Final Fantasy 3: Best RPG Ever? - Counterpoint

After reading (and posting) Alex Toran's editorial, regarding Final Fantasy 3, whether it should hold the title of greatest RPG ever or not, I felt the need to comment on a few things. About a year ago, I would more than likely had screamed, "Sega rules, Final Fantasy sucks!", even though at the time, I had never played a Final Fantasy game in my life. But, over the past year, and thanks to the internet, this ignorant fool has grown wiser in the ways of video gaming.

The biggest problem with any of the editorials, when involving the topic of what the best RPG is, is that the writer holds his own opinion as fact. Now, if every opinion were to be held as a fact, we'd all be a little confused, no? After all, not all of us agree on various issues, whether it be favorite colors, video games, or even boxers/briefs. If I say that Shining Force 3 is the best RPG ever in an editorial, and it's automatically taken as a fact, merely because I say so, it automatically contradicts the "fact" that Final Fantasy 3 is the best RPG ever, or the "fact" that Final Fantasy 7 is the best RPG ever, or the "fact" that Xenogears is the best RPG ever.

Regarding Alex's comment on people complaining about translations in RPGs, I believe that he was taking the complaints the wrong way. It isn't necessarily the word-for-word translation that's in question, it's the grammar and spelling errors that plague the games, not to mention the lack of sense that some of the dialogue has. I finally played Final Fantasy 7 merely a few months ago, and while I enjoyed the battle system, the graphics, and the music, which wasn't too bad, I found the dialogue to be...lacking (all in my opinion people, don't write an editorial criticizing my opinion, it's pointless). Half the time, I was confused because sentences were said at odd times, and it didn't fit together. Rather than having a conversation, it was as if words were just blurted out to reveal the plot. In other words, the characters seemed to be talking AT each other, rather than TO each other. I can't deny that the game had a great story, it's just that the dialogue left a lot to be desired. Just like in any real life conversation, if someone blurts out something that doesn't make any sense, or doesn't belong in the current conversation, you're more than likely going to have a confused look on your face.

Next, I point at the comment regarding spelling errors. The difference between a gaming company making a RPG, and a student writing a 100 page essay, is that the writers and editors of the dialogue in the RPG, are PAID to make sure there are no errors, a student is not. Even then, the student SHOULDN'T have any spelling errors on his/her final draft of the essay, hence the reason why you write a rough draft before making a final copy of the essay, to turn in to your professor/teacher. That's the whole point of English class anyways, isn't it? You're to improve your grammar and spelling skills, so that those errors don't exist in your writing.

To finish it all off, I'd just like to say that a game, can have a weaker story, inferior graphics, less gameplay, and music that is less "upbeat", but even then, it can hold a place in your heart, much farther than a game that excels in all of those categories. It isn't necessarily nostalgia... I'm not really sure WHAT it is. But I can say this... everyone has a different opinion, and RPGs, or rather, video games, are no exception to this.

I leave you with this quote, a little something to remember: "Opinions are like butts... we all have one."

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