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10 Fan Art Bonus Points* for anyone who can identify the source of today's title. My new computer's a bit lacking in the RAM department, so things have been running a bit slow lately. But that's not why this update is late; you can blame school, work, and my job search (yay class of 2007) for that. But those days are over! Well.. Not really. I still need to find a job and not fail out, but I've taken the semester off from my lab job to make time for school, the job search, and extracirricular activities (like this one). My goal is to update the artist's registry by the end of the month and move back to... y'know, updating.

If you'd like to submit your own art, please follow the guidelines (here). I've received a several submissions which contain 10 MB TIFF's as attachments, which is just not cool (like lava). Gigantic attachments can crash my email client if I'm using a slow connection, which makes it kind of hard for me to use your submission. :P

I've also received a couple of submissions that did not contain any information about the artist or the artwork. So just to recap, I need the following information in your submission:

- Name:
- E-mail:
- Gallery Site URL (If you have one):
- Title of your work / Game it's based on:
- Medium Used:
- Comments about your piece:
- Do you have existing work in RPGFan (Yes or No):

I apologize if I sound like I'm whining, but I hate it when I can't post a piece of artwork because the artist didn't provide me with any information about themselves.

*Note: Fan Art Bonus Points are not redeemable in any way, shape or form. Morwan Osman and RPGFan are not accountable for any pain or suffering caused by these points or your inability to obtain them.

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Game Archive Artist Registry
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I Was Told She's The Best Ever
Artist: Ayla
Game Inspiration: Tales of Legendia
Medium: : Watercolours and coloured pencils
Comments: "Norma's the best ever! Yay!". Frankly saying, I haven't even played the game. ;)
Artist: Loki
Game Inspiration: The Legend of Zelda
Medium: Adobe Photoshop
Comments: Just Link in Winder Waker style.
Artist: Kikku-
Game Inspiration: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Medium: Pencil and Photoshop
Comments:Saria and a fairy somewhere in Kokiri forest, I like her very much ^.^
Cuddle The Bunny
Artist: Sarah
Game Inspiration: Disgaea
Comments: I liked the way Etna was designed, so I just sketched a picture of her.
Kingdom Hearts: Wind Waker
Artist: Kytha
Game Inspiration: Kingdom Hearts II/The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
Medium: Photoshop 7
Comments: IThis began with the idea that if Sora's appearance changed at times to better 'fit in' on certain worlds, then why wouldn't the organization's appearances change as well? Parodying Xaldin in the style used for Windwaker felt like an appropriate nod to his powers, but then... it kind of imploded from there on out, and now all the Org13 members are in on the act.
Take My Hand
Artist: Faroresama
Game Inspiration: Xenosaga II
Medium: Painter 8
Comments: MOMO's episode II outfit is absolutely the cutest, I think. After playing this game I just had to draw her!
Beautifully Chaotic
Artist: Savanna Rolin
Game Inspiration: Haunting Grounds
Medium: Photoshop 7
Comments: "........"
Kingdom Hearts II
Artist: Kim-Tram
Game Inspiration: Kingdom Hearts II
Medium: Pencils, colored pencils, and Photoshop.
Comments: I'm a big SoraxKairi fan, but RoxasxNamine isn't so bad too *^_^* I love these characters.
Artist: Kim-Tram
Game Inspiration: Kingdom Hearts II
Medium: Pen, colored pencils, and pen.
Comments: I've always wanted to draw Sora in this classical bishounen pose.
Artist: Rinoa
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: 2B pencil
Comments: This one took me awhile because of the shading, I find Yuna's face one of the hardest to try and draw. I was quite pleased with the end result of this one.
Selphie Tilmitt
Artist: Rinoa
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII
Medium: 2B pencil
Comments: Turns out Selphie is a really hard character to draw! I don't think I got her expression quite right, but I sort of like it because of the shading, plus the little one in the corner from a distance looks quite good hehe!

All the characters represented are copyright and trademarks of their respective original creators.
Fan Art submissions are © of their authors. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the authors is strictly prohibited.


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