In Defense of EsquE's Lunar Rating - Counterpoint

I would have to agree with E-Chan on a few points, but some points that he made left me dumbfounded.

While the graphics for Lunar: SSSC aren't the greatest (except for those beautiful animations), the storyline and the plot for this game is so incredibly good that I actually enjoyed this game more than I enjoyed FFVII, and that is not just because I went out and bought a Sega CD just to buy the original Lunar and it's sequel. I actually envied the people who hadn't played Lunar before, because I already knew the main plot twists. Luckily, there were a lot more surprises.

Another downside to Lunar was the battle system. While I did like the voices inserted in there, the battles generally came down to attack, defend, run, item, or magic. The aritficial intelligence option wasn't that great either. While it took care of the enemies rather quickly, it uses up all of your MP. The boss battles were quite monotonous, as well. The boss battles were pretty much Alex using Sword Dance, Kyle using Power Slash, Nash using Thunderbolt, Mia using Flame Bomb, and Jessica Healing.

Lunar's good points lie in the translation and character development. The translation for this game is better than any other video game I have ever played on any platform. Kudos to Vic Ireland and the whole WD crew for translating it so well. I played through the game three times and talked to all the people in all the cities. You almost get to know every single one of the people in the world of Lunar. Everyone who has played this game knows who I am talking about when I mention The old sea hag's sister who roams around black rose street, The drunk outside the Meribian bar whose butt is taking the shape of the bricks on the sidewalk, the Nanza jailer who talks like Balky from "Perfect Strangers", and the list goes on and on. There are so many detailed characters in this game, that it's hard to keep track of all of them.

While this game posed almost no challenge for me to beat in about twenty hours, those twenty hours were spent getting to know a whole world of people. I think Lunar is a benchmark for many games out there. Final Fantasy VII was a fun game to play with some sweet graphics, but the translation left me wanting to know what the hell was going on in some places, not to mention the fact that Barret's dialouge just sounded like some angry guy yelling with an occasional "shit!", "hell!" or "dammit!" inserted in between what was a pathetic attempt at ebonics.

The main thing that I have a problem with you saying is the voice acting. The voice acting for this game is definitely the best I have seen in a game. I don't understand what is wrong with it. Quark sounds like a dragon. Nash sounds like a jerk with a big ego. Jessica sounds like a tomboy. Kyle sounds like a tough guy. Mia sounds like an innocent girl. Mel sounds like a pirate. Ghaleon (John Truitt, fantastic Ghaleon voice!!!!) sounds like an evil villan. Now, if I am correct, that would match every one's voice with what their characters are depicted as in a game. The voicing is right on time with the animation, it is emotional, and just plain fun to listen to.

This game was a lot of hard work to put together for Working Designs, and I think this is easily the greatest game they have put forth. The packaging extras, the making of video, the outtakes after the final credits, all of these things turn Lunar from a game into an obsession, a heartwarming story that flows like a great novel and is expressed with animation and great voices.

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