What is happening to video games?

Video games have come quite a way since pong. We've gone from simple 2D to complex 3D environments. These days 2D is something almost forgotten. Many people and practically all casual gamers like 3D and think it is awesome and could care less if 2D was around or not. I cannot figure out why anyone would think this way seeing as to how video games are created for having fun. I'm sure every single person who reads this can name at least one fun 2D game. I'll bet they can probably name 5. I can name over 100 easy. So why do games have to be 3D to be fun?? Who Knows.

Just think. Without 2D we'd have no shooters, no awesome side scrollers, no classic hits like Bomberman, Mega Man, or Final Fight. What do you get with 3D? Well lets see, hmm.. 3D environments to explore. And the one thing people die for, awesome graphics. Sure 3D looks cool but is it really that fun? I mean there are some cool 3D games. I am not against 3D but I don't believe it should be dominant. 2D should be dominant by all means. Take a handful of 3D games and a handful of 2D games and I guarantee you will have more fun with the 2D handful.

I have been watching the video game industry very closely over the past few years. And now more then ever 3D is dominating the market. 2D rarely ever gets released. Myself and others I know have a great feeling Capcom will eventually drop 2D. I couldn't live knowing there'd never be another 2D fighter. Besides Capcom all we have for 2D fighters is SNK and who knows what they will do. But if things continue the way they are, they will most likely go 3D only. Just remember. Games are for fun. Fun. Fun. Not for exploring huge 3D environments. But for fun.

This also leads into RPG's big time. Not only do we have barely any 2D but now companies are focusing on providing the best-looking graphics ever. Oh it sure is great to play a beautiful looking RPG but it's actually not that great when the gameplay isn't up to standards. The only 3D rpg I've played with beautiful graphics and awesome story with great gameplay is Grandia. Even the oh-so-great FF7 was a letdown. Why was Grandia better? Because it didn't have tons of FMV scenes and it was in the making for 4 years. When you put most of the time into clean graphics plus tons of FMV you lose gameplay and storyline quality. Now in all actuality, is playing a 2D rpg any less fun? No. And once again it's all about fun. Not pictures. Fun. And as I always say, graphics will NEVER make a game fun. NEVER. If anyone has ever had fun because a game looked good, please please write an editorial and tell me about this experience. It would be like discovering new technology.

I'll say it one more time so people don't forget why I am writing this, I do not hate 3D games and I do not hate good graphics. I think 3D is awesome and good graphics are beautiful. But 3D does not and should not have to be used for every genre. And as for graphics, if lots of time must be put into them then put more time into the gameplay. Don't set a release date if you wanna spend a lot of time on beautiful graphics.

Also with the dominance of 3D many great series are going to be lost. We already lost the great side-scrolling Mario games. Next is Sonic. Why they would all of a sudden take a 2D side-scroller and make it a 3D exploration action game is beyond me. I can tell I'm going to be disappointed with Sonic Adventure and Mario 64 was a tragic loss of a great series. It's a shame to see series like this lost. Well, if things go total 3D get used to it because you will never play a fun side-scroller again.

The reason for everything having to be 3D goes to blame mostly on Sony. Why? Well.. with the PSX they tried to put out as little 2D stuff as possible and mostly 3D stuff. Capcom had so many great 2D games lost because Sony wouldn't allow them to be published. In doing this, many casual gamers have come to think 3D is better because they hardly get to play any 2D games. And casual gamers are what rule this industry. There are so many more casual gamers then hardcore gamers therefore companies are trying to meet the casual gamers wants. So as long as the casual gamer continues to fully support 3D and care less for 2D , eventually 2D will be extinct. A thing of the past. No more shooters. No more Street Fighter. No more King of Fighters. No more side scrollers. No more Final Fight type games. Boy. Whew. That marks off quite a few genres. Another thing, the reason you have seen only a couple of 2D games on N64 all goes back to Sony making 3D extrememly popular with casual gamers. Therefore, the N64 has been getting all 3D stuff to keep the casual gamers happy. So in the long run, Sony was the big cause for this whole 3D thing.

I can't stand and see 2D die out. I am asking all of you who have read this to remember some of your best gaming experiences. I'm sure most were from 2D experiences. Well in doing that would you like to see 2D dead? Please support 2D. If we don't it will be gone. Spread the word, kind of like a chain. Get people to realize 2D games are the heart of gaming and by losing them we won't have experiences like we did in the past. Another thing 3D games lack is the challenge of a good shooter or side scroller. When games start to get easy and boring, they are no fun. We want fun. That's the whole reason games are played. For fun. Not for eye candy or for deep 3D enviroments. But for fun.

Hopefully you totally understand why 2D is so fun. Maybe you are new to gaming and haven't gotten to enjoy many 2D games. Well go take 50 bucks and buy yourself a used nes and pick up like 5-10 games. They will all be 2D as 3D wasn't even truly used till Saturn and Psx. You will have a great experience I can guarantee. Well I've done enough ranting. I've stated my point through many examples and showed why 2D is better then 3D and why it should live forever. I hope you all agree, but if not oh well. Farewell and good luck to the future of gaming. 2D Forever.

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