Name: Eliseu Gouveia
E-mail: saturneer@hotmail.com
Homepage: None
Date of Birth: ???
General Inspirations: Final Fantasy VII mostly
Submitting since: March 28, 2002
"Dagger" by Eliseu Gouveia Title: Dagger
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy IX
Comments: Dagger was a very cute character in FF9, but somehow I always had a problem about her deformed proportions. Photoshop colours over rough pencils done in a ferry ride.
Added: 03/28/02
"Premium Heart" by Eliseu Gouveia Title: Premium Heart
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: My very first CGI image ever (and it sure shows, yuck!), Tifa is a Poser character over a Max background with a couple of Photoshop touch-ups.
Added: 03/28/02
"Tifa" by Eliseu Gouveia Title: Tifa
Game/Inspiration:Final Fantasy VII
Comments: Some might say I have a thing for Tifa. Quite the opposite, shes the one whosneaked into my dreams. Photoshop colours over rough pencils done in a ferry ride.
Added: 03/28/02
"Treppie's Delight" by Eliseu Gouveia Title: Treppie's Delight
Game/Inspiration:Final Fantasy VIII
Comments: "I promise I'll study harder, teacher!!"
Added: 04/13/02
"Princess Guard" by Eliseu Gouveia Title: Princess Guard
Game/Inspiration:Final Fantasy VII
Comments: Ok, time for a little Truth or Dare ; Did you cry like a prom queen on a stained dress when this FF7 b**** died on you after you had spent countless weeks leveling her up? Photoshopped over very rough pencils with no inking.
Added: 04/13/02
"Dark Heart" by Eliseu Gouveia Title: Dark Heart
Game/Inspiration:Final Fantasy VII
Comments: Silent guys rule.
Added: 04/25/02
"Moments in Love" by Eliseu Gouveia Title: Moments in Love
Game/Inspiration:Final Fantasy X
Comments: Final Fantasy Xs resident sorceress and her secret weapon.
Added: 08/03/02
"Haunted" by Eliseu Gouveia Title: Haunted
Game/Inspiration:Final Fantasy VII
Comments: Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart share a moment of their strange love.
Added: 02/15/03
"Honour and Debt" by Eliseu Gouveiar Title: Honour and Debt
Game/Inspiration:Final Fantasy VII
Comments: Barrett and Marlene
Added: 02/15/03
"Materia Hunter" by Eliseu Gouveia Title: Materia Hunter
Game/Inspiration:Final Fantasy VII
Comments: Materia Hunter Yuffie just stumbled on the find of her lifetime.
Added: 02/15/03


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