"Stealing Corn" by Look Yes Sir!
August 26, 2004

Oh Boy. What can I say. I had a long week. It's a good break from all that jazz I had at the Anime festival in Melbourne so I'm glad I've taken things a bit slower this week. I fell ill right after the festival cause I worked myself so hard and I pretty much wasn't eating properly so I took last Tuesday off after I started feeling sick that Monday.

But of course, I'm all alive and well this fortnight so, cool!
I've been on a Resident Evil roll with me trying to Cosplay as Jill Valentine for this December Cosplay back in Singapore. So I have been running about trying to buy outfits and such. But if you ask me if I would really play Resident Evil, I'd say no cause I'd be so pissed scared I'll be getting nightmares for months. But I absolutely love the character designs Capcom comes up with. They're just brilliant. Even then, I always wonder how come the characters don't freak out and vomit at the horrid things they see? I mean, even Rebecca Chambers doesn't get freaked out by odd leaches and things. It's just odd. If I were in her shoes, I'd be crying and pissing myself a lot.

yup, guess that's about it. Have been updating new galleries for people with more than 5 pieces of Fan Art and yup, that's about all I can say this fortnight.

Till the next time you see me around the message board.

EDIT: Critique Box entry will come slightly later. Spent the whole time editing and making galleries for some people. Galleries have been made for the following people: Birgit, Candace Brown, Eliseu.

Updated: Jake Bymers

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"Yuna" by Aimee Sutton Yuna
Name: Aimee Sutton
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: Pencil,rubber,colouring pencils.
Comments: Hey,im only 13 and im proud of my work.
"Jet Enduro" by A.J. Ryan Jet Enduro
Name: A.J. Ryan
Game Inspiration: Wild ARMs 3
Medium: blue line pencil, mechanical pencil, ebony pencil, photoshop
Comments: I'll send pics of other characters from the WA series later. This one is from when the game first came out, but I still like it.
"Yuna" by Candace Brown Yuna
Name: Candace Brown
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: Photoshop 7.0
Comments: I did this in Photoshop 7.0
"Leblanc" by Christopher Casasola Leblanc
Name: Christopher Casasola
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: Pencil , photoshop
Comments: None
"Sheena" by Dalis Hyral Sheena
Name: Dalis Hyral
Game Inspiration: Tales of Symphonia
Medium: pencil, stylo tablet, PS7
Comments: My first fan art of my favorite ToS character; Sheena.
"Vincent" by Jake Bymers Vincent
Name: Jake Bymers
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: pencils, Adobe Photodeluxe
Comments: I used Nomura's turk Vincent picture from Ehrgeiz and his picture of Rufus and the turks from FF7 for reference in making this picture.
"Yuna" by Kim Tram Yuna
Name: Kim Tram
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: colored pencils on paper
Comments: I like the sending scene so that is why i decided to do this fanart. *^_^*
"Cloud" by Ky Cloud
Name: Ky
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: pencils
Comments:Here's cloud in his sharingan eyes!!
"Tidus" by Laura J. Robeinson Tidus
Name: Laura J. Robinson
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: Sketch paper & pencil
Comments: I consider it one of my best =)
"Stealing Corn" by Look Stealing Corn
Name: Look
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy XII
Medium: openCanvas
Comments: Vann from Final Fantasy XII.
"Watari" by Robert McCain Watari
Name: Robert McCain
Game Inspiration: Suikoden III
Medium: Arcsoft PhotoImpression
Comments: First picture I tried to color on my computer. Turned out okay.
"Aeris" by Zach Aeris
Name: Zach
Game Inspiration: Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy VII
Medium: Color Pencils
Comments: None

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