Chrono Cross

Their Prized Possession
By AngeLofIllusioN [ 12-20-00 ]

The sun shone with brilliant radiance
Upon her golden hair.
She paced along the weathered coast,
Tangled in utter despair.
Wishing the title was not hers -
Yearning to evade -
Punishments executed when she was found
Left her wishing she'd obeyed.
Her feet sore and aching
From her tiresome trek,
She sat upon the unkempt grass
And massaged the back of her neck.
Gazing at the twinkling ocean
Surrounding the castle she ruled,
Something shimmering caught her eye;
She thought she had been fooled.
With a new hope burning in her darkness,
Into the water she plunged.
Her lungs bursting from the pressure,
For the shimmer she scavenged.
Finally she found it,
Lying among the rubble.
She outstretched a desperate hand
To snatch up the bauble.
She darted to the surface,
For the shore seemed distant.
Examined the object in her palm -
A gorgeous sparkling pendant.
From the heavens, Schala whispered,
"The Heroine found my prized possession.
Little does poor Marle know,
With power comes obsession..."

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