Didn't See It Coming?
March 21st, 2003

I'm sure I surprised you with an update so soon. Admit it! :P

But have no fear, this might become a trend. I stress the word might since I, myself, am stressing as of late. I picked up Pokemon Sapphire a couple days ago and I must admit that its FUN!

*waits for all the Pokemon haters out there to finish booing*

Ok, I can understand why people would loathe this game, but quite honestly, if you can look past the catchy "Gotta Catch Em All" pitch, the goofy (yet sometimes so adorable) monsters and the hordes of kids swarming to buy this game (4 millions + sold in Japan and I predict strong numbers this side of the ocean as well), you'll find something worth your time. Sure, its pretty much your standard RPG with kid appeal, but then again, its a standard RPG and we all need more RPGs!

But enough about that...on with the show!

Seems your emails have Kris scrambling to update her Fan Fic! Good Job Team! She brings the next chapter of her story "Regrets, based on Legend of Zelda. Btw, keep emailing her! :P

K'Arthur continues the great line of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete with her "If Love Were Only Part Of The Equation". A great story, I mean, just look at that title! And as I understand, Methos and K'Arthur are friends...seems their circle of friends is filled with talent :)

Ashbear brings us the next instalment of her Fic, "Castles In The Sky" based on Final Fantasy VIII. This is one that is very dear to her and much passion was put into writing it, passion that leaps through the pages.

And something else you didn't see coming...a 4th Fic! OMG! Ok, so Pyle makes the first step into the Kingdom Hearts world (for our site anyway :P) with "Highwing". If you haven't finished the game yet, I suggest you stay away from this little but oh so spoilerific work.

I've updated the FAQ with something very important. If you're gonna have a lot of italics in your work, please send it in html form with VERY little useless tags in them. This way I can concentrate on reading your work instead of going through it like some editor adding tags left and right. Also, whenever submitting work, please remember to include your pen name, Fan Fic title and RPG it is based on. Oh and don't forget to leave a space between paragraph to ease my work load.

Thanks and yalls come back now ya hear? ;) (didn't see that coming either, did ya? :P)

~ Timothy "Kiem" Duong

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New Fics
Title Author Rating Brief Summary
Regrets Kris Link hesitates as a path lies before him
If Love Were Only Part Of The Equation K'Arthur Read the title...enough said.
Castles In The Sky Ashbear A beautiful love story with a twist, and no, its not about ballet...
Highwind Pyle A short spoiler filled Fic worth read for those who've finished Kingdom Hearts


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