Four Stars, wha?
April 1st, 2003

Sooner than you expected I'm sure. But here it is. An update.

I'm sure you're all wondering what's with the update title. Well, you'll have to wait (or scroll pass my rant).

Today, I'd like to mention that Darkrider and myself have started the Magnate project up once again. You can read what was done during our first run right here. Be sure to check it out and comment in the forums which you can find here. You are free to contribute as well. You can do that here. I'd like to ask that you read our little set of rules before adding to the epic. this will prevent me from having to go through your addition and editing it.

But yeah, enough shameless plugs, on with the Fan Fics!

I'd like to mention, for those who are following Kris' "Regrets", that this update came a little too quickly for her to have the next chapter ready. I'm sure you'll see her in my next update sometime this month.

Like Methos' Comrades In Arm II, I've posted a great chunk of K'Arthur's story for your enjoyment. You even get to see some art that goes with the Fan Fic. This Lunar: Silver Star Story Fan Fic titled "If Love Were Only Part Of The Equation" is a great piece of Fan Fic that you all should take the time to read.

"Castles In the Sky" by Ashbear is another great story weaved by an amazing writer. She gives Final Fantasy VIII and all Final Fantasy Fan Fics a good name.

And finally, the greatest Fan Fic I've read in some time based on Final Fantasy VII. Incredible how well these two captured the essence that is Final Fantasy VII. Everything from Cloud's hair to his battle style, this is the Fan Fic every Cloud lover needs to read. (Minor Language...so you little kids don't read this, cause you know I can stop you.)

~ Timothy "Kiem" Duong

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New Fics
Title Author Rating Brief Summary
If Love Were Only Part Of The Equation K'Arthur Read the title...enough said.
Castles In The Sky Ashbear A beautiful love story with a twist, and no, its not about ballet...
Teh Fight DarkRider and Dios The greatest Fan Fic to ever grace the World Wide Web. Period.


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