The End is Near...

Classes are almost over and finals are starting... A good time for an update.

Even though life's been pretty busy for me these past few months, I managed to make some time for one RPG this semester. Right now I've been enjoying Ys: The Ark of Naphistim for the PSP. However, I'd recommend the PS2 version over the PSP version. While I was able to fix the loading times by playing the game off my memory stick, the PSP introduced some control issues. Without a real analog stick, the platforming sections became quite painful. I had nightmares about the Ruins of Amnesia for weeks.

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Game Archive Artist Registry
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Artist: Miguel Filho
Game Inspiration: SaGa Frontier I
Medium: : Pencil, Black Pen, Wooden Pencils
Comments: This is supposed to be Asellus, from SaGa Frontier. I used ´Sif´ original character art (by Tomomi Kobayashi) from Romancing SaGa as a reference for the posture. It had this cool posture and I thought it would suit Asellus well.
Artist: Kerahna
Game Inspiration: Xenosaga I
Medium: drawn in pencil, colored in Photoshop CS2
Comments: For Grecia, done in just over 10 hours.
The new pop sensation!
Artist: Angelique
Game Inspiration: Okage: Shadow King
Medium: OekakiBBS
Comments:Just a sketch of Linda from Okage: Shadow King ^_^ First submission here!
Ragnarok Online
Artist: Kurot
Game Inspiration: Ragnarok Online
Medium: Painter, Photoshop.
Comments: Deviruchi! Yay!
Tales of Symphonia
Artist: Kurot
Game Inspiration: Tales of Symphonia
Medium: Painter, Photoshop.
Comments: I love this game :3
Artist: Fahed Al-Smadi
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: A4 paper.
Comments: It took a lot of time XD.
Suikoden V
Artist: Jaki
Game Inspiration: Suikoden V
Medium: Corel Painter/Photoshop.
Into The Sky
Artist: Lolu Komiya
Game Inspiration: Suikoden IV
Medium: Photoshop CS.
Comments: Lately I enjoyed playing Suikoden IV so I thought a fanart of the hero would be nice.
Artist: Dice
Game Inspiration: Xenosaga
Medium: Photoshop CS.
Comments: A super KOS-MOS stance... she is difficult to draw, and I wanted to focus on details as well.
Artist: Locke
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Medium: Pencils, finished in Adobe Photoshop.
Comments: Can anyone say White Mage >_<
Artist: Orkaboy
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy 7
Medium: Pens and Photoshop.

All the characters represented are copyright and trademarks of their respective original creators.
Fan Art submissions are © of their authors. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the authors is strictly prohibited.


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