Chrono Cross

Memories in the Tesseract
By Sensei Phoenix [ 04-29-01 ]

It's so lonely here. I've been here so long, someone, anyone… no one. No one ever comes. I've been here so long. It's so dark, so dark here, and the pain, it hurts, why won't it stop?

Mother, please, help me. Make the pain go away, make it stop, please. Mother? She's gone, though. She went away so long ago, just before I got here… why? I… can't remember… it hurts to remember. It… hurts… What is that? Why do I… is that the sun?

Mother, I remember when you used to read me stories at night. You would tell me about the great deeds of my father and of my grandmother, and her mother before her. You made me proud to be who I was. Our family was special, you said. I was destined for great things. So long ago, who was I? I was beautiful, wasn't I? Mother… she told me I was. I would wake up and she would hug me and stroke my hair and tell me I was beautiful. I was so happy all the time… no, not all the time. Why was I unhappy? Her only daughter, I was her jewel. Her… jewel? Why does that… sound… is that a sunset?

It's so cold here, someone make it warm. But nobody ever makes it warm, not for so long. My brother, he used to… he used to sit with me while I read my books, he would sit with me. On the cold nights, in our huge blanket, he would try to stay awake. He said someone had to watch out for me, so that I would always be safe. Why wouldn't I have been safe? He always fell asleep before I finished the story. I would read about heroes and dragons and lost adventurers. I remember the story of the machine… no, that wasn't a story, was it? The story? It feels… so… is that the grass?

I can't see anything, it's so dark in here. Make the darkness go away I'm frightened, uncle… My uncle, he used to play with me and teach me about the world, the sun, the flowers, the trees. He showed me so much, so much. I loved to fly kites, and play with uncle's pets. It was so much fun, I would run through the fields outside the house and pick the flowers. They were so beautiful, and everything was so bright and colorful. But I always had to stay inside, after… after what? Why couldn't I go outside? It sounds… like… The ocean?

It's so quiet here… I keep calling, but nobody answers. Why don't they answer? Professor, he would always play music for me. I used to dance at parties, in beautiful gowns. I remember how nervous I was the first time I tried to dance. Professor tried to show me, but I couldn't get it right, I kept falling and stepping on his toes. But then my brother… he would dance with me. He was a good dancer, it was as if he could float on air. He showed me how to dance, and I danced with him at the ball. I was… I was happy then. Happy… I remember… that… Night?

It's so empty, so empty here, I'm frightened. Why can't anyone be here, why do I have to do this by myself? It's been so long, I don't want to fight it anymore… don't make me fight. Sensei, I used to watch him train my brother, why do I remember now? Sensei was so strong and wise, he could make so many things. They used to fight, but why did we need to fight? It was so peaceful, wasn't it? Why did my brother… they used to… is that the moon?

I remember, we would all watch the days end, up in the highest tower, we would watch the world at dusk. The yellow sun had set in the red skies over the green grass and blue ocean, until it became the black night… and then the stars… and the white moon? I remember it, the colors… but why… the colors?

Someone's crying… so much pain. Is it me? No, no it's not it's someone else. I can see… I have to help… him. He's… he's dying. Someone help him, please, I don't know how I… the jewel? The story? I have to… to fight, to protect… Janus? Are you crying? Don't cry, please, I'll save you! I have to save you… Janus. Here, here, I'll help you. I can save you, the jewel, it can save you! Please work!

You're okay… but you're not… how? You're not Janus. Where's Janus? Where's mother, and uncle Gaspar and Professor Balthasar and Sensei Melchior?! Why aren't they here anymore? I miss them. Please, help me, I'm so lonely. Please find me… help me.


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