Alias/Nickname: Locke
E-mail: locke@lockes-art.com
Homepage: http://www.lockes-art.com/
Date of Birth: 5/10/85
General Inspirations: Varied
Submitting since: October 16th, 2005
Clavat/Selkie Profile Title: Clavat/Selkie Profile
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Comments: Just a simple and quick drawing of some FF:CC characters.
Added: 10/16/05
Aika, Vyse and Fina Title: Aika, Vyse and Fina
Game/Inspiration: Skies of Arcadia
Comments: My first time drawing Skies characters.
Added: 10/16/05
Super-Deformed Kosmos Title: Super-Deformed Kosmos
Game/Inspiration: Xenosaga
Comments: I don't usually draw SD characters but I think this turned out okay.
Added: 11/20/05
Fina Title: Fina
Game/Inspiration: Skies of Arcadia
Comments: This looks like a Disney style Fina ... ><
Added: 11/20/05
Elly Person Title: Elly Person
Game/Inspiration: Phantasy Star Online: Episode II
Comments: Elly Person from Phantasy Star Online: Episode II.
Added: 11/20/05
Relical Mode Title: Relical Mode
Game/Inspiration: Tales of Symphonia
Comments: Some of you might get this ... Other will think what the heck XD.
Added: 12/26/05
My American Thought Title: My American Thought
Game/Inspiration: Skies of Arcadia
Comments: Aika's imagination sometimes makes me wonder ... XD
Added: 12/26/05
Searching For Calus Title: Searching For Calus
Game/Inspiration: Phantasy Star Online: Episode I
Comments: Elly searching for Calus... Though I know she wouldn't be doing that alone -_-.
Added: 01/28/06
Xenosaga Cosplay? Title:Xenosaga Cosplay?
Game/Inspiration: Xenosaga
Comments: Xenosaga characters dressed up as Guilty Gear X characters ... well, maybe except for Ziggy x_x.
Added: 01/28/06
Secret Legion Girls Title: Secret Legion Girls
Game/Inspiration: Star Ocean 3
Comments: Nel and Clair, pretty much. Drew this one for a friend, as you can see.
Added: 01/28/06
Clavat Title: Clavat
Game/Inspiration: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Comments: Can anyone say White Mage >_<
Added: 04/29/06
Nina Windia Title: Nina Windia
Game/Inspiration: Breath of Fire II
Comments: Nina of BoF II.
Added: 05/14/06


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