Let Me Show You My Fan Arts

Yeah, yeah, I know. The title's a little late. I wanted to use it for the last update but I forgot.

Odin Sphere arrived for me last Tuesday, and it's amazing. I've been playing it almost every chance I get. The graphics are superb, and I would go so far as to say it's the most gorgeous game I've ever played. Yep, that's right. I'm saying a game on an 8-year old piece of hardware is more beautiful than anything else available on the market. To me, it's really indicitive of how misguided the game market's emphasis on graphics is. You'll get people drooling over games like Oblivion or Neverwinter Nights 2, which while technically impressive, have absolutely horrendous character designs. Honestly, what kind of person thinks that this:

Is an attractive character design? It looks like a clay model of a bastard apeman with fetal alcohol syndrome.

My Fan Arts.

Let me show you them.

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Silvers in Black
Artist: Aerith Reborn
Game Inspiration: .hack//Infection
Medium: Pencil on typing paper, then finished in Photoshop.
Comments: This was originally intended to be a series. Silvers in black kimono. I got as far as two, and the other one sucks hardcore. Alas, alas. I love Balmung to pieces. You have no idea. Well, maybe you do. Anyway....
Another SD KOS-MOS
Game Inspiration: Xenosaga
Medium: Pencil finished in Photoshop
Comments: SD KOS-MOS with a spastic BG.
Ziggy Sketch
Game Inspiration: Xenosaga
Medium: Pencil finished in Photoshop
Comments: It's Ziggy. Same look in all episodes.
The Hylian Angel
Artist: Alayna Lemmer
Game Inspiration: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Medium: Photoshop.
Comments: Zelda. :D
Jade & Tea
Game Inspiration: Tales of the Abyss
Medium: Pencil, pigment liner, Photoshop 7.
Comments: Jade Curtiss loves his tea! ^_^
Legend of Mana
Game Inspiration: Legend of Mana
Comments: I made this because most fans seemed to have forgotten about this game and I just wanted to bring the spark back where it used to be. I decided to draw the Hero and Heroine, but to make it more interesting I gave these two a modern flavor inspired by the designs from the other famous Square-Enix games.
Baron Pendragon
Artist: Faroresama
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy XI
Medium: openCanvas.
Comments: My boyfriend's baby chocobo in FFXI--Baron Pendragon. What a cutie!
Artist: Humble Novice
Game Inspiration: Tales of Destiny
Medium: Photoshop and a mouse.
Artist: Jeneko
Game Inspiration: Tales Of The Abyss
Medium: Photoshop CS2
Comments: She's Arietta from Tales of the Abyss
Artist: Kurot
Game Inspiration: .hack//G.U.
Medium: Painter/Photoshop
Comments:I wanted to draw all the guy characters but no time =_=
Artist: Polymorph
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: Pencil

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