A Colorful Surprise
December 31th, 2002

Whoa...! You guys really want an update, huh? I can't believe it. And here I thought nobody liked the Fan Art section. =P For all of your love and dedication to RPGFan's Fan Art section, I now present to you an update before 2003! I have oodles of fan art from way back in November to post, so if anyone wonders why his or her fan art hasn't appeared yet... it will. ;P

However, I will note that I will be stressing many of the guidelines which I have beenvery lenient on for the past several updates. Future updates will be based upon the following:

Considering that I'm now using a 56k modem now (which seems more like 28k...), I'm going to be very picky with submissions. Any files above 500k will definitely kill my computer and will not be posted. I've tried countless times to download certain 1MB fan art, but to no avail. Also, I will be further stressing many of the guidelines from now on regarding plagiarized work. This comes in forms of 'tracing' and even just copying directly from sources. This is not to be confused with using originals as guidelines in helping you create your own 'original' fan art, of course. The rest of the guidelines can be found on the FAQs page. Please follow them to the best of your abilities so that submissions can be posted quickly and accurately.

I'm probably going to consider my new non-leniency on fan art to be my RPGFan New Year's resolution! So watch out! =P

With all that said, this update contains the oldest of the backlogs. And, boy, are they colorful! Hopefully you all will enjoy this collection as much as I do. Talented artists, both new and returning, have sent in some awesome and very colorful fan art from the ever elusiveWar of Genesis III part 2 to even videogame cosplaying anime characters! ONWARD!

(And, I hope you all had/have a safe and fun holiday season! Happy New Years everyone!)

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Inspiration Box
<Morwan Osman
Submit to the Fan Art section! Please read and understand the FAQ for submission guidelines first before sending fan art. Read it well!

Artist: Alayna
Game/Inspiration: Suikoden II
Comments: I dug up this old sketch I had of him(really old...) and I inked it in last night and here he is! I love Jowy, Suikoden II is one of my fave games, it just needed more artwork in it.
Artist: rye
Game/Inspiration: War of Genesis III part 2
Comments: i don't see a lot of wog fanarts around so i made one myself. colored in painter 6
Uh.. Mia
Artist: Alayna
Game/Inspiration: Lunar
Comments: This was done in colored pencil but touched up a bit in Paint Shop Pro 7 for a more surreal look... I just did this for my friend Mia(Julie) because her fave char from Lunar is (duh) Mia =D It's kind of boring but I gave Mia a little more edge in her looks... she was pretty dull looking in SSSC.
Hikaru happy
Artist: Alayna
Game/Inspiration: Magic Knight Rayearth
Comments: She is also done in colored pencil. I wanted to try a new hair technique with colored pencils with a "burn" look, so instead of just having the red go to a white highlight, I had the red go to yellow to the highlight =D I kinda like it! The only thing wrong is the jewels though... the one on her chest is kinda off. Oh well!
Artist: Alayna
Game/Inspiration: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Comments: It's a CG I did in Paint Shop Pro 7(woohoo!) for an avatar in Lunar-net.com =D I made the last Lucia picture for LunarNET but since the background there is black the white of the picture kind of clashed, so I made a new one with a black background.
One-winged lovers: Elly and Fei
Artist: Nephalim CelesTerra
Homepage: Square Fantasy Island
Game/Inspiration: Xenogears
Comments: This is my best piece of fanart so far. Elly and Fei are my favouritevideogame couple because they have a lot in common. If you've played Xenogears, then you will know why I've drawn both Elly and Fei with only one wing. If youdon't have played Xenogears, then just read the quote I put on this fanart and you will know what my fanart symbolizes.
Artist: Candace Brown
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Comments: None.
Yuna and Shiva
Artist: Candace Brown
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Comments: None.
Yuna over water
Artist: Candace Brown
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Comments: I did this in oil pastels.
Final Fantasy XI
Artist: Candace Brown
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy XI
Comments: I Found this on the net and I thought it was cute.
Phantasy Star/CLAMP Cosplay Complex
Artist: Lady Psi-Ko
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: (Mieu and Shirren) Phantasy Star III; (Demi and Fuoren) Phantasy Star IV
Comments: This parody came about after reading Chobits and Angelic Layerback to back, and noticing that CLAMP androids look very similar to Phantasy Star androids. ^_^ Drawn in Sharpie, colored in Photoshop.
Artist: Lady Psi-Ko
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Phantasy Star III
Comments: This was an experiment with vellum paper, watercolor markers and white ink.
Smirking Ghaleon
Artist: Genevieve McDonald
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Lunar Series
Comments: Hehe. This is a bit of an older piece, took me about four hours! I like Ghaleon even though I haven't played the games. I've watched the movies! They're awesome! ^_^
Lulu and Riku
Artist: Candace Brown
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Comments: this was the first time I have drawn Riku I relly like the way she came out

All the characters represented are copyright and trademarks of their respective original creators.
Fan Art submissions are © of their authors. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the authors is strictly prohibited.


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