Chrono Cross

Chrono Trigger 182
By AngeLofIllusioN [ 12-20-00 ]

CHRONO TRIGGER 182: A Parody Based On The Game
(Sung to the tune of "What's My Age Again?," by Blink 182)
Arranged by AngeLofIllusioN

A red-haired mime,
They call him Crono,
A tumbleweed,
It engulfs his head.
Then there's that flaky girl,
Her name is Nadia,
But she must have amnesia cuz,
She evidently guesses her name's Marle.
Everyone hates you when you hate Lavos.
For instance, Queen Zeal was a monarchy,
She was homicidal.
She drained her daughter to a pulp.
Kingdom Zeal sank,
Lavos won again.
There lived a prince,
Whose sister fell with Zeal.
His magic reigns,
Thus he's a Magus.
He holds a bloody scythe,
In his gloved palms,
And he decapitates like mad.
And that's about the time that Glenn became a toad,
He freaked out Lucca in the Cathedral.
However later she thinks he's a dish.
Lucca, clean your glasses.
Crono sacrificed himself,
But Marle's pendant,
Guarded over them.
And then Gaspar placed in their hands the Chrono Trigger.
He said it would not aid or slow them down.
It was an emblem of fatalistic times.
So they traveled to Death Peak,
And threw the egg into the sky.
There was an eclipse,
Crono was revived.
Marle tackled him,
And lectured him about his ignorance.
And Crono stared into the darkened sky,
Unable to say a word,
Thinking of the world's fate.
Lavos was challenged,
And they killed the beast.
And they saved the world...


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