Jake Bymers
Name: Jake Bymers
E-mail: javesori@yahoo.com
Homepage: None
Date of Birth: 12/26/86
General Inspirations: The work of Tetsuya Nomura
Submitting since: April 7, 2004


Q1: Why have you chose to submit art loyally to us for the past few months?
A: I think RPGFan is a great site and always have. That's why I choose to send my
work here first.

Q2: Do you think your work has improved from the time you first submitted to us right till your recent submissions?
A: It has definintely improved. My first submission did not have color layers, and
with each new picture I have been adding more and more layers.

Q3: Do you think fan art should be taken to a new
level of expression or just simply deemed as fan art and nothing more?
A: I don't think fan art should be seen as just simply fan art; it is a little more
than that, but not enough so that it should quite be taken as a new level of

Q4: Have you any art background whatsoever or self taught?
A: I have been an avid artist since the age of two, and I'm just starting my senior
year in high school. I have always loved to draw. The only background I have has
been from art class. I have been teaching myself how to paint digitally for the
last few years.

Q5: Do you have any plans to be a full time artist or make that your course of study?
A: I plan to major in game art & design at a commercial arts college.

P.S. I use Adobe Photodeluxe for my pictures, because I don't have photoshop, and
that program will only save pics in its own stupid format. So, I have to print my
pics and then re-scan them as jpegs before I can send them in. That is why they are
kind of faded and fuzzy. They look so much better on my computer.

'Ifrit' by Jake Bymers Title: Ifrit
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy XI
Comments: This is the same Ifrit picture that I previously submitted, (editor note: but for some odd reason wasn't put up) only now it has color.
Added: 04/07/04
'Zack' by Jake Bymers Title: Zack
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: This is my interpretation of Zack from FF7. I got rid of his shoulder armor. I also did not darken his hair, because I was afraid that I would ruin the picture.
Added: 04/15/04
'Cloud' by Jake Bymers Title: Cloud
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Comments: I previously submitted this picture in black and white, but it was not put up so I colored it and re-submitted it. I purposely did not give him suspenders if you were wondering about that.
Added: 05/07/04
'Griever' by Jake Bymers Title: Griever
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII
Comments: I had been wanting to draw Griever for some time now. The Inspiration Box got me motivated. Well Markus, I hope this makes you feel better. I did modify his anatomy a little bit. He doesn't really have a nose in the game and I eliminated that stupid extra joint on his upper arm.
Added: 05/07/04
'Spengler' by Jake Bymers Title: Spengler
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Medium: pencils, Adobe Photodeluxe
Comments: I wanted to draw a Bangaa dragoon, so I did. I had to make up most of the armor, but some parts were influenced by other characters from this game and other Final Fantasy titles. I named it after my best dragoon character in the game.
Added: 07/11/04
'Tidus' by Jake Bymers Title: Tidus
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy X
Medium: Pencils, Adobe Photodeluxe
Comments: I had originally added those orb-like things,but it did
not look right; so I just left the left side empty.
Added: 08/11/04
'Vincent' by Jake Bymers Title: Vincent
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII
Medium: Pencils, Adobe Photodeluxe
Comments: I used Nomura's turk Vincent picture from Ehrgeiz and his picture of Rufus and the turks from FF7 for reference in making this picture.
Added: 08/26/04
'Vincent' by Jake Bymers Title: Seifer and Gilgamesh
Artist: Jake Bymers
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VIII
Medium: Pencils and Adobe PhotoDeluxe.
Comments: Gilgamesh is preparing to strike Seifer from behind.
Added: 08/26/05
'Vincent' by Jake Bymers Title: Vincent
Artist: Jake Bymers
Game Inspiration: Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Medium: Pencils and Adobe PhotoDeluxe.
Comments: This is Vincent with his new look.
Added: 08/26/05


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