Firing Squad
July 11, 2004

Hey Hey People! I'm back with another update! Yay.
Only thing though, I start classes tomorrow proper so I won't be able to update once a week. So because of this, Things are going to be pretty slow from here on.

Today is the day history is made. For the *first* time ever - The Critique Box is open! and the first candidate to be sho- I mean, critiqued on is by Tuire (Because she offered her piece of art to be given feedback, thus I have cordially accepted) on her art of Shuyin of FFX-2. And guess what? For every artist who's work I selected to critique, gets a free gift art from me on the character they drew and submitted. So it's a trade for a trade and a way of saying thanks from me for submitting your art as well as a form of encouragement for you guys to keep drawing.

Also one minor note: Some people want to ask me questions and such but because of the ammount of junk I get in my mail and crypic messeges like "check out this spread sheet!", I must have accidentaly trashed your question in the process if it doesn't say "RPGFan Fan Art Submission" So to avoid this problem of me trashing queries, if you wish to E-mail me a query, add some of your comments to the "Inspiration Box" or to chat to ask if I like Plain M&Ms better than Peanut, type:

"RPGFan Fan Art Query"

So that I know it's not just a fan art coming in but a question about it...or random chat.

Ok, I guess that rounds up what I want to say this week. The "Inspiration Box" has been updated as well as the new "Critique Box" being opened!

Just a little word of encouragement for all artists out there who feel their work ain't good enough, don't fret, keep practicing and in the words of Parappa the Rapper:

"I Gotta Believe!"


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Inspiration Box
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Submit to the Fan Art section! Please read and understand the FAQ for submission guidelines first before sending fan art. Read it well!
Game Archive Artist Registry
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Justin by Ben Warren Justin
Name: Ben Warren
Game Inspiration: Grandia
Medium: Ink
Comments: By far one of the most under-rated RPGs of all time. This was doodled on the back of a sketchbook about 2 years ago at uni, and I just got around to scanning it.
Seda's Decision by Callisto Seda's Decision
Name: Callisto
Game Inspiration: Dark Cloud 1
Medium: Photoshop 7.0
Comments: Another scene of a game I wanted to draw. It turned out pretty good.
Rikku by Candace Brown Rikku
Name: Candace Brown
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: Color Pencil and Ink
Comments: This is just a neat pic.
Aerith...Again by Don Nguyen Aerith..again
Name: Don Nguyen
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: Not Specified.
Comments: A remake of a picture i submitted some time ago...it's kinda simple but i hope you like it.
Spengler by Jake Bymers Spengler
Name: Jake Bymers
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Medium: pencils, Adobe Photodeluxe
Comments: I wanted to draw a Bangaa dragoon, so I did. I had to make up most of the armor, but some parts were influenced by other characters from this game and other Final Fantasy titles. I named it after my best dragoon character in the game.
Shion by Lab Created Ruby Shion
Name: Lab Created Ruby
Game Inspiration: Xenosaga Episode I
Medium: Prismacolor Markers
Comments: Drawing that uniform is a royal pain in the butt... @_@
Fran in the Forest by Maron Fran in the Forest
Name: Maron
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy XII
Medium: Not Specified.
Comments: None.
Tidus by Nanami Yuki Tidus
Name: Nanami Yuki
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: Photoshop
Comments: This was my first try at drawing Tidus in a semi-realistic style. I like how the sword turned out.
Glenn by Reveely Glenn
Name: Reveely
Game Inspiration: Chrono Cross
Medium: Pencil
Comments: "I wanted to draw a knight, and Glenn seemed perfect. The pose reminds me of a scene from the game, though I can't remember exact which."
Masters of Souleater by Silent Mooby Masters of Souleater
Name: Silent Mooby
Game Inspiration: Genso Suikoden I
Medium: Oekaki Program
Comments: An oekaki I did of my favorite Suikoden hero, Tir McDohl <3
Name: Tuire
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: Photoshop
Comments: Here's Shuyin Cg, im not so good whit the background so...
Precious Chaos by Verdammung Precious Chaos
Name: Verdammung
Game Inspiration: Xenosaga Episode I
Medium: Photoshop
Comments: This picture really doesn't need much explaining. I just started doodling, and I came up with this sketch that I decided to photoshop.

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