Reno by Ky

In the Mood for Turks
August 11, 2004


*Sings* I'm in the mood for Turks... simply because they're near me! */singing* Oh. Sorry, just had to burst out in song because I love the Turks so and thanks to the opening of the new Before Crisis FFVII mobile phone game (which we unfortunately cannot play unless we're in Japan), I'm in the mood for Turks. Gotta love those guys.

But anyway, I've decided to update early for the reason I'll be away for 2 days at THE Melbourne Anime Convention known as Manifest and am helping out the whole day video recording cosplay and guarding Trader's Tables in case people steal stuff. So because in those 2 days I'll be so gosh darn busy, I won't be able to update the Fan art section so thus I have done it earlier.

For people who live in Melbourne, Australia. It's at Melbourne Uni at the Old Arts and Economics buildings this weekend for 2 days only. There will be cosplay, games, .HACK//ENEMY tournaments and etc so you'll never feel alone being an Otaku. Going to cons really brings out the Otaku in people (especially me) I don't realise how rabid I behave when it comes to Anime until I'm physically there and watching stuff.

I'm guessing everywhere in US, RPGamers are on Tales of Symphonia mode. I've seen my friend playing it and strangely, I'm not too excited about it. I probably have to play the game properly to enjoy it. Even then, the fact it's on the GC and the simultaneous battle system isn't really alluring me much. I must well get it for the PS2 if it goes to US. If not, I'll get the GC version when it finally comes out for PAL.

Err.. Fan Art wise...nothing much. The usual. Please read the FAQ before you post, I'll continue to critique people's work.. and be a buttwipe.

So once again, if you're in Melbourne, Australia and wish to catch a glimpse of me, I'll be at the Manifest con this weekend running about and video taping things with the DV recorder.

Till next fortnight...

*OH! One more thing: Here's a catch I devised (which will totally eat all my time away) but if you submit more than 5 pieces of art to RPGFan... you'll get your own gallery!! How cool is that? I'll be about to ask/interview some people who have been loyally posting to RPGFan all their fan art for all these years and I'll construct a gallery in your honour.

So if you want a gallery in your honour, post more than 5 pieces of art to us and you'll get one!

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Game Archive Artist Registry
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Tidus by Aoni Tidus
Name: Aoni
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: Pencil on Paper
Comments: None.
Lenne by Candace Brown Lenne
Name: Candace Brown
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: ???
Comments: I love they way this one turned out and I hope you all like it
Chocolat by damphyr Chocolat
Name: damphyr
Game Inspiration: La Pucelle: Tactics
Medium: Technical pens and Photoshop
Comments: La Pucelle has not only recently become
my favorite game, but their cute little Chocolat Gang helped pull me
out of a rather terrible art block. I decided to try and mimic the
style and color of this furry little guy as close to the original
style as I could. I took a bit of freedom with the line widths and the
shape of the closed eye, since I think these were some of the weaker
points of the artwork. I'm pretty happy with this... And no, for the
record, I did not trace nor copy, this is 100% free hand. :)
Chibi Rinoa and Squall by Dat Mai Chibi Rinoa and Squall
Name: Dat Mai
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII
Medium: Photoshop
Comments: None
Tidus by Jake Bymers Tidus
Name: Jake Bymers
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: Pencils, Adobe Photodeluxe
Comments: I had originally added those orb-like things,but it did
not look right; so I just left the left side empty.
Marle by Jen Marle
Name: Jen
Game Inspiration: Chrono Trigger
Medium: Pencil and paper
Comments: None
Reno by Ky Reno
Name: Ky
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Medium: Plain Photoshop
Comments: RENO ROcKS!! ^_^ (editor note: You got that right bro!)
Rikku by Lindsay Prior Rikku
Name: Lindsay Prior
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: Pencil and pencil crayons
Comments: Really liked her character design in FFX-2, I'm
only sorry this is such an unoriginal piece...
Angel Arrow by Miss Tifa Angel Arrow

Name: Miss Tifa
Game Inspiration: Xenosaga
Medium: Pencil and Microsoft Paint
Comments: This is the first time that I colored a picture with a computer. I don't have any other programs to color with so it took me forever...(man, should buy paintshop or somethin to make things easier.)

(Editor note: Buy Photoshop gal, you won't regret it. Honest)

Black Rose by Pearl-chan Black Rose
Name: Pearl-chan
Game Inspiration: .HACK
Medium: Photoshop
Comments: This was one of the best drawings I have done ^^ Did it on
Sasarai and Luc by Silent Mooby Sasarai and Luc

Name: Silent Mooby
Game Inspiration: Genso Suikoden III
Medium: Photoshop
Comments: I have to say that I liked bratty Luc from the first two Suiko games. But his design is pretty darn cool in III :D Gift for a friend of mine.

(Editor note: Man, you've really earned yourself the role of RPGFan's Suikoden nut.)

Aeris by Zach Aeris
Name: Zach
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: Color Pencil
Comments: None

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Fan Art submissions are © of their authors. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the authors is strictly prohibited.


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