Chrono Cross

Past the End of Time
By Fan Fic Guru [ 11-04-02 ]

This is a major work in progress...make sure to keep updated with it on megaman.retrofaction.com under the fiction section, I have the same penname on there so look for an update about once a day...

Crono awoke from his peaceful slumber and turned slowly to his beautiful wife Marle.

~I'm so lucky...~ he thought to himself as he stroked her blonde hair to one side of her face so he could see her beautiful porcelain skin. Such a sight helped him ease his troubled mind from the other events in the kingdom, like monsters appearing in the forests again and recent tremors shaking the land.

Marle shifted gently under the covers and opened her eyes, blinking a couple times she smiled.

"Morning..." she said with a yawn.

"Good morning love..." Crono said and put his lips to hers.

She smiled and got out of bed, putting on her slippers she made her way downstairs to where the palace cooks were preparing their typical banquet breakfast.

"Good morning everyone!" Marle said with a smile as Crono came downstairs behind her.

The cooks and chefs all greeted the beautiful Queen and the King with cheers and yells. Crono smiled as he followed Marle to the table where they sat. Marle's father sitting on Marle's right side as Crono sat to her left.

The meal was spread out before them...

Toast and eggs, sausage and beef, rolls, fruits, vegetables. All laid out on magnificent platters all along the dining table in the great Hall.

"Here's to good eatin'!" Crono said with a raise of his glass as he began to pile food up onto his plate.

"You're such a pig Crono!" Marle said with a giggle as she picked up a few sausages, an egg and some fruit.

The two ate peacefully, now growing quite comfortable in their new home, and with their new titles.

It had been a few years since Crono, Marle and their companions had made that trip back and forth through time to save the world from the destruction of Lavos.

Crono wasn't sure what happened with Robo, Ayla or Magus when they returned...but he knew that Frog (Or Glenn) had become a legendary swordsman and an unmatched bodyguard in his remaining years, and that Lucca was taking care of a child of her own now.

~Yes,~ he thought to himself... ~This is much more like it.~

Just as he was about to take another bite of sausage a great tremor shook the palace. The plates and dishes all came crashing down as the pictures on the wall fell forward. Small rocks coming off of the walls and ceiling as Crono held onto his wife tightly.

After a few seconds the tremor stopped.

"Its alright everyone!" Crono assured...

"It was just a small earthquake!"

The palace servants all looked to each other as Crono sat back down next to his wife.

Marle was looking down, wide eyed...her hands shaking lightly.

"Marle?! What's wrong honey?" Crono asked with great alarm.

"My...my pendant." She said...

~Her pendant...that damned pendant...~ he thought. That was the thing that started the whole "Save the world" bit a few years earlier. What was the matter with it now?

Crono looked down and he too was horrified at what he saw.

The pendant's middle had gone from blue to a pitch black, the abyss swirling around inside the middle of her pendant.

"I don't like this..." Marle said with a shaking voice.

"I don't like this one bit..."

Lucca finally came out from under the doorway, holding her daughter close as she stepped out.

"It's ok kid...its over now." She said cooing.

Kid looked around with awe at the damage the tremor had done, the books were all over the floor and some of her mommy's best inventions had fallen over.

~I wonder what that was all about...~ Lucca thought to herself...

Suddenly the alarm on the wall went off.

Lucca froze with terror, that alarm was set up for the Epoch's final resting place...something was happening with the Epoch, and that was never a good thing.

Lucca quickly ran towards the secret door and put in her password, the door sliding open as she ran down the stairs.

~What's this all about!?~ she thought violently to herself as she passed layer after layer of defence to keep the Epoch from falling into the wrong hands.

After passing through the final door Lucca was amazed at what she saw. The Epoch's engine was running and was starting to open a portal on its own, it could have left by now but it seemed to have wanted Lucca to come down and hop in...carrying Kid the whole time Lucca climbed into the Epoch's cockpit and input the controls to take her to the palace.

"I'm sure those two lovebirds won't want to be kept out of this one..." Lucca said with a smile as she took off.


Crono ran up to his quarters with Marle close behind.

"Marle..." he said, slightly out of breath.

"Yes dear?" she said, very frightened at the moment.

"Lucca will be paying us a visit shortly, with your pendant acting up and the recent tremors...I think something is out of place in time again..."

Marle gasped and slowly brought her hand to her mouth.

"Does that mean...we have to...?"

Crono nodded solemnly.

"It would be best to get out your battle gear love...I think that what we have ahead of us will be requiring it."

Marle nodded as she went to the old forgotten chest in her closet...she brushed some dust off of it and opened the case slowly, taking out her old crossbow and armor.

Crono ran down the hall to his chambers and pulled his armor down, along with his legendary Rainbow Sword.

Lucca landed outside of the castle and hopped out of the epoch, the guards surprised because they hadn't seen the epoch since Crono arrived with Marle in it years before as Lucca sped into the castle.

To her surprise Crono and Marle were already set to go.

"I see you got my message..." Lucca said, slightly out of breath.

"Yeah..." Crono said, his face bearing a rather serious look.

"Where should we head first?" Marle asked with curiousity.

Lucca thought for a moment.

"Let's go visit Gaspar at the End of Time..." she said finally.

"Hey! And maybe we can play with Spekkio while we're there!"

Marle asked with excitement.

Crono and Lucca looked at each other and sighed before the three ran back out and jumped into the epoch.

"End of time! Here we come!" Lucca exclaimed as she input the coordinates and they dissappeared in a flash of light and a thunderclap.


Magus snarled...

"I can't believe we're doing this again..." he grimaced as he stared down Ozzie, Flea and Slash.

"Oh come on Magus...did you actually think we could just let you get away with betraying us?" Slash asked mockingly.

"Yes...that is if you wanted to live any longer..." Magus said with a warning tone.

Ozzie and Flea laughed.

"Surely you don't think that you can take us all by yourself do you?" Ozzie said, still chuckling lightly.

"I don't think I can...I know I can." Magus said as he tightened his gloves he mumbled the incantations...

"Shintoki grikorum hendak renthro kindak firo!" he exclaimed as he threw out his arms a wave of fire swept over the three as flea laughed and cast a shield over herself, slash and ozzie, after the flames passed Slash quickly charged towards Magus and attacked...spin slashing at his chest.

Magus brought up a small dagger and blocked the slash as his Scythe came around from Slash's right side and tore through his middle, Slash's intestines spilling onto the floor as he fell onto one knee Magus picked up Slash's blade and decapitated him with it, the rain of blood creating a red mist in front of his figure...surely he was a bringer of death.

Flea screamed in rage as she threw out her hand firing a black lightning bolt.

Magus jumped up and hovered above the bolt for a minute, holding out his scythe he fired an ice dagger towards Flea at incredible speed. Flea quickly rolled to the left as Ozzie then came up and fired a large ball of fire at magus. Magus quickly dropped down and landed on one knee tossing three daggers at flea she picked them off one by one with small fireballs...not noticing that while she was focusing on the fireballs Magus had sped around behind her. Before she knew what happened Magus had sliced her in half, separating her top from her bottom.

Just as Magus was going in for the kill on ozzie he heard a voice.

"Magus! Magus can you hear me?" a familiar voice cried.

"Yes..." he replied silently...

"Its Gaspar! Use your gate key and get to the End of Time right now! Its important!"

Magus growled...

"I'm kind of busy right..."

"RIGHT NOW MAGUS!!" The old man demanded as Magus turned and ran out the door, leaving a bloody mess behind, and a ruined Ozzie.

Glenn looked over his elite corps as they went over their morning exercises...

"Keep it up men!" He yelled to them as the rain fell lightly around them.

"Alex! Keep that back straight! Cain! What are you doing? Watch your position!"

The wind blew slightly around Glenn as he smiled, looking down to Masamune on his side, he looked around to his men.

~This is all I could ever want...~ He thought with a grin.

Suddenly two of his soldiers came running up to him.

"SIR!" They saluted.

"What is it?" Glenn asked, slightly annoyed at their interrupting his exercises.

"Its the forest sir! The monsters are growing nearer and nearer to the castle! The queen wants you immediately to help fight them off!"

Glenn looked behind him and in the distance the forest lay at the base of Guardia Castle, the heart of the kingdom.

"We must go immediately!" He yelled.

He turned to his men.

"Come! To battle!" As he unsheathed masamune and lead his corps into the forest.


Robo and Atropis stood at the top of Mt. Hope...formerly known as Death Peak...as Robo turned to Atropis and took her robotic hand gently.

"Dear Atropis...these last three years have been the happiest ones of my life...that is...since I started feeling emotions."

Atropis squeezed his hand lightly.

"Yes...every day this once bleak world grows brighter and brighter with life and color."

The two robots turned and looked down onto the now green fields that surrounded the domes where the new age humans lived.

After defeating Lavos along with his friends Crono, Marle, Lucca, Ayla, Glenn and Magus...he was able to help the humans rebuild their world, and slowly...it was getting back to its old beautiful ways.

"And yet..." Robo said with a hint of caution.

"What is it?" Atropis asked with a concerned look on her face.

"Something in my circuits is reacting to the recent events...I have to go see what's wrong"

Atropis stood and walked a few steps away before turning back to face Robo.

"Please...don't talk about it...I don't want to hear you say it..."

Robo sighed.

"I have to..."

"NO!" Atropis yelled.

"No you don't! I won't let you!" She became as emotional as robots could be...

Robo was surprised at how worked up Atropis was getting as he took a few light steps towards her.

"Atropis, I love you...but if something really is going wrong in the time flow then you know I will have to go and help my friends restore the balance..." Robo slowly took out the Gate Key that lucca had given to him and the others in case they were needed again.

"However, I will always come back for you..." He said.

Atropis fell onto her knees, her gears working overtime as her "emotions" began to overflow.

"You better Robo..." she said, her voice changing pitch and volume, signifying worry.

"I will..." Robo said softly as he turned and walked towards the dome where the Gate was located.

~One good thing out of this...~ he thought.

"I can see Lucca again." He smiled at this as he entered the dome and opened the gate...entering it as he went to the end of time.


Ayla dragged the huge beast into the middle of the circle.

"Ayla bring food! Big food! We all eat!" She exclaimed as her people cheered with appreciation.

It had been tough for them after Lavos had fallen since the environment grew colder and the food grew scarce...Ayla was still able to keep her tribe fed though...with the help of kino.

As she walked away from her people tearing into the food she came up to Kino.

"Kino, ayla must talk..."

Kino walked with her into a nearby tent.

"Kino...Ayla get funny feeling. I think Crono need help."

Kino's eyes widened.

"Ayla! Kino need you! Crono can wait, no?" he pleaded.

Ayla shook her head sadly.

"Kino, Ayla love you...but Crono need Ayla strength! Ayla strong! You see? I must go..." she tried to reason with him.

"Ayla better not die!" Kino said with determination.

"Silly Kino! Ayla no die! Ayla too strong!!" She laughed and wrapped her arms around kino, giving him a full kiss on the lips as she headed up to the mountain where the gate was...

"Here Ayla go again...hope no fight big spikey beast..." she said to herself as she jumped into the gate.

Crono leaned against the wall and sighed.

Lucca was sitting on the other side of the room holding kid close to her, napping.

Marle was sitting next to Crono beginning to doze off herself.

~This room hasn't gotten any bigger since the last time I came…~ Crono thought in wonder.

~You'd think something as important as the "End Of Time" would be a little more elaborate…~ his thoughts bringing a smile to his face.

Gaspar had refused to tell them what was going on until the others got there. Crono didn't like the way he said it…not one bit.

Suddenly Kid got out of her mother's grip and walked towards the bucket in the corner…

"Kid, no!" Crono yelled as he dived and grabbed Kid, pulling her towards him.

"Relax Crono…" Gaspar said calmly between snores. "I closed that Gate…so settle down."

Lucca awoke with a snort as Crono put Kid down and she ran crying to Lucca.

"What did you do Crono?" Lucca asked curiously.

"I…she was heading towards the bucket…" He nodded towards that infernal bucket, that portal to hell.

Lucca gasped and held Kid closer to her.

"Like I told Crono already…I sealed that gate. Now would you all relax until the others get here?" Gaspar then went back to his usual sleeping.

Suddenly from the other room Crono saw a flash of light…then another….and another.

~It must be them!~ he thought as he ran to go greet old friends.

He threw open the door as he ran into the other room.

Ayla smiled and threw her arms around Crono.

"Strong Crono! You need Ayla no?" She asked with a big smile.

"Ayla…its good to see you. And I don't know...Gaspar isn't saying anything yet. He said he would when everyone got here though."

Robo looked around.

"Is everyone here?" He asked.

Crono looked around as well then turned back to Robo.

"It looks like Glenn is running late, that's unusual…"

Magus chuckled.

"Maybe he's having trouble walking with those human legs…after all those years as a frog." He was amusing himself it seemed.

Crono sighed and walked into the other room.

~I wonder where he could be?~ He thought with concern…


Glenn looked over his shoulder as he ran, seeing three orcs behind him. Quickly he pivoted and pushed off his left foot, driving his Masamune into one of the orcs stomach and pulling it upwards with all his strength…ripping through the orcs skin as he split him open, the green liquid spraying everywhere. Another orc quickly slashed at Glenn with his axe, but Glenn backflipped as he watched the axe take any little life that other orc may have had as it split him in two. The orc then swung again opening up a place for Glenn to lunge and get him in the chest, as he pulled it to the side ripping out the beast's shoulder bone he jumped and spin slashed at the orc's neck to finish it off as its head went flying off its body.

Finally he turned to the General orc.

~This blasted orc's troop killed two of my best men…and nearly made it to the castle where they would have done god knows what to the queen…~ his teeth grinding in rage.

~But now…he's mine!~ He yelled in his head as he charged towards the orc.

The orc swung his broadsword towards the lower left side of Glenn's stomach, but he quickly brought down the Masamune to block the attack…the two metals clashing with a great ringing sound as sparks came flying off of it. Glenn quickly shot out his foot towards the monster's stomach. The orc doubled over from the pain of the steel boot plunging deep into his stomach as Glenn brought his knee up into the orcs face, sending him into the air while Glenn prepared his finishing move, standing under the orc he put his sword into the air. The orc fell onto the sword's tip as it went through his chest. The beast fell with such force that if not for the strong hilt it would have kept on going. Glenn put his sword into the ground and pushed the corpse off of his blade as he sheathed his now blood-stained Masamune and started to walk back to the castle. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice in his head.

"Glenn! Glenn where are you?" the voice asked.

"Who is it?" Glenn responded quietly.

"Its me! Crono!" Crono said from the end of time.

"Crono? How can I hear you?" Glenn asked in wonder.

"Don't worry about that! Get your gate key and come to the End of Time at once! Something has gone terribly wrong in the flow of time!" Crono said desperately.

Glenn knew that his queen needed him now more than ever…how could he get up and leave her to those beasts?

"Crono…I…" he began to say…but the voice was gone.

"No matter," Glenn thought. "I shall simply explain when I get there that I can not help them this time. The queen needs me!" As he walked towards the canyon where the Gate was.

"I hope that worked…" Crono sighed as he turned to the door that lead to Spekkio's room.

"I wonder how old Spekkio's doing…" Crono said aloud.

Marle's eyes opened up as she hopped up and stood next to Crono.

"Let's see!" She exclaimed as she opened the door.

Inside the room was incredibly dark, with the exception of a small, raccoon like creature standing in the middle of the room.

Suddenly the room lit up, torches lighting everywhere as Spekkio squealed with glee.

"Well well well! It seems like my good friends have returned!" He exclaimed.

"Yes, but I wish it could be on a happier note…" Crono said sadly.

"As do I…however this means I can get more of a workout! Come on! How about a little battle? For old times sakes?" Spekkio looked to them with pleading eyes.

Crono and Marle looked at each other.

"Pleeeeease?" He blinked a few times with pouty lips.

"I guess…" Crono said as he sighed.

"YAY!" Spekkio squealed.

"Ok ok! Prepare to be amazed! I'm not called the master of war for nothing!" He exclaimed with excitement as he spun around, taking the form of a Nu.

Crono slumped over, exhausted just looking at Spekkio's ultimate form.

"Spekkio, why are you skipping to your last form already? We haven't fought like this in over three years! Can you tone it down a little?" Crono begged.

"Awww…you're no fun! Fine…" Spekkio pouted and transformed into his regular form.

"Let's play!" He shouted as he held out his hands and lightning shot all around Crono and Marle. They both stood silently as it grew closer until finally they both rolled out of the way in opposite directions.

Crono jumped high into the air and signaled Marle for the Ice Sword…level 2.

Marle nodded and closed her eyes…muttering some words under her breath.

"Wendriko neshta…nimko rathnok Shinto!" she cried as a blue light flew up and enveloped Crono's rainbow sword. As he brought it down hard onto Spekkio's head a humongous glacier surrounded spekkio, as Crono slashed the glacier up and down splitting it into slices that went in different directions to pull spekkio apart.

"Oi! OW!" Spekkio cried as he teleported out of the attack as it was almost over.

"That could have killed me!" Spekkio exclaimed.

"No it couldn't have…I know as well as you do that you could easily end any spells whenever you'd like…now stop whining!" Crono told him.

Suddenly another loud sound was heard from the other room.

"Its Glenn!" Marle said with excitement as she ran to where all the Gates met up.


Glenn closed his eyes as the portal opened back up and he stepped out into the room where all the Gates lead. Suddenly he heard running.

"Glenn! Is that you?" It was Marle, that young girl whose resemblance to the queen in his time was so unbelievable that she convinced the whole kingdom of it around the time that they fought Lavos.

Glenn smiled as he hugged Marle lightly.

"Its good to see you again m'lady." He said with a light bow.

Marle giggled.

"Always the charmer huh Glenn?" Came a deep voice from behind.

"M'lord Crono…I need to talk to you." Glenn said hurriedly.

"No time Glenn, Gaspar wants to talk to us first." Crono said as he turned back to the other room where Gaspar was waiting.

"Oh well…" Glenn thought.

"I'll just hear out what the old man has to say I guess…and if it is indeed important only then shall I stay." Glenn convinced himself as they all walked into the other room.

"Its Frog! Ayla happy!" Ayla said as she picked up Glenn in a bone crunching bear-hug.

"Um, it's Glenn now, but thank you." He gasped out.

Magus scoffed.

"What took you so long? Had to pry your lips off the old queens @$$?"

Glenn turned with a glare to Magus.

"As a matter of fact I was fighting off some rather vicious orcs…" He said in a threatening tone.

"That's enough out of the both of you." The old man's voice interjected.

"I didn't call you all here to get into an argument. What is happening now is probably just as bad as what all of you faced a few years ago…" he said slowly as he looked over the seven heroes.

"If not worse."

As Gaspar was beginning to talk to the heroes at the End of Time a shadowy figure stepped out of a gate in 12000 BC.

"The Black Omen should be here." the tall figure growled as he looked into the sky.

He walked out a little further to the edge of the island and was shocked to see the black omen resting, broken and shattered, at the bottom of the ocean.

"How could this have happened? The black omen should have been here just like I saw it!"

He turned back to the gate and unsheathed his blade.

"I'm sure that old man Gaspar from the end of time has something to do with this damned screw up!" he exclaimed as he ran towards the gate and opened it with a wave of his hand.


"For the time being, as soon as Glenn arrived, I have shut down all the gates entrances to this realm…" Gaspar said rather calmly.

"Why Gaspar?" Lucca asked in a very concerned tone.

Gaspar sighed and turned to face the wall…taking a minute before turning back around and addressing the heroes.

"When I brought you here those 3 years ago I explained almost everything I knew to you in detail, about the Gurus of Zeal and of Janus…" as he looked to Magus.

"And his sister Schala. But there was one thing I did not tell you about…"

The seven warriors leaned in with great interest to what Gaspar had to say.

"There was indeed another Guru…perhaps the greatest of us all…" He took a minute again, as if every time he was about to explain something he had to build up the strength to do so.

"His name was Matzu…the Guru."

The rest seemed to wait for the remainder of the guru's title.

"The guru of what?" Glenn finally asked impatiently.

"Everything practically…" Gaspar said with a sigh.

"While I was the guru of time, and Melchoir the guru of reason and Balthazar the Guru of Life…Matzu had incredible knowledge of everything in existence…knowledge that even surpassed Queen Zeal's…when she still was sane."

Magus was somewhat surprised at this idea, but of course did not feel the need to show it physically.

"Anyways, after Zeal began to look deeper into the whole Lavos thing Matzu began to worry for her and tried to offer her some advice. Zeal refused it violently and although Matzu was a very wise and powerful man, he wasn't quick to anger…then."

Crono looked to Marle and Lucca as if they knew that what Gaspar had to say next wasn't going to be good.

"After trying to warn Zeal again and again of Lavos' awful power the queen finally got fed up and had her best magicians lock him away into a place similar to my own…however it was never locked in a specific time as mine is at the End of Time…this separate dimension of his flowed through time like a parallel dimension over the eras you knew well during your travels as well as others. From 65,000,000 BC to 2300 AD and beyond his parallel dimension granted him with strength beyond anyone's wildest imaginations because even though he was spending all that time in his dimension…he never aged a day." The heroes were all enveloped in this grandiose fairy tale like children at a magic show.

"So after Matzu had increased his powers to such a level that he was able to grant himself his own elements of magic he was able to work his way up the Magic ranks until he was finally able to start distorting time and space itself…which was about a few months ago."

Crono's eyes widened as he realized that it was around that time that the tremors started.

Matzu stepped out of the gate in 65,000,000 BC.

"Dammit Gaspar! You can't have me running around like this forever…I'll get to you! Just wait and see!" he shouted into the heavens as he fell and landed on one knee.

A few reptites came out of the bushes…after the death of their King Azala they had become few and scattered…but some small tribes still lived up in the mountains feeding off the wildlife.

The reptites all eyed Matzu, licking their lips.

"Looks delicious doesn't it…?" one of them said as he took a step closer.

"Indeed…I'll take the left thigh…" one of the others said.

They all growled and jumped at Matzu. He smiled and held out his hand as they all stopped in mid air…frozen in time.

"Fools…" he muttered as he held out his blade he quickly moved it around…the blade moving so fast the only evidence it was there were the small gusts of wind as he slashed the blade.

Waving his hand he reanimated their bodies and instantly they fell to pieces…blood spilling everywhere as their bodies lay in pieces on the ground.

Matzu turned and headed back up the mountain to go into the Gate again…getting rather frustrated that he was running around in circles.


Gaspar sighed again.

"His power is beyond verbal description…he can bend time and space itself…he has acquired and mastered EVERY element…there is only one thing that could make him more powerful…" Gaspar said with a wave of fear sweeping over his words.

"If he passed the End of Time…"

The heroes all looked to each other with wonder.

"Passed the end of time??" Lucca asked with a ring of disbelief.

"How could he do that?"

Gaspar turned back to the heroes.

"Well, as I said his dimension flowed over the ages like a parallel dimension…from the beginning to the End…yes he was even over my realm for a short time. As he passed over the dimensions he was able to watch what was occurring. Including when Lavos destroyed the world in 1999 AD. Now this he saw as it was happening…what he didn't know was that you were able to travel back and save the past…and the future."

Lucca's mouth opened as she nodded.

"I get it…its kind of like when you're looking at something 500 light years away…what you see is how the object was like 500 years earlier since it takes so long for the light to get to your eyes."

Gaspar nodded.


Crono sat down.

"So what you're saying is he saw the world get destroyed by Lavos…and he doesn't know that we saved it yet?"

The old man turned to Crono.

"He does now…I feel his power transferring from era to era…he's fighting with all his power to get here. Because although he has great control over time and space he can not create a gate to get here. He has to rely on the gates to get him here. And once he does get here…it will already be too late."

"Why is that?" Glenn asked.

"As I was saying before, the only way he could become stronger is if he passed the end of time…and from here he could create a portal to enter that area. What's out there I don't know…only one other creature has been past the end of time…" Gaspar slowly looked to the door that lead to Spekkio's chambers. "SPEKKIO?!" The heroes all shouted at once.

Gaspar nodded.

"But we can defeat Spekkio's ultimate form rather easily now Gaspar…why are you so worried if all it grants Matzu is that kind of power?" Crono asked.

Gaspar shook his head and muttered.

"Foolish boy, do you ever wonder why Spekkio never comes out of that room? I was able to bring spekkio here as a companion and granted him speech so that we might be able to communicate…he would come out and talk to me and keep me from going insane most of the time. One day something went wrong and a portal opened up over there…"

Gaspar nodded to where they docked for the Epoch.

"And Spekkio was pulled in…instantly afterwards it opened back up again…this time in that room back there…" Gaspar showed them.

"Spekkio was instantaneously granted unfathomable powers…he had command over time, space, water, ice, fire, earth, lightning and shadow. His physical strength became unbelievable and became a menace to the entire universe throughout time. So he asked me to seal the room and cast a spell on him to help keep his powers at bay. I could only do this with his extreme cooperation…and I was able to lower his powers so he wasn't so much of a threat to himself…you must understand that merely thinking something in Spekkio's old form meant that objects utter destruction…"

"Then why can't you just open the seal, have him take care of Matzu and then seal him back up again?" Magus asked curiously.

"If I open the seal Spekkio will get the true feeling of what his powers are, and no amount of willpower could keep anyone from wanting to rule the universe with the kind of power that he has. I couldn't seal him again and we'd just have an unspeakable entity tossing events in time around like blocks."

The heroes all looked at each other as Crono stood up.

"How are we supposed to fight this guy if he's as powerful as you say he is? If he can control time what will stop him from freezing us in time before killing us?"

Gaspar smiled…

"You have the Time Gurus blessing…he can not distort your time fields."

"We need to go find this Matzu guy before he does something insane!" Crono demanded.


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Retro Encounter 179: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Part I

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RPGFan Music of the Year 2018

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