Fan Art Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Guidelines
Please read all of the following guidelines before submitting artwork to RPGFan.

Revised January 28, 2006 by Morwan Osman

What is Fan Art?
Fan Art is art created by enthusiasts of a particular form of media be it a TV series, movie, animation, game etc. Though the piece of media a fan is devoted to is not necessarily created by them, Fan Art is the representation of devotion towards the things they greatly worship and follow devoutly. Though it is difficult to draw the line at where Fan Art ends, RPGFan currently does not accept photo manipulations of existing work, collages and non-illustrative forms of fan work as Fan Art. We also do not display Fan Art containing pornographic and/or excessively violent themes.

What kinds of Fan Art does RPGFan publish?
RPGFan publishes all Fan Art related any media normally covered by RPGFan. This includes RPGs, movies inspired by RPGs (i.e. Advent Children) adventure games (i.e. Monkey Island), dating simulations (i.e. Toki-meki Memorial), MMORPGs (i.e. Ragnarok Online) and any other game or game-related media we have covered. If you are unsure of the eligibilty of your Fan Art, feel free to E-mail.

Can I submit other people's art?
Submitting another's art work *without* their permission, even if you give them due credit, is not allowed. Please ask the original artist for permission first before you wish to submit their art work. Do not take it upon yourself to submit what isn't yours.

What kind of medium is acceptable?
Any form of illustrative medium is acceptable be it traditional: Art done in pencils, color pencils, paint, water color etc. Digital Art: Art colored or altered in Photoshop or any other art program, Vector Art: Line art created mostly in Illustrator. 3D Art: Art created using a 3D rendering program such as Maya, Lightwave or 3D Studio Max. However, collages of exisiting art work is not accepted. I repeat that non-illustrative forms of media are not accepted at RPGFan, such Flash/Gif animations or wallpaper collages.

Can I submit old fan art?
Yes, it is perfectly fine to submit art work that is several years old. However, it may be to your benefit to submit your newer work, if your skills have evolved since the creation of the original piece of art.

So, how do I submit?
Please submit your art by emailing right to this address. Your art can be attached to your E-mail or you could simply send us the URLs to your fan art. Your call.

Please include the following information with your submission:

- Name:
- E-mail:
- Gallery Site URL (If you have one):
- Title of your work / Game it's based on:
- Medium Used:
- Comments about your piece:
- Do you have existing work in RPGFan (Yes or No):

Also, in the Title header of your email, PLEASE LABEL IT AS "RPGFan Fan Art Submissions". Because of the large volume of junk mail we receive, it can be difficult to distinguish between spam and submissions. This is made more difficult by the tendency of spam letters to include the words "Fan Art", in the title. These guidelines are in place to prevent accidental deletion of art submissions.

What format should I send my file as?
Please send your files as JPEG, GIFs or PNGs. do not submit uncompressed (TIF or BMP) images! If you have difficulty finding a program to compress your images with, Irfanview is a freeware application that can do the job. Please note that we may resize your artwork to fit our space constraints.

What does my submitting to RPGFan imply?
By submitting your Fan Art to us, you're agreeing to let your art be displayed on RPGFan for a period of time. We at RPGFan do not believe in unauthorized circulation of your art work.

For any reason you do not desire your art work to be displayed on the page, we will take it down. However, it is prefable that you don't, for we like to keep our Fan Art archives as intact as possible.

Is there a minimum quality requirement? / Are all pictures accepted?
To some extent, a minimum quality is required. Stickman art *will not be accepted* considering that it is illustration without any effort. In other words, Fan Art that has been drawn properly and not just stick figures will be accepted as a submission. As stated earlier, RPGFan refuses to display all images that contain excessive violence, erotic/pornographic content, defamatory, racial or any other kind of controversial content. We reserve the right to refuse submitted art for any of these reasons. Please remember that some of our readers are minors.

Plagiarized artwork IS NOT ALLOWED. Plagiarizsm is considered stealing and claiming work for oneself. Therefore all copyrighted works, other fan artists' work, and any artwork THAT HAS BEEN TRACED *is not* accepted. It is prefered that you try to be creative in creating fan art and not just simply copy an image hair for hair and pass it off as your submission. Though the process of copying original art work is for practice and learning, it is used more as reference than actual art.

Most importantly, DO NOT submit another's artwork and claim it as yours. Those who offend this rule SHALL BE BANNED PERMENTANTLY FROM THE SECTION. In other words, all art submitted by you WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED. EVER AGAIN. Don't think we don't know. *We have records*.

Can I submit artwork containing spoilers?
I suppose you can. As long as you include "spoilers" in your subject when submitting. Also, the thumbnail of your image must be cropped to prevent others from getting spoiled before checking out your image. If the title of your art work contains a spoiler, please modify it.

AHHH!! Someone submitted my artwork to RPGFan without my permission! / Someone stole one of my pictures and claimed it as his own!
If this situation happens to you, E-mail the RPGFan Fan Art editor and/or webmaster ASAP with througher explainations. We will take all appropriate measures to seek out the Art Thief and 'destroy him'. If in the case that we discover he/she has submitted any other art work posing as his/her own, we will ban him/her immediately from the section without question.

What is the "Game Archives"? What do I need to do to get my fan art up there? Why is XYZ GAME not listed?
The Game Archive is basically the alphabetical list of all fan art submitted and organized by its appropriate game. To ensure that your fan art gets into the Game Archive (as well as in regular updates), please read the submission info. above for guidelines. If there is a particular RPG not listed in the Game Archive that RPGFan *does* cover, send in Fan Art of the game to get it listed (provided your the submission covers all necessary elements stated in the guidelines).

Note: Currently the game archives are being revamped.

Personal Galleries
Basically, if you have more than 5 pieces of art work (6 and above), you are entitled to your own personal gallery on RPGFan and your name will go down in our record books in our artists' archive.

What is the "Inspiration Box" (Inactive)?
The Inspiration Box is a little list of ideas and suggestions started by Jen for artists to get out of their artist block or for artists who like a good challenge. Please note the comments stated in the Inspiration Box are only *recommendations*, artists need not draw them if they don't wish to. Well, it'll be nice for all who view the Fan Art section as well as the editor to see something cool actually being realized from the "Inspiration Box"...

The Critique Box (Inactive)
The Critique Box is the court house of Fan Art here at RPGFan. Here's the place where your work is going to be torn a par- I mean, given feedback. Now feedback for the artist is an important thing and though how much I myself don't take criticism very well when it comes to discussing my work, it's amazing how a little feed back can go a long way to creating great artwork.

Basically what's going to happen is, I'll be pulling out either a really excellent piece of art work or a piece of work that needs work and I'll talk about what I like about it and what needs to be improved. I won't totally rip the work to shreds with my comments but I'll be very cordial about it so not to worry. Hey, after all, it's gonna help you be a better artist in the end isn't it? All artists who have had their work critiqued are entitled to a black and white sketch from me on the character they drew previously. If you're lucky, I might do a colored one.. which is highly unlikely due to my rich schedule.

If you have any more questions that aren't answered in the FAQ, E-mail them and I'll do my best to answer.

Morwan Osman


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