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June 26, 2004

Yo Yo Yo! Christine in Da House!

First off: Hi, I'm Christine Chan, I'm from Singapore but I'm studying in Melbourne, Australia. I'm doing a Diploma in Multimedia at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and I do have an art background of.. heh. 1 year. I'm also doubling up as one of the Contributing Image Editors who make galleries at RPGFan for all the latest media that comes in. *Cough, Anyway* Yes, I'm here taking over from Jen Claudio because she had very important matters to take care off in real life and she is sad to leave the fan art section behind because of this. Never fear Jen, we're still rooting for you anyhow and wish you all the best!

Well there will be some changes to this Fan Art section now that I'm in charge. Firstly, we're gonna have a "Critique Box" where your work is going to face my machine gun fire and be ripped to shreds! *BWAHAHAHH* No, not exactly, but more or less it's going to be given feedback which will be helpful for the artist to improve his/her skill. I will not be very nasty when it comes to critiquing your art work but I will be the best that I can when commenting about it. I am the sort of person who is able to find positive things out of anything so rest assured. I'll be fair.

Anyway, we have another selection of 12 great looking pieces of art work for you to savor. I decided to pick things that had a more alternative flavor to them rather than just the err.. usual deal.

Yes! So I'll be around if you need me! If you wish to see my portfolio of assorted stuff, check http://bpanthersg.deviantart.com/ if you're bothered.

So keep the Fan Art Rollin' yeah?

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Game Archive Artist Registry
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The Loss The Loss
Artist: Callisto
Game Inspiration: Genso Suikoden I
Comments: It touched me when Gremio died, so I wanted to draw that sad scene.
Garden Festival Garden Festival
Artist: Look Torque
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII
Comments: Been replaying FF8 the past few days, and gosh I just love Selphie and Quistis. I just wanted to doodle something with these two characters. And figured better to throw Rinoa in as well, even though I don't like her at all. Drawn in openCanvas
Comparison Comparison
Artist: Mach Ine
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Comments:It's a comparison between Adobe photoshop 7.0 and Corel Painter Classic... Who would care anyway...
Let's Save Let's Save
Artist: Miss Tifa
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy IX
Comments: Yet another picture renderred in colored pencils...
(notice the moogle is left Handed .__. )
Here We Go... Here We Go...
Artist: Nell
Game Inspiration: Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Comments: I'm a really big fan of Alucard. I drow a lot of details in that castle, but by mistake, I erased them when I was giving the final touch adjusting contrast. When I realized, it was too late
T_T .
Yuna and Ifrit Yuna and Ifrit
Artist: Ryan Culver
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Comments: None
Alex Alex
Artist: Shi-sama
Game Inspiration: Lunar SSSC
Comments: This was done shortly after the game was released here in America. o_O Kinda old...
Genso Suikoden I Genso Suikoden I
Artist: Silent Mooby
Game Inspiration: Genso Suikoden I
Comments: There needs to be more fanart from the first game. I still love the first one (Tir McDohl is my favorite hero of all time <3), despite the growing popularity of 3. It's so rare to find anyone who's actually played all three games chronologically.
Selphie on the Beach Selphie on the Beach
Artist: Sin666
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII / Kingdom Hearts
Comments: I'm not used to color with photoshop. Well, I'm not good at coloring period. It didn't come out the way I wanted but I guess it's okay for a second time. ^_^;
Shion's Glasses Shion's Glasses
Artist: Verdammung
Game Inspiration: Xenosaga Episode II
Comments: A friend of mine mentioned to me the disturbing lack of Allen fanart on the web, thus this picture was born.
Rikku Rikku
Artist: Kimberly Tysick
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Comments:a regular picture of rikku i drew...nothing special
Rebel Cactuar Rebel Cactuar
Artist: Zach
Game Inspiration: General Final Fantasy
Comments: None (editor note: vulgar humour. Not for the kiddies XD)

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