Pokémon: The First Movie

Oct. 5 was the start (to me at least) of Kids WB's campaign to promote Pokémon: The First Movie, and what a pathetic start it was too. They only aired the theater trailer once that whole afternoon, but constantly every other break in the evening here. However highly affective (on me at least), the one catch that made this so dumb was the free stuff. To the first 100 kids that buy the tickets at select theaters, they get one of four Pokémon card from the new series coming to stores this winter. I have a feeling that little 10 year olds will claim that they didn't know that the cinema down the street wasn't participating and want their card. The cards, from what I hear, are Mairril (the contraversial "Pikablu"), Snubble, Togepi, and Mew. These have yet to be confirmed, and I frankly don't care. Also, it seems that 4Kids has given up on getting Len to sing for them. As they showed that movie's tiny credits that most are notorious for airing after the trailer, M2M is the only band featured. They will be singing "Don't Say You Love Me" or something along that line. At least it isn't from the 2 B.A. Master CD. While I'm on the matter of music, I can live without that Pokémon Dance Mix (::coughs::) that they played during the last half of the trailer. Sure, it fit with what they showed; I'll admit that. It just sucks. I mean, what the heck were the writers thinking when they recorded that?! They wanted it to sound rave-ish, but to a bunch of kids under the age of 14? There something you'll never see.. Anyway, however they go about doing it, expect the following from this campaign from the WB and 4 Kids: tons free and must-buy stuff, sneak previews, lots of promotion as the date gets closer, and a bunch of little kids yelling "Pikachu!" for reasons so dumb you won't understand them. Times to see the movie is best after the hype. That way, you don't have the little kids yelling "Pi-pikachu!" in your ear. There will still be some, no doubt, but not as much. I give the movie a month before the popularity dies down. Grossing estimates are in the millions near what Titanic brought in. I doubt that many kids have that much money if combined in America to see it, but you know it will be the parents paying them admission. What about the teenagers, like me, that are going to see it? Besides the laughs that the ticket booth will give you, some may enjoy the MewTwo part of it. Reviewers are saying that if you plan to take you kids to this movie, make sure you leave after the Pikachu short and just lie to them if they are under 10. The MewTwo art is suppose to be the darker side of Pokémon that may frighten little kids. As if! I know 7 year olds on my block that saw Blair Witch and weren't scared. This is, in my opinion, another attempt to "protect the youth of tomarrow."

What's there to protect? It's an animé that is one of two being released in US theaters nation wide (the other being Princess Mononoke on Oct. 29). We are eventually going to see more of it. A good chance is that Kids WB will have a weekend special where they have the "National Broadcast Premiere of Pokémon: The First Movie!" after the video is relesased. They did it with Batman and Superman, didn't they? If I was them, I would. Everyone that is involed with Pokémon, both in the Japan and US district, are in it for the money. They have something, and they want to fly with it. It's a fad. Like the Furbys, Tickle-Me-Elmos, Giga-pets, and Beanie Babies, this will, too, die out. When? That's another matter. With the release of the movie around the corner, whatever hope of Pokémon dying out has been snuffed. This, long with the other two that Kids WB and 4Kids plans to dub, will save this ad from popular death. Japan is happy that series is popular here. Over there, Pokémon is just like your average sit-com or Bugs Bunny cartoon to most. My advice to those that are hating what America is being exposed to: Live with it. You can't really change it; all you can do is ignore it (but with this that looks impossible.) As a final note, I recommend that everyone, unless you are a sap like me, stay away from any and all theaters on the dates spreading from Nov.12 (opening night) to Dec. 13 (my projected hype-ending date) at all costs. You're ears will thank you later.

----Other Stuff You Won't Read Unless You Want To----

On "Norm", ABC's latest sit-com that aired on Oct.6 at 7:30, the opening minutes featured a Pokémon scene where they were "poking" fun at the every so popular series. They had cast members and "midgets" or little people dress up in Pokémon coustums, with the exception of Norms who were fellow cast members as a Butterfree and a Squirtle. I liked what the girl said she wanted to do to Pikachu.

NORM: Butterfree! Whirlwind attack!

BUTTERFREE: (whiny) I don't want to do my Whirlwind attack. (mad/crazy) I wanna throw a chair over its head!

Frankly, I think it had the reverse effect. It showed a fact that I was hoping that never would happen. It showed that, along with the ranks of Mickey Mouse and Joe Camel, Pikachu is now a national recognized icon (GOD NO! SAY IT'S NOT SO!). Even disney has recognized that fact. They alone has had several articles featured in their Disney Adventures magazine. This spells the end of the world for anything cute. If there was a race, Pikachu won it.

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