Dreamcast=RPG Delight or Doom?

Is the Dreamcast really going to become possibly the best system ever or another complete failure by Sega? Throughout Sega's history, they have proven themselves as a capable company, releasing great systems and games. But they have also degraded themselves as an unloyal and rash company. Making terrible mistakes (especially on the launch of Saturn). Have their reputation gone sour? No doubt about it, their reputation with casual and hard-core gamers has dwindled down. But what about their RPGs? True, the SNES was the true choice for the RPG gamer during the golden age of the 16-bit systems. The SNES had the best RPGs by Square i.e. Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, etc. But only an ignorant fool would dare proclaim the Genesis did not start some of the best RPG series around. Look at Shining Force or Phantasy Star (PS was not as popular until it got to the Genesis) and many other "one-shot" RPGs. What about the 8-bit days? I do not own a Master system myself, so I cannot make a true judgement on it (I can make a true judgement on the NES though but this editorial isn't about Nintendo is it?).

Now let's fast forward to the 32-bit days a.k.a. the dark ages. What happens to Sega's glorious success? Sega became rash and became prone to many stupid and terrible mistakes. At the same time, the market was getting open for some "newbies" which enabled Sony to jump in. Nintendo was still too busy planning their new system and the SNES was still going strong. Sega thought they could speed past competitors with another add-on for the Genesis and a new system at the same time of Genesis's glorious empire. Sega went right ahead with a sloppy plan for the Saturn, thinking anyone would buy it no matter what. Sony who was a newbie releases Playstation with a sloppy plan too, but nowhere on the same scale of the Saturn. Both took a while to get the RPG genre started again. But when it was ready once again, only one system's sales soar. The Playstation. Why? The answer: Square. Square released Final Fantasy 7, one of the hugest successes of any RPGs ever. It allowed RPGs to become mainstream. RPGs instantly went from underground success to a household name. But what about the Saturn? Hard-core Sega fans like me, would say this," SEGA HAD AMAZING RPGS! Yes, it was a short list, but it had some real gems in them. Even the most bias Sony or Nintendo freak will tell you they heard of Grandia or Panzer Dragoon Saga somewhere.

Fast forward all the way to now, Dreamcast launch is almost upon us all. With RPGs more mainstreamed today, what do you think most people are looking for? RPGs of course. CEO Bernie Stolar of Sega has been quoted many times,"RPGs are more important than ever". Why? Because he has seen Square's huge success on the Playstation. We all know B.S is not a true gamer, he's simply a businessman. But at least now, he'll make some effort to get the RPGs released. What does Dreamcast mean for RPG developers? For companies that make games for the PC, it means easy cash. For console-oriented RPG developers it means freedom to fully express an RPG the way they intended it to. With most of the smaller and "big guns" signed on, Dreamcast is guaranteed to have a lot of games. But many would still say, where are the RPGs? First off, a decent amount of RPGs is already on the way, so don't cry over anything yet. Also, the Dreamcast is possibly the first system to have RPGs in development so early in its life (heck so early the system is not even out yet).

If you want to complain about the lack of RPGs, look at the Nintendo 64. So I say to those who are not convinced by the Dreamcast, wait and you shall receive what you want.

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