June 14th, 2002

Bleh. It seems my computer's been doing the screwy dance lately, especially with Outlook Express. So, just in case you've sent fan art and it's not up this time, it should be up NEXT update, after I fix this stupid horseless sleigh... er... computer. I'll repeat that: If you sent something and it's NOT up, it WILL BE up next update. A thousand apologies for my lack of super computer fixin' mad skill powers.

Anyway, here's the fan art kiddies.

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The Prontera Wedding Shop
Artist: Dennis Poon
Game/Inspiration: Ragnarok Online
Comments: Another RO fanart, this time based on its unique (well, I've never heard of it before) idea of having weddings in an MMORPG :) I'm especially pleased with the way the blue-haired girl came out (she's a magician - but you can't really tell from the dress)

Artist: Parn
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Shining Force III
Comments: Penn looks cute, awake or otherwise. I drew this and colored it using my old WACOM graphics tablet with MetaCreations Painter Classic. The program does a good job of giving the illusion of the picture being drawn in marker. I'll try drawing something a little more difficult next time, I promise.
Aya holding a Gun
Artist: June
Game/Inspiration: Parasite Eve
Comments: I have always wanted to draw Aya. Parasite Eve was the first playstation game I ever played, and I simply loved the theme song "Somnia Memorias". I was particularly fascinated by all the biological talk about mitochondria and such cos it actually coincided with my course of study then. (Now I know mitochondria is way WAY more complex than the game ever put it, what with its effect on apoptosis and its maternal route of inheritance blay blah) I did this picture originally in Apr 2001. Then I started experimenting with colours in Dec, and thought this would be a good pic to start with. It was left in status quo for some weeks, and became my 5th coloured instalment instead.

This is the part where Aya leaps into oblivion (actually, the basement of the opera theatre-- Carnagie Hall), in her platforms and evening dress! It's in the first 10 min of the game... unless you are a really really slow player. -_-'
Seifer Almasy
Artist: Evil Squall, Squall14
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII
Comments: I don't have a scanner so I draw all my stuff with MS Paint and mouse, hopefully I can get a scanner someday.
Artist: Ark
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: None.

Tifa holding a rose ...
Artist: June
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: Considering how much I love FF7, it's strange that my fanart are so long overdued. Here's Tifa, completely indulging in a rose--- no prizes for guessing who it was from. In the game, though, I actually had Cloud present it to Marlene as I was a fervent supporter of Aerith's. (Which again, all things considered, is weird that I haven't any fanart of her with Cloud.) But if Cloud HAD given the rose (he bought from Aerith) to Tifa, I imagined Tifa would have been as ecstatic as depicted. ^_^

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