Squaresoft - the past, the present and the future

One couldn't deny that Squaresoft creates many of the RPG genre's finest moments. Highly acclaimed titles, such as the Final Fantasy series, Seiken Densetsu series, Xenogears, Parasite Eve and many more, are testaments to Squaresoft's superiority in the particular genre. It is no wonder, that the consumer's (us) confidence towards Squaresoft titles are high in Japan or in the United States. I, myself, am an avid Squaresoft fan. It's just that today, I felt that Squaresoft isn't what it used to be.

In my opinion, Squaresoft was like a "perfectionist" those days. Every single title released backed then was perfect in its very own way. Although their release schedule is nowhere near today's in number, but every one of them have set a new standard for future RPGs to follow. From Final Fantasy 5, to the release of one of the greatest A.RPG of all time Seiken Densetsu 2; the year-end release of Romancing Saga 2; then the release of the epic Final Fantasy 6 on April 1995; then finally, the grand finale of 1995, the release of Chrono Trigger. Later released titles such as Romancing Saga 3, Front Mission, Gunhazard, and Treasure Hunter G, although over-shadowed by the RPGs released in newer technology (Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn) none of were done harshly, and each title is an adventure not to be missed. It's these title released by Squaresoft then that makes them what they are today. At the same time, they found a special place in every fan's heart. But, when Squaresoft entered as a developer for Sony PlayStation, thing changed......

Today, Squaresoft is more like a "businessmen", this is just my opinion. First, I felt that nowadays Squaresoft is trying everything to get more "sales". By using various tactics such as, luring people with really good graphics, CG movies and more recently music artists (Faye Wong). Now, I'm not saying that having great graphics is a sin, it's just that sometimes RPGs are just as good in 2D than in 3D. You have no idea how many people I've met that purchased Final Fantasy VII because of "killer graphics". I'll still play Final Fantasy VII in 2D! (Although I rather not play Final Fantasy VIII in 2D......). Dungeons on pre-rendered graphics are boring (at least for me). And Final Fantasy VII storyline falls short to the standards set by its predecessors. I'm just taking Final Fantasy VII as an example here, not that I really hate the game, I bought the game and I own every next generation console available therefore I have no reasons to hate the game. Second, I think the reasons why Squaresoft entered the Sony PlayStation is because of the PlayStation number of sold units is higher that the Sega Saturn's. They could have easily used their talents there. Believe me, Squaresoft will ONLY enter the console that can give them better profit, so don't be surprise if Squaresoft began developing games for the DreamCast if it outsells Playstation 2.

Maybe I feel uneasy with the hype Squaresoft gets right now. Maybe I feel pity other companies aren't getting the attention they deserve. Overall, my feelings towards Squaresoft is a mixed bag of everything.

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