Oh, so bountiful!
August 3rd, 2002

"HiiiiI! Im JaVeLyNzAaaa! 18/f/cali! XD KTHXBIE!!!1"

(... Hm, oh well. So much for that introduction.)

Before anyone gets any weird ideas, (like the one who IMed me asking if I had hacked into RPGFan by adding my staff page and changing my board settings =P), I'm just the new editor taking over for Nallo in the here for the time being, so it's nothing as grandiose as you may think. Besides, I have better things to do than taking over RPGFan... like updating the ultra-sweet Fanart section and eating my delicious mango mochi. Mmm... you must try this stuff out! =D Yummers!

Anyway, fan art! Yes. There's a whole slew of fan art to show to you all, so much that I'm going to need at least 2 updates to post them all! So if your piece didn't make it today, then the next update or later will have it... that is, if it follows the guidelines. Hm, speaking of 'guidelines', before I show you all the lovely fanart, this is just a general reminder for those of you who wish to submit any fanart (because it seems some people like to go against the rules =P):

- You may submit art made with the traditional mediums: Paints, pencils, markers, felt pens, inks, watercolors, etc. Also, you may use computer graphics such as bitmap, vectorial, 3D, etc.
- Please, send your file as a JPEG, GIF, or PNG. The file should 'not' exceed 500kb in size. Don't sent multiple files at once. We may have to resize the image to fit with our space constraints. (NOTE: This is considering that I'm a sorry dial-up modem user, too. Have you ever tried downloading a 6MB fanart while being cut off the line 7 out of 10 times? =P Such sadness... It also stops me from getting fanart posted quickly, too.)

Please include the following information with your submission:
- The name you would like to be listed as,
- Your personal gallery's URL if applicable,
- The title of your work and game it's based on,
- and, a short comment about your picture.

For more information, please check out the FAQs in case you've got any questions. It's there for a reason. =P Please note that the better you follow the guidelines, the more easier and faster I will have your fan art up. =)

Hopefully, if all things go well, I'll be your fanart hostess (note: not the cupcake) for the next update and many more to come. I assure you that all the other fanart (which IS an RPG... and not 'DBZ' or an adsurdly 'huge' picture - read: over 2MB) will be posted on the next update! Promise. =) Until next time... Hasta luego! Feel free to send a fanart or two when you've got the time!

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Inspiration Box
<Morwan Osman
Submit to the Fan Art section! Please read and understand the FAQ for submission guidelines first before sending fan art. Read it well!

"If there are no owls, then what is that?"
Artist: Onsen-Mark
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy IX
Comments: Do ye ken the Pyntie-Hets? They often come from the Sootheast Forest tae trade wi' us. They live sae deep in the forest, that even owls dinnae live there!

*cough* I got inspired to do this piece the other night..it took about four hours total. I was very pleased with how it turned out. The 'pyntie-hets' in FF9 were some of my favorite NPCs ever. I don't think I've ever seen fanart of this particular version of the classic FF Black Mage..hm.

Ramirez and Zelos
Artist: Robert
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Skies of Arcadia
Comments: This piece of fanart is something I cooked up a long time ago, after the Release of Skies of Arcadia. It portrays Ramirez looking benevolently outwardm as Zelos, the Silver Gigas, looms Innocuously in the background(well, not so much innocuous as it is obvious, but jesus).
Moments in Love
Artist: Eliseu Gouveia
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Comments: Final Fantasy X´s resident sorceress and her secret weapon.
Breath of Fire 1 Hero
Artist: messiahofdreams
Game/Inspiration: Breath of Fire 1
Comments: None.
Wind Shaman
Artist: messiahofdreams
Game/Inspiration: Breath of Fire 2
Comments: None.
Water Shaman
Artist: messiahofdreams
Game/Inspiration: Breath of Fire 2
Comments: None.
Katt Shamanized
Artist: messiahofdreams
Game/Inspiration: Breath of Fire 2
Comments: None.
Artist: Jake Smiley
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Comments: Hey, the name's Jake Smiley. And here's some Wakka goodness for you folks.
Desert Rose
Artist: Nildex
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Wild Arms Advanced 3rd
Comments: Two guns are better than one :)
Artist: slaanesh
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Ragnarok Online
Comments: i'm slaanesh and made this pictures of a magician some time ago it's from ragnarök a online rpg. the lil pink thing is a poring.
Angel of Death
Artist: Derrewyn Aensland
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy IX
Comments: It´s Kuja. He´s nice. Well, not really, he is glomping material. But you don´t want to know anything else. Honest. Gotta love Amano´s meanies
Artist: Damian Tetkowski
Homepage: None
Game/Inspiration: Xenogears
Comments: Here is a picture i drew. It is from the psx ame Xenogears.
Lost Tarot
Artist: Gedeon Capristo Havlovich
Game/Inspiration: Vagrant Story
Comments: This drawing is a quest for the character´s attitude. This is the result.
Artist: Sean E. Andersen
Game/Inspiration: Breath of Fire 2
Comments: None.
Cloud... dress in drag
Artist: Dyaoka
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: Cloud in DRAG!!! remember the time when he had to go rescue Arieth?hehehe...that would be all i think i have to say...

All the characters represented are copyright and trademarks of their respective original creators.
Fan Art submissions are © of their authors. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the authors is strictly prohibited.


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