The Law of the Land:
Fan Fiction Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you read this section in its entirety before submitting anything.

What is fan fiction?
Fan Fiction is a piece of prose or poetry constructed by a fan about an existing fictional world and its characters. Since RPGFan is about games, no fanfics related to anime of any kind will be accepted, save in special cases such as the .dot//HACK series, since it encompasses both RPG and anime formats.

What format should I use when submitting my stories?
RTF or DOC is fine. I also accept TXT, but only if you've remembered to turn on Word Wrap. Please note, I will NOT accept any files that contain HTML, especially not Microsoft Word files which have been saved as web documents. Keep it simple folks, keep it simple.

Hey, you wouldn't accept my fic because of (insert reason here). It was accepted at (insert other website here) without any problem!
They might have different or lower standards than I do. Any work I accept generally has to live up to the basics of my expectations. If it doesn't, it gets rejected. I'm fairly lenient, but you won't get away with being sloppy. I like to see creativity and effort, but also an attention to diction and other such elements of writing. Some people don't care about that. I do. I won't be an absolute tyrant about your technical abilities in writing, but try to do a good job.

Can I send in someone else's fanfic?
No. That's what I like to call plagiarism. If you steal someone's work and pass it off as your own, then we'll remove every single thing you've written from this website. No one wants to read something written by a thief.

Okay, how much can I write?
I'd like to see three or four pages at least. Some people may try to get around this guideline by increasing type face. Let me put it to you this way: I reduce all large text to Garamond or Times New Roman, size 12. If, in fact, it does not fill three or four pages at that size, then there's a good chance it's too short. There are exceptions where I might let it slip if the story is particularly well written, but don't count on it. I don't have a set maximum on how much you can write, but really, if you send me a 700-page story, it might be a good long while before I have time to read it over. Better to send it in chunks.

If your story does come to me in chapters, be aware that I will not post one chapter at a time. Under five chapters, I will wait until the entire product is complete and then post it. Over five chapters, and I will only post material every five chapters. So if you're writing a story that's 10 chapters long, it will be posted in two seperate updates, each containing 5 chapters. If you send in a story that's split into 20 chapters, then it will take 4 updates. Also, I don't like to see work go uncompleted. Stick to your guns and try your best to send me finished work. If you're writing a long, continuing plot, I want to see an ending. I don't mean to put pressure on the writer, but incomplete work tends to irritate me, greatly.

What is considered acceptable material?
Use common sense. We're an all-ages website and we generally want to make sure kids won't be asking their moms what such and such a dirty word means. Keep out the perverted stuff as much as possible, and don't swear if you can so help it. I like to use the FFVII rule: Barret didn't really swear, and neither should you.

What should I include when sending my fanfic?
Your name, the title of your story, the game it's based on, how many pages and/or chapters it contains, and make absolutely certain you put "fanfics", "fan fiction", or something containing those terms in the subject. Otherwise there is a great chance your story will be deleted with the spam mail. An example of an info summary:

Name: Mark P. Tjan
Title: I, Soldier
Game: Suikoden
Pages: 20
Chapters: 1

Okay, I think my story meets these rules. Where do I send it?
Mail it to Do not, under any circumstances, send it to my personal account. I'll read it over after a few days and let you know what I think of it, and whether it will be posted or not. Thanks in advance.

If you have any questions, send them to I'll try to clarify things for you.