Oh, More Fan Art!
August 10th, 2002

... Here is another fine day for fan art! Very nice ones at that, too.

While checking through some of the e-mails sent among the load of foreign messages, e-mails regarding subsidies, grants and loans, and a bunch of other e-mails not regarding fan art at all, I managed to find some very beautiful fan art which I now post for today... It makes this job all worthwhile, especially from those who actually send a good sized picture. Not to complain or anything, but I'm still trying to download that 6 megabyte picture someone sent... only to have my line cut off by my relatives calling overseas. =P Oh well. From now on, if I can't download the picture due to the file size, I won't post it up. Simple. Anyway... thank you to those who actually read up everything on the FAQs. You definitely make everything much easier for me. =)

So, enough of that little semi-pointless rant. Check out this second batch of fanart now up for your viewing! Enjoy! As always, feel free to submit any of your own fan art!

~ Jen, running on a dial-up.
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Inspiration Box
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Submit to the Fan Art section! Please read and understand the FAQ for submission guidelines first before sending fan art. Read it well!

Eighth Heaven of FF7
Artist: Colleen A.
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: Made in under 2 days. Pencil sketched, then inked, then CGed.
Aya drinking something
Artist: June
Game/Inspiration: Parasite Eve
Comments: Here, you see Aya drinking orange juice. Only, it doesn't look much like orange juice :P Someone said maybe it could masquarade as tea. I like her hair here better (as compared to my other Aya fanart). It's got more realistic shading!

Need more practice with backgrounds and glass and liquids though... (the "wall" is filled with a default pattern style provided by Photoshop... kind of... er... hmm...)

This pic is suppose to be of Aya in Parasite Eve 2. So her hair isn't as straight or plastered as in PE1. She spend the night in this deserted motel, and though it's probably impossible that breakfast is provided (keyword: deserted) she just MAY carry her own carton of orange juice/tea sachet in her inventory. You never know!

Smiling Lessons
Artist: June
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Comments: I drew this last year and chucked it aside because Tidus looked jaundiced (arggh!arrggh!) after colouring. But in a bout of artistic block, I opened the exiled file and recoloured it; it turned out pretty well, I think (comparatively)!

This depicts the scene after the Blitzball competition. Strangely, the effervescent Tidus was feeling down (!!??), and Yuna clapped her hands together, rolled up her sleeves and went," Ok, it's time for some smiling lessons." Role reversal anyone? The exact same thing happend earlier in the game when Yuna got depressed and Tidus tried to establish that yes, laughter was the best medicine.

Death with Garet
Artist: Travis Bolek
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Golden Sun
Comments: *slight spoilers* In the game of Golden Sun, you get a wicked ass sword for Garet, which when a critical hit is applied, the grim reaper comes out to dish out more damage. The name of the blade escapes me, but I loved the graphics of that particular scene. I guess I could improve the pic a bit more, but I'm happy with the way it is. ;)
Artist: reen
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII
Comments: As I said, my fanart is of Rinoa. It's just a pencil sketch I spontaneously drew...It's supposed to be some random girl that ended up looking like Rinoa so I finished it as her.
Ashton Anchors
Artist: PinkLucky
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Star Ocean the 2nd Story
Comments: This is one of my favorite characters in Star Ocean! Hope you like it! Ashton is a handsome, serious-minded fighter. Unfortunately, he is just about the unluckiest man alive. How unlucky? Well, he's currently possessed by a duo of demon dragons! Gyoro and Ururun! ^.^
Artist: Theron
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: it IS Sephiroth ^__^ from FF7 IT IS STILL MY FAVOURITE RPG GAME .
Artist: Annie N.
Game/Inspiration: Earthbound
Comments: Earthbound is the best!
Artist: Annie N.
Game/Inspiration: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Comments: I've always been inspired by strong, independent women, and Shiek is no exception.

All the characters represented are copyright and trademarks of their respective original creators.
Fan Art submissions are © of their authors. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the authors is strictly prohibited.


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