Fan Fiction Update Numero Deux
March 2, 2002

Okay, time for the second update (yes, another one). =p

Firstly, we have "Men Are From Mota, Women Are From Dezolis" by Methos. It's a pretty short fic that focuses mostly on Nash & Mia from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, and their relationship. For all you shy guys out there, this might help out. ;-)

Secondly, we have two more fics from Joel Fagin. "Alis In Training," Phantasy Star I, covers Alis' training to avenge her brother's death. Second, we have "The Beast Between Worlds," Phantasy Star IV. "The Beast" checks out the main foe of PSIV and her plans to rule the world. Quite nice, especially if you're a big Phantasy Star fan.

Lastly, I bring you "Darkness Falls," a Final Fantasy VII, yes, another one =p, fic that follows the events nine months after Meteor. This beaut reunites Aeris with her former party, and introduces a new warrior, Knight (Vegeta spliced with Duncan "The Highlander" while on acid), to the story....

There you go, my second update. Not too long, not too short. I hope you like the fics, and authors, keep submitting those stories (keeping in mind to follow m'ah guidelines!). Now it's time to go vegetate infront of Dynasty Warriors III....

~ Statuesque Yin

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New Fics
Title Author Based On Brief Summary
Alis In Training Joel Fagin Phantasy Star I Here's another nice Phantasy Star fic following Alis through most of her training....
The Beast Between Worlds Joel Fagin Phantasy Star IV A relatively short fic following "the Beast's" attempts to take over the world....
Men Are From Mota, Women Are From Dezolis Methos Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete We can all learn about ourselves in this fic about love, guys....
Darkness Falls Gemini83 Final Fantasy VII An incomplete fic delving into the events following Meteor....


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