Wilhelm by Verdammung

July 2, 2004

I'm back. I'm being a good person and updating this page because I'm sure all of you want to see more Fan Art being displayed, so thus, I've taken the trouble to update more often! (and also because I'm on school holiday, I have more free time.)

Good array of art work this time round with a mix of some Xenosaga Ep 2 and the usual lot of FF art work, but still, I like what I'm seeing: Variety.

So keep posting your art in, I'll keep updating as much as I can.

Oh, and one more note: guys, please read the FAQ before you post.. I'm getting 5mb for 1 fan art? That's ENORMOUS. I'm sorry to say I don't attend to Fan Art larger than 1mb because I don't have all day to download them and squash them down to size. So please, nothing more than 800kb or else...you won't see it up here, and you'll know why.

Also, please, *please* write: "RPGFan Fan Art Submission" as your E-mail title when posting fan art, because seriously, you don't know what kind of junk mail I get. It says things like "fan art" and it's all gibberish, and I get 50 of those in one day, so if you write the header as what I have stated, I can at least see that it's real fan art and not junk mail.

Right, thanks y'all!

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Game Archive Artist Registry
#-F | G-L | M-R | S-Z #-F | G-L | M-R | S-Z
Rikku by Candace Brown Rikku
Artist: Candace Brown
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: Not Stated
Comments: None
Panda Knight Kisa by Look Torque Panda Knight Kisa
Artist: Look Torque
Game Inspiration: Ragnarok Online
Medium: CGed in Open Canvas 3
Comments: a request through forum.
Rikku from a Screenshot by Mach Ine Rikku from a Screenshot
Artist: Mach Ine
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: Not Stated
Comments: I took a screenshot of rikku from the opening video, and it came out bad (my artwork)...
The Bunny Girl by Maron The Bunny Girl
Artist: Maron
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy XII
Medium: Not Stated
Comments: I like Fran in FFXII! So I drew her.. XD
Unite by Miss Tifa Unite
Name: Miss Tifa
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: Color pencils and paper
Comments: Just used drawing paper and colored pencils.
World of Warcraft Fan Art by Poojipoo World of Warcraft fanart
Name: Poojipoo
Game Inspiration: World of Warcraft
Medium: CGed in Photoshop 7.0
Comments: Just some fanart of a night elf doing what you'll be doing alot in any MMORPG--walking somewhere. :P
SO3 - Sophie by Pretty Catchy SO3 - Sophie
Name: Pretty Catchy
Game Inspiration: Star Ocean 3 - Till the End of Time
Medium: Photoshop 7.0
Comments: This is my first fanart to ever be coloured on computer. It was also my first time using Adobe Photoshop 7 (I'm not lying). I tried my best drawing it, but the shoes are HUGE! *embarassed* Well, I'm proud of what I did and I hope I can draw more fanarts and colour them and send them to RPGFAN! ^-^
Squall and Rinoa by Reiku Squall and Rinoa
Name: Reiku
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII
Medium: Pencil. Colored in Corel Paint 9
Comments: I drew this when I was bored during school with pencil. I then took it home and colored it on the computer with Corel Photo/Paint 9.
Shining Force II - Slade by Ryan Culver Shining Force II - Slade
Name: Ryan Culver
Game Inspiration: Shining Force II
Medium: Not Stated
Comments: Slade from Shining Force
Persona Art Trade by Silent Mooby Persona Art Trade
Name: Silent Mooby
Game Inspiration: Persona
Medium: Not Stated
Comments: This was an art trade with a fellow Persona fan (which seem to be extremely rare), Neonclover. There really isn't any theme to this. She merely requested that I draw these three. I added Joker in there just because he's awesome cool :D
Wilhelm by Verdammung Wilhelm
Name: Verdammung
Game Inspiration: Xensosaga Episode I
Medium: Not Stated
Comments: This was meant to be watercolored, but unfortunetally due to a series of circumstances that became impossible, so i decided to do it digitally. I just hope he turned out mysterious enough.
Cactuar by Zach Cactuar
Name: Zach
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy
Medium: Pencil and color pencil on paper
Comments: None.

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