Everything Begins...
January 17th, 2002

This first update of the new year presents fan art that aren't created or colored by special Photoshop effects... Not at all from what I see. These artists, both amateur and pro, have submitted fan art utilizing the simple, yet powerful, pencils, markers, crayons and pens. They prove that you don't need to have CG-ing skills to be artists! Oddly, these are also the oldest submissions of the backlog I'm still finishing, so everything works out perfectly here for my mini-rant, hehe. I apologize yet again to the artists, since I noticed that there was even Christmas fan art submitted! Thank you for the holiday cheer. And again, a very happy belated holidays everyone! I'll get the other November-December fan art up soon after this update. I promise this time, so you can stop asking me if I had died. =P

On a different note, lately I've been receiving questions like "How can one become a good artist?" or "How can I improve on my abilities..?". Along that line, an interesting suggestion was made that I start critiquing everyone's artwork. This really sparked my interest as I strongly believe that receiving help and thoughts about artwork will help an artist improve in his/her future work. Now while I like the idea, I don't think handing out critiques to every single person would be in everyone's best interest... plus, it would take me forever to get you an update here!

So, I've come up with this: there 'might' be a special Fan Art Critique and Criticism sub-section that would be separate from this main page. All usual updates will be done with the addition of a page presenting an artwork and my critique of the piece. This is all up to the fan artists, though. Those who 'want' a critique would simply mention so in the e-mail sent to fanart@rpgfan.com when submitting fan art. I will not critique without the artist's permission. So, what do you think? Any opinions on this and any suggestions as to layout will be received with open arms. I'll give an example of this on the next update. =)

Anyway, before I run a long and very wordy rant on some other randomness (like squirrel ninjas and a cookie with time travelling powers), I'll leave it at that. As always, send all fan art to fanart@rpgfan.com, of course. And, please read the FAQs as always for guidelines on submissions! See you next crime... er, time!

~ Jen Claudio, the Dragon Quest Heroine
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Inspiration Box
<Morwan Osman
Submit to the Fan Art section! Please read and understand the FAQ for submission guidelines first before sending fan art. Read it well!

Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Rydia, Edge
Artist: Alexander Ryan
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy IV
Comments: None.
Judecca, Anastasia, Lucied, Ashley, and Brad
Artist: Alexander Ryan
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Wild Arms 2
Comments: None.
Lise/Riesz and Kevin
Artist: Weiila
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Seiken Densetsu 3
Comments: Normally I only do a tiny bit of fanart linked to my fics, but this one stands alone. It's simply Lise talking to Kevin, nothing fancy though I'm proud of managing a fairly masculine look for the half blood.
Artist: Danel Eder
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VI
Comments: This is a Kefka pic I drew a while ago... took some time to be submitted ^_^.
Artist: Cricket
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Legend of Dragoon
Comments: Legend of Dragoon's Meru, looking calm and innocent, for once! Done in pencil crayons.
Artist: EmeraldMegami
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: I got bored one day and decided to draw something, so I ended up drawing Aeris. It didn't turn out too bad, although I sorta messed up on her eyes and arms. Oh well...
Kuroro Lucifer
Artist: Shirosan
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Hunter X Hunter
Comments: Done entirely with a HB pencil. I thought he was cool so I drew him. Took me 2 hours.
Artist: Kathy Turner
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Comments: None.
Artist: Brittany
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: Hey Cloud, it's Aries, and she's come back to haunt you for dumping her in a lake instead of giving her a phoenix down!!
Wondering how I did it? It's a quick sketch, I used an ordinary school pencil, and just colored it in with Prisma Marker.
Alluring Thief
Artist: Kim Tram
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Comments: I like the way her eyes turned out but I'm not sure about the hair. Rikku looks a lot younger the way I drew her than the game. But over all I still think she is as cute as ever!
Santa Mage
Artist: ZeroStarr
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy Series
Comments: Neat, Huh? Just messin' around with my santa hat over my eyes (like how a black mage does it) and I said "Hey, Wouldnt it by cool if a black mage dressed up like santa?" so I drew a picture of it. Sorry if it sucks.
Artist: Servando
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Comments: hello my name is servando. this is lulu from ffx. i hope you like it.
Dekar: Santa's New Little Helper Bodyguard!
Artist: Tomadekar
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Lufia 2
Comments: I didn't necessarily draw Dekar to be original :) ...this was actually a pic I drew for my bro for a letter to him for Christmas. Since I was trying to beat the mailman I more or less just penned w/out any prep...and the "shading" was *quite* rushed. Still...I thought it turned out kind'a cute, and with the Christmas theme there too, I thought some people might enjoy it. :)
Artist: Linda K
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII
Comments: Originally I just wanted to draw something for a friend's birthday. Since he likes FF8, Rinoa seemed like the right choice. Here's how she turned out. Well... Ok, I guess... Anyone who feels like it is welcome to send me an e-mail and tell me what you think.
Artist: Shana
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Legend of Dragoon
Comments: I just loooove drawing manga- people, especially when they laugh. A character from LoD.

All the characters represented are copyright and trademarks of their respective original creators.
Fan Art submissions are © of their authors. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the authors is strictly prohibited.


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