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10/02/16Trauma and Video Games: How Kingdom Hearts Helped Me Cope With Childhood Abuse
08/30/16Final Fantasy VI: Falling in love with classic games
08/21/16Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive "Review"
05/26/16Celebrating 10 Years of Steambot Chronicles
05/16/16A Realistic Look at the Near Future of Virtual Reality
12/19/15Feeling Uneasy About Final Fantasy XV
08/10/15Final Fantasy VII - A Not So Retro Retrospective
06/24/15Final Fantasy VII Remake - Our Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams
01/18/15Hidden Machines, or How Tauros Learned to Surf
12/31/14Nose to the Grindstone: Scaling (or Not) in RPGs
11/23/14You Can't Please Everyone ...Can You?
10/12/14Mobile Side-Quests and the Cat Emperor
09/10/14The End and The Beginning: A Return to Hoenn
08/08/14Of Blood and Song An Analysis of Drakengard 3
07/27/14An Ode to Child of Light: Musing on the Use of Verse
07/12/14An RPG By Any Other Name
06/27/14An Aussie at E3
05/31/14Playing RPGs in an Age of Hoarding
04/20/14Why Visual Novel Censorship Is A Good Move
02/21/14Off To A Slow Start: JRPG Stories
01/26/14Learning to Enjoy in the Face of Negativity
01/12/14Pursuing My True Self: Identity in Role-Playing
03/28/13Ni no Kuni: My First JRPG, My Final JRPG
03/20/13Tecmo Koei Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves
09/04/12Japanese RPGs - The Young Adult Genre
08/26/12Trophy Earned! Achievements and RPGS
03/03/12The Darker Side of Communication
12/28/11Tanking is a Thankless Job
11/14/11The How and Why of My Reviews
09/25/11Your Morals are Wrong!
05/31/11Number Crunching
04/18/11The JRPG Standstill
02/27/11Are Video Games Ready for Critical Acclaim and Commercial Success?
01/31/11The Breakup...
12/30/10The Death of Baldur's Gate: An End to Conservative Video Game Design
11/26/10Beyond The Game - Expanding RPG Worlds
10/01/10I Don't Have The Patience For This! (Anymore)
08/31/10RPG Buffet: Room Enough For Neo and Retro RPGs
07/25/10Finding My Persona Through Persona
06/13/10Confessions of a Hypocritical MMO Player, In Three Acts
05/31/10Why XSEED Will Localize Falcom Games Better Than Anyone Else To Date
04/26/10The 35-Year-Old (Final Fantasy) Virgin
03/23/10"Leave Final Fantasy II Alone!"
02/02/10Genre Identity Crisis
01/16/10Social Gaming and the Legacy of RPGs
12/29/09Why My Favorite JRPG Isn't Even Japanese
11/30/09$1 or $60: How Much is Too Much For a Game?
10/31/09Handhelds: The End of Console Wars
09/10/09Are All Games Becoming RPGs?
08/24/09The Glamour Issue: Looking Back On RPGs
07/28/09Are We Having Fun Yet?
06/25/09Numbers Speak Louder Than Words?: In Defense of Rating Games However You Want
05/27/09Villains Missing in Action
04/28/09The Greatest Enemy of the RPG Genre
03/01/09Et tu, NIS America?
02/21/09The Days of the Final Final Dungeon
01/31/09Nothing New Under the Sun: The Search For "Original" Games
12/28/08Never Judge a Creation By Its Tools
11/29/08The "Eight Melodies" Template: How Sugiyama Shaped RPG Soundtracks
11/28/08Tales of Uninspiria: Or, Alphabet Soup
09/26/08Copy Protection and the Console Platform
08/31/08The Underdog
07/29/08Regarding Downloadable Content
06/17/08Is Sony's RPG Dominance Coming To An End?
05/12/08Classics and "The N Factor"
04/26/08Superheroes and RPGs: An Obvious Match?
03/31/08Closing the Digital Generation Gap
02/29/08Renaming, Renumbering, and the International Market
01/30/08Sequels, Series, and Burnouts
12/15/07Graphic Adventures: The Dead Genre That Never Really Died
11/20/07Dethroning the Almighty: Or, the "Unfinished Battle With God Syndrome"
10/29/07Innovation: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
09/03/07The Modern RPG and the Perils of Customization
08/22/07A Rose By Any Other Name
07/24/07Gaming and Autism
06/20/07Xbox 360: The King of RPGs?


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