just because it's on another system. And please don't make ignorant comparisons. I don't care if Lunar on the PSX would be better than the Saturn. I just want to play the game. Heck, Lunar would look best on the Dreamcast! But then I'd hear Sony fanatics contradicting the reasons they used to justify their Saturn bashing. I could poke and pick at Mindless Fantasy 7 till I'm blue in the face but what would I get out of it? So, if you like to ignorantly bash a system, fine, but don't do it around me. Just grow up, and get a brain. Sorry if I offended you. I just had to get this out of my head. If you have any comments or criticism, feel free to e-mail me.

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