Ah! Finally I get to express my complaints about Working Designs' horrible SPAZ label.

Well, the first major problem I have with SPAZ is that it wastes WD's (Working Designs will be WD from here on) time. The only thing SPAZ ports to english are either average games (*cough* Sega Ages *cough*) or games that could be imported with no problem (i.e. non RPG's). Take Thunder Force V for instance, what idiot can't play a Japanese shooter? What possibly can't you read that you need to? It's easy to tell how many points you have, it's easy to tell what weapon you have, and it's easy to know what you're supposed to do.... kill things!!!! The ONLY reason I see WD porting this is for quick and easy money.

It seems as though it's becoming WD's goal to make more and more money, yet less and less quality games. True TF5 is a quality shooter, but it makes no sense to port it. Why? Well, to any hardcore shooter fan, Thunder Force 5 is a no brainer and they bought it when it was on the Saturn years ago. WD isn't helping the hardcore gamer, their helping themselves by grabbing the regular (if you will) gamer. The one who sees an add for a game, then buys it for that reason alone. Yes, I know some hardcore WD fans bought it, but for the most part, any gamer who wanted the game badly already bought it.

You're probably thinking that I'm just being an anti WD person by sounding so nit picky, well I'm being so picky because Vic always says how he cares about the fans. Well, the SPAZ label is not caring about the fans, it's caring about Vic's big fat wallet! And in general that's what this editorial is really about, all the SPAZ label does is fatten Vic's wallet.

Follow me here. Ok, say you could pick from porting a RPG or a shooter, the RPG will take months of hard work and stress, while the shooter is a breeze, just a few tune ups and you're done. And to top that off, most of the time the shooter will sell the same or slightly below the amount an RPG would. Doesn't the shooter sound like the logical choice? Well, it is, it makes perfect sence to pick the shooter. And guess what? Everyone does pick them (shooters and other quick genre like platformers and fighters), that's why there are so few RPGs here (getting better though ^-^). But I expect more from Working Designs then "do what everyone else does" motto, just because it makes more money. Now Vic himself would be the first to tell you that SPAZ games do not get in the way of Working Designs RPGs and do not slow their progress, to that I say BULL! Raise your hand if you think WD kicked Rayearth under the rug while they were working on Raystorm..... wow thats a lot of hands =), well it's the truth. Lunar and Rayearth have taken a back seat to WD's SPAZ games and I'm sick of it!

And how many times are SPAZ games delayed? Hmmmmm, lets see, hardly ever, and if they are it's just a month or so. But if it's an RPG by WD, well you never know when you're going to get it. Is it because it's sooooo hard, nope. It's because WD has other priorities. Yes, RPG's do take a long time to translate, but not 2 years! They should be able to complete a tranlation in 6 or 7 months easy.

Well, this has gone long enough so I'll just end with this. WD was created for the true fans that know how special WD is for porting such unportable games by the other company's standards. But if they keep flirting with this SPAZ label and other genres, they'll quickly fall in love with money and then become just another company. Vic listen to me here bud, ditch SPAZ, and give us what we want, RPG's! And lots of them.

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