Leveling Up Characters

This is my first editorial here or anywhere so bear with me. I have been a fan of RPGs for a long time. My first game was Miracle Warriors on the Sega Master System; if you remember that then you know how long I've been playing. That game was the first Console RPG released here in the states if I'm not mistaken, not Dragon Warrior, although Dragon Quest in Japan was the first Console RPG there. I have seen many people here arguing over old school RPGs vs. New RPGs. Let me throw in a new prospective that I think is a valid point.

The main reason I play a RPG is not for the pretty graphics, story telling or 2D sprites, but I like to build my characters up to bad arsh mofo's that can whoop major butt. Sure, all the other things are nice and all, I like to have a plot and pretty graphics in the game as well, but what keeps me coming back for more is getting new weapons, armor, spells, HP, MP, etc. added on to my characters. Almost all the best games in my book all have my characters up at the max level, have almost all, if not all of the secrets uncovered. I liked Saga Frontier for that reason. I love Final Fantasy V (in Anthology) as it has all kinds of level up potential for your characters and jobs. Sure, a lot of what I like is tedious, but I always have a light at the end of the tunnel and its what pushes me to level up more, uncover the secrets that lead to the Arsh Kicker 9000 Sword that will level the playing field. Ogre Battle gets me that way as it has tons of secrets and getting your guys up in levels. I always had lower reputation in that game because of that but that's the price I pay. Don't get me wrong, I love a good story, but it's just that... a story, and chances are, I will not come and play that game again just for the story (well Final Fantasy 6 I did but that's the exception).

So it doesn't matter to me what new RPG's bring... 2D, 3D, story driven, new fighting techniques, etc. As long as they have chances to level up and secret stuff to make my characters a threat the bad guys I'm a happy camper.

Thanx for hearing me rant. Feel free to email me with comments, flames, money, women or just praise.

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