A Rebuttal against Squaresoft - past, present, and future

It's true, one couldn't deny that Squaresoft has created some of the finest RPGs ever made. However, Squaresoft is also still creating some of the finest RPGs. If it wasn't for Squaresoft, what would you be busy playing right now? It probably wouldn't be RPGs. If it wasn't for Squaresoft, who would've brought RPGs into the world's spotlight? Probably no one. If Squaresoft hadn't decided to bring the RPGs it has to the US, would we have any RPGs to play right now? Probably not.

You have to admit, Squaresoft is one of the reasons that the RPG is alive and well in the US today. However, Squaresoft needs to remain alive and well as well, which is one of the reasons that they are heavily advertising their items in the US, and also one of the reasons that they are creating games that not only hardcore RPG enthusiasts would like, but also games that someone not quite into RPGs would enjoy.

It seems that you are biting the hand that feeds you, just because some of the food isn't as good as it could be. Yes, Squaresoft may be losing its perfectionist attitude towards some games, yet it can hardly be blamed for trying to perpetuate its own business. As long as Squaresoft continues to churn out high quality titles such as Xenogears and Parasite Eve, should we really care if they turn out lower quality titles as well? A company cannot and should not be expected to produce a title as close to perfection as can be every time.

In addition, your reasons for your obvious doubt in Squaresoft are dubious at best. Yes, Squaresoft produces titles primarily for the PlayStation. And yes, it probably is because it sells a higher number of units. Why should Squaresoft have to make games for every system, even if their games won't sell well on them? If you really need to play Squaresoft games that badly, you should wait and see which system they choose to make games for before buying a system. Whining after the fact just shows that you made a bad decision (I'm not necessarily talking about you, but the people you're "representing" who can't buy every system). And about the little marketing ploys; they don't lower the quality of the game, so why should they be left out? If Square feels they can sell more copies this way, the more power to them! As long as it doesn't impact on other sections of the game, I have no qualms.

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