Final Fantasy 3: Best RPG Ever?

Recently, I have been reading numerous articles all over the web that state that Final Fantasy 3(6) was the best RPG ever made by Square, and that Square has been going downhill ever since then. This simply is not true, and for many reasons. First off I would like to state that Xenogears and Final Fantasy 8 are my favorite RPGs. This is not because of their graphics; rather it has to do with superior characters, storyline, combat system, and overall enjoyment. In this editorial I will be drawing comparisons of FF3 to them and some other games.

My biggest complaint with a lot of the editorials in here is that all you people whine and complain about translation. How do you know whether the translation is good or not? How many people here understand the original Japanese text? None? I didn't think so. When you people complain and complain about a few spelling errors in Xenogears and FFT it is totally outrageous. How many of you could write a 100 page essay without a spelling error? None? I didn't think so. In terms of storyline, FF3 falls short of many RPGs (Xenogears, FF8, Lunar:SSSC, FFT, PS4). Saying that the story in FF3 is better than any of these games is nonsense. People say Xenogears storyline is too complex, well it wasn't. If you don't have the capability to follow along with the numerous, enthralling plot twists, then that is your loss. In terms of music, FF3 has some of the best music in an RPG, paralleled only by Xenogears, Chrono and FF8. The FF3 battle system is rather mediocre with few advancements. On the other hand, the Xenogears battle system was the most revolutionary I've seen in an RPG to date. Though there were some flaws in FF8's battle system (too much reliance on GFs in the beginning), the junction system was interesting and fresh. Though the characters in FF3 were interesting for the most part, there were too many. How much did we really care about Gau or Relm? The characters in Xenogears were all very well developed with the exception of Rico and Emeralda (Chu-Chu doesn't count!). The reason people enjoy FF3 so much is the nostalgia associated with it. It was probably one of the first REALLY good RPGs that you played. And it was really great, just not as good as some of the ones today. Now you people are probably thinking that I am a gamer that is pretty new to the genre who just enjoys "eye-candy", but this isn't true. I've been playing RPGs since FF1 came out, and have played a lot since. It is true that graphics don't make an RPG but they don't hurt either.

FF3 is worse than some of today's games, not because of inferior graphics. It is worse because of inferior characters, inferior storyline, inferior gameplay and inferior graphics. FF3 is a great game, but saying it is the best game ever made by Square, give me a break. Try and look at it objectively. FF3 is good but Xenogears is a masterpiece.

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