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It's May. Which means, lots of presentations, finals, and papers for those of us in college.

But that's not important. Odin Sphere is coming out on the 22nd.

Obviously, I'm really excited about it. It's a 2D sidescrolling ARPG developed by Vanillaware, the same team that created Princess Crown. The sprites are absolutely beautiful, putting pretty much everything else on the PS2 to shame.

Did I mention I was an Atlus fanboy?

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Waiting on Zack
Artist: Aerith Reborn
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: openCanvas 1
Comments: Uh, not too much to say. Aerith totally stole one of Zack's keys to his apartment, snuck in and started reading from his manga stash. Knowing him, it's probably hentai. She doesn't seem to phased, though.
The Only One
Artist: Aerith Reborn
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: : Pencil on cardstock, finished in Photoshop.
Comments: So I got this CD a while ago, you know, whim shopping desperate for new music. We picked up Ra: Duality. Anyone remember that one song "Do You Call My Name?" No? Well, don't worry about it. Anyway, track 6 is called The Only One (naturally) and the lyrics totally match KH from Riku's pov (at least if you support Sora X Riku, even if it's one sided). The coloring was totally experimental, and I think it worked. yay!
Kos-Mos: Winged Angel
Artist: Chris M
Game Inspiration: Xenosaga III
Medium: Pencil, black ball point pen, colored pencils.
Comments: The wings were a real pain to draw. The blue eyes are kind of a spoiler if you are playing the game.
Artist:Fahed Al-Smadi
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: A4 paper.
Artist:Dennis Schiavo
Game Inspiration: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Medium: Pencil.
Comments: I am very proud of this piece, It's my first piece of 2007. =D
Meet Your Mark
Artist: Jade
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy XII
Medium: Pencil.
Comments: Thought I'd draw a picture of a few of the marks from FFXII. I've drawn White Mousse, Rogue Tomato and Flowering Cactoid. I love chasing these guys down. It's a nice distraction from the main storyline.
Artist: Polymorph
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VI
Medium: China Ink/Photoshop.
Artist: Polymorph
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: Pencil

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