They're only 1 gil... OVERFLOW!!
September 10, 2004

You guys are wonderful. There's actually a constant traffic of fan art coming in. So good to the point, my mail box is getting jammed full with your stuff that I have to squeeze more art to display from now on increasing the usual quota of 12 to err.. 14. Not much help, but it's still something

So, tomorrow is September 11. The day that changed the world forever. Frightening how time has flew right by and to think that horrid event happened 3 years ago when it all seems so recent. Anyway. DAMN TERRORISTS! YOU GUYS WILL BURN IN HELL YOU HEAR ME!! Just in: The Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta. THAT SUCKS MAJOR. I'm sorry to hear about it and it's very worrying for people living in Australia right now...

*Cough* So that's my rant. (Suddenly I feel some mad nut will flame me.)

Anyway, though gallery updates are every 2 weeks, I have been hard at work piecing together people's personal galleries. So I've updated and done the following galleries over 2 weeks:

NEW GALLERIES FOR: Garnet_Til, Inferno, Ky, Look, Messiah of Dreams, Rinoa and Ryan C.

And my many apologies for not doing a Critique entry last week because I was so swarmed with class work and fixing your personal galleries. I'm almost done with the 'incredibly-loyal-and-l33t-people-who-post-more-than -6-pieces-of-art' so yeah. I'm going alphabetically so if your name starts with Z, sorry sonny, gotta wait. Oh yes, and to indicate people who actually have a gallery here, they will have an asterisk next to their name.

To share in the hype of the release of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time only last week (August 31 in US), I've *finally* (yes finally) finished a CG of the main cast of SO3 which you can check out here:

Cast of SO3 Cast of SO3 - Original

From Left to Right: Cliff Fittir, Fayt Leingod, Sophia Esteed, Nel Zephyr, Roger J. Huxley and Peppita Rossetti

And to prove I have not been lazy with coloring but actually colored the thing, I've put up 2 versions for you guys to see.

Also just to know: I have fixed a gallery for myself (hey, I gotta treat myself sometime too yeah?) so you can check it out here.

Till next time! Same time! Same channel!

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Game Archive Artist Registry
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Flik from Suikoden 1 and 2 Flik from Suikoden 1 and 2
Name: AJ Ryan
Game Inspiration: Suikoden 1 and 2
Medium: Pencil, Pen, and Photoshop
Comments: Not the best work in the world, but still not too bad.
Ragnarok Online Ragnarok Online
Name: Andrew Luers
Game Inspiration: Ragnarok Online
Medium: Pencil, Photoshop
Comments: Done for my GF's guild, here's the first half of them.. now to do the others.. XD
They're only 1 gil... They're only 1 gil...
Name: Ayla
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: Pencil, Corel Photopaint 9
Comments: Lineart is really old and not good, but somehow I really really like this pic... :-)
Kingdom Hearts 2 Kingdom Hearts 2
Name: Cruizer
Game Inspiration: Kingdom Hearts 2
Medium: Not Stated
Comments: A simple drawing I did of the mysterious character in the upcomming game, Kingdom Hearts 2
Tales of Symphonia Tales of Symphonia
Name: Dalis Hyral
Game Inspiration: Tales of Symphonia
Medium: Pencil, Photoshop 7
Comments: Lloyd in a generic pose.
A Will To Continue Fighting A Will To Continue Fighting
Name: Elizabeth Maya
Game Inspiration: Kingdom Hearts
Medium: Pencil on Paper
Comments: Well this fanart was mainly done because I was inpired by someone and I pretty much love Kingdom Hearts Cloud
Kairi Kairi
Name: Jen
Game Inspiration: Kingdom Hearts
Medium: Colored pencils and Adobe Photoshop
Comments: I've never played Kingdom Hearts before but I liked the pic or Kairi that I found so I drew it. It looked like a sad pic so I drew her sitting in the ocean covered in the spray and with a tear rolling down her cheek.
RENO ROCKS Part 2!!! RENO ROCKS Part 2!!!
Name: * Ky
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: Plain Photoshop
Comments: RENO ROCKS Part 2!!! XP
Zidane/Kuja from Final Fantasy IX Zidane/Kuja from Final Fantasy IX
Name: Laura J. Robinson
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy IX
Medium: Sketch paper & pencil
Comments: My only final fantasy IX picture
Tales of Phantasia Tales of Phantasia
Name: Lee Beth
Game Inspiration: Tales of Phantasia
Medium: Computer paper, No.2 pencil
Comments: This drawing of Mint did take quite a while but it was worth it. I looked at her profile image for a reference. I think the detail is better than the overall structure so I'm thinking of redrawing it or just cleaning it up some.
Yuna Yuna
Name: Maron
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: Photoshop 7.0
Comments: None.
Spira´s gunners! Spira´s gunners!
Name: Shuichi PP
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X-2
Medium: Pencil, Ink, Photoshop & pacience -_-
Comments: I really am looking to make this SD trio with all the dresspheres, is so fun to draw them together, but then comes the scanning an CG coloring -_- (wich I sucj badly)... but here it is my first piece ^^
Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X
Name: Tuire
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: Photoshop drawing.
Comments: Tidus, Wakka and Yuna at besaid beach. Well this is 3-6 months old drawing,but I think it's one of my nicest drawings, and so I desided to post it here. I hope ya like it.
Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy IX
Name: Yueri B.
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy IX
Medium: Not Stated.
Comments: I am sick of all the Final Fantasy fan art thats always filling RPGFan's fan art section on every update. But I couldn't resist to post this one. I simply drawed Kuja from Final Fantasy 9 in B/W, because of my bad coloring skills and program. It appears like a comic page, don't know why I did that but it was enough to give it a special look, don't you think?

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Fan Art submissions are © of their authors. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the authors is strictly prohibited.


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