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March 11th, 2004


Well, I guess I'm making good progress through this backlog. I'm surprised at how much Star Ocean: The Second Story stuff we got lately! Especially considering we had one piece of fanart for it in our archives before my first update. And now there's five - not bad for just one week. My personal favorite is 'Warrior of Light' by Look, which is in today's update... as if you couldn't tell from looking at today's header graphic!

I know, I know there's a bunch of Final Fantasy fanart today. Well, there's always a bunch, but more than usual. The simple explanation is that FF is the vast majority of the fanart submissions we get. Guys, don't be afraid to submit fanart for other titles as well! Just remember, it has to be based on an RPG. Or something like, say, FFVII: Advent Children. (You'll notice I do have a submission in today's update for AC. Quite a nice one at that.) If you're in need of ideas, there's always our Inspiration Box of suggested games/ideas. Just don't forget to check the Fanart FAQ before you submit something.

For those of you too lazy to go look, I tossed a couple of suggestions into the Inspiration Box: Fire Emblem and Disgaea. The former is my favorite RPG series ever, and the latter was quite the popular RPG last year, so I'm surprised not to see more fanart for it. I know there's Disgaea fans lurking out there. Or, for that matter, how about, say, Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic?

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Game Archive Artist Registry
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Vincent's Revenge
Artist: Damphyr
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: While Hojo and Reno are my two fav FF characters, Vincent runs a close third. This was just a sketch which I took into Open Canvas to play around with. I liked the result, though it is far from perfect.
Cellshade Reno
Artist: Damphyr
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: My Reno obsession shows its face once more. I've been working on the line art for a very long while now, and decided to use it as an opportunity to practice my cellshade coloring. I'm please with it, given this was my second attempt at it. I love how crazed Reno's eyes look, though I really dislike how badly the .jpg compression butchered it. Pen and Photoshop.
Cloud Pose
Artist: Sean E. Anderson
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: This picture was drawn in Flash MX, using layers to get the shadows and highlights to look right.
Gunner Yuna
Artist: Megoomba
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Comments: Gunner Yuna! Yay! My first FFX-2 Fanart! I'm fairly happy with how it tunred out too! Coloured with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Nine hours total. Hope everyone likes ^^
Artist: Eastwood (XXXholic)
Game/Inspiration: Kingdom Hearts
Comments: i luv sora and the game sooo much!!!
Artist: JM Arnisto
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Ragnarok Online
Comments: None.
A Little Too Far
Artist: Mintaka
Game/Inspiration: Star Ocean: The Second Story
Comments: There's really very little SO2 art, much less art of the Wise Men, hence I created this piece of Indaleico. I really like how it came out, and sort of evokes how he comes across to me. Definitely one of my more favored fanart pieces.
Advent Draconis
Artist: Connie
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Comments: Done for a contest submission over at gaia, ain't doing so well, but I'm fond of this piece, as I spent a lot of time on it. ^^
Artist: Yves Rene Stauffiger
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: .hack
Comments: Decided that RPGFan needed some .hack artwork so I decided to draw Elk. It's based on one of the pics on RPGFan, but I think it's done pretty well (not as well as the original of course) and wanted to submit it. Hope it doesn't suck...
Artist: Yuki-kun & Shiori Master
Homepage: None.
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Comments: Drawn by Yuki Kun and color by Shiori master!!
Warrior of Light
Artist: Look
Game/Inspiration: Star Ocean: The Second Story
Comments: An art trade with Maiji (maiji.deviantart.com). She wants me to re-create Claude from the game Star Ocean, so here he is. The word on the sword means Light's Warrior. Done in openCanvas 3.
Squall in Repose
Artist: Basic Beecicchi
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII
Comments: He's too bitter. Bitter as a bad guy. So i tried to capture him those 10 seconds after he realizes that he accepts himself for what he has become as opposed to what he thinks he is. Or something.

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