Still Going Strong
November 4th, 2002

A new month has started and I'm still your Fan Fiction Editor! Life is grand, is it not? Well, other than the fact that many of the Fan Fics in my inbox are Final Fantasy based (which isn't a bad thing, but as you can see, Final Fantasy has many Fictions already), I'm enjoying the read. Some of these works are great stuff, but I'd like to remind you that I may correct some grammar here and there, but doing so really takes away from my experience. So, some of you may see a star or two less than you would if you'd have proofread your work.

I'm not here to be a teacher with a ruler in my hand, just want you to know that writing for whatever reason is an art. An art that should be taken seriously, even if the subject isn't.

So, enough about my little annoyances and onward with the Fan Fictions I thought deserved to be read by all.

We have Weiila continuing her story about Rydia and Edge from Final Fantasy II/IVj. Who is this intruder? Will Rydia survive to tell Edge how she truly feels? Only way to answer these questions is to read her tale.

Jade Leonhart takes us into the world of Final Fantasy X with Spiral, a story about a child who's mother leaves her and father she never knew. What lies beyond the broken heart of this young child?

I end this update with an original idea brought to you by the Fan Fic Guru (no, not me) who's writing an interactive story based around the cast of Chrono Trigger. Click here, give your 2 cent and join in the fun.

Well, let's end off this update with a plea for more variety. Much like the Fan Art section, I'd really like to receive more Fan Fiction that is not based around Final Fantasy games. I'll read all Fan Fics of course, but I'd really like to see some stories about games that are being over shadowed by the Final Fantasy giants. Anyway, keep those Fan Fictions coming and don't forget to check out the Fan Fic Faq for all the answers to your questions and if its not there, email me and I'll get back to you asap.

~ Timothy "Kiem" Duong

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New Fics
Title Author Rating Brief Summary
Rydia and Edge Weiila Who was the intruder? Will Rydia be able to escape?
Spiral Jade Leonheart A love that could not be has spawned a daughter, but what will become of her?
Past the End of Time Fan Fic Guru An interactive experience with the cast of Chrono Trigger