Final Fantasy IV

By Weiila [ 07-18-01 ]

Author's Notes: Final Fantasy IV... a whole bunch of people lead by Cecil dark knight later known as a paladin battle the corrupted Red Wings and ends up saving the world from a freaky alien who goes with the flow and likes the Void-thingy. Wow, that was a long sentence, wasn't it? I summarized it pretty good, didn't I... but I think there are a couple of details missing out. Everything in the game concentrates on Cecil and his feelings. OK, he's the big leader and head-character, but hey, there's others, aren't there? Kain, what about him? He went through a lot, and there were only a few hints about his feelings and thoughts. I do remember him turn away as Rosa and Cecil kiss in the tower of Zot... and yes, I'm another romantic freak!

Here we go, Final Fantasy IV, from Kain's tired view! I take the freedom of changing the talking slightly, since most of us have played the game and know the lines already. I'm not into copying (and I don't feel like playing it through just concentrating on writing down the exact words :p It could spoil the game feeling for me. What did you say about egocentric?!).

Chapter 1: Being Kain, Cecil's Best Friend

"Hey, Kain!"

There was the sound of someone hurrying down the stairs, and a man wearing big glasses and clothes stained with oil ran out of the open door.

"You should take it easier, Cid," Kain smiled, "You're no youth, as your wise daughter says."

"Bah, she talks too much!" the chief mechanic snorted.

"Why are you in such a hurry?"

"Is Cecil back yet?" Cid asked, "I feel like talking to that boy; he's seemed a bit down lately."

"The troop should come back from Mysidia any moment."


Muttering, Cid went back upstairs, to watch the sky from the castle wall. Kain gazed after him, then shook his head and started walking again. He was aiming for the door into the main building. But another call made him stand still.


Rosa hurried over to him, with her white cloak dancing over her back, the shiny, blond hair flying as she ran, looking like a river of gold flowing from her head. Kain froze. She stopped in front of him, breathing deeply from the run.

"What is it, Rosa?" the dragoon asked, hoping that his voice was steady.

"Is Cecil back yet?" she asked.

She didn't know that her words cut like hot daggers in Kain's heart.

"No." he said. He didn't dare say something more, he was sure his pain would show.

"I wanted to talk to him," Rosa sighed, "This whole Mysidia thing makes me concerned..." He wanted to wrap his arms around her, kiss her hair and say that everything was fine, but she hadn't come to talk to him. How he wished that she had come running with only his name upon her soft lips! But just as Cid, she didn't want to speak with him; she wanted to talk to his best friend.

"It'll be alright." he forced himself to say.

"I guess..." Rosa said.

She looked up and smiled warmly.

"Thank you anyway, Kain."

She turned and walked away again.

Kain watched her until she disappeared behind the main building's corner. She always smiled so warmly at him. She smiled differently at Cecil. The dragoon wished that it could have been the other way around.

He stood there, in deep, sad thought, for a moment. Then he shuddered and went inside.

"Sir Kain, Sir Cecil has returned!"

He stood up and nodded at the maid, with a small smile. "Thank you."

It felt much better when Cecil was in the castle. As long as they were close to each other, Kain knew that he really couldn't feel jealous. He felt guilty for keeping that dark, childish feeling inside his heart, but he couldn't help it. Kain loved Rosa, he had to admit that. But she loved Cecil...

He went up the stairs and into the small, unguarded room one had to pass to reach the throne-room, but stopped with his hand on the handle. There were upset voices to be heard from inside the big room.

"You are now relieved from your post!"

It was the king of Baron. Kain felt a coldness wrap itself around his heart. What the...?

"But Your Majesty!" Cecil's shocked voice called.

"Your new mission is to take care of the monsters sighted around the village of Mist in the north!" the king growled, "you may leave!"

Kain threw the door open and rushed in. "Wait!" he yelled, "My liege, I'm sure that Cecil didn't..."

The king gave him such a cold gaze that he almost dropped dead. He had never seen the king look like that, so cruel, so scornful...

"Well, Kain," the king said, "if you're so worried about your friend, you may go with him!"

The whole world seemed to turn inside out, and judging from Cecil's eyes, he felt the same.

"But...!" Kain stuttered.

"And take this with you!" the king snarled and threw Cecil a package.

"Yes, my liege..." the dark knight whispered and bowed.

In spite of other options, Kain did the same. The two men left the room.

"Sorry for dragging you into this mess..." Cecil mumbled as they were standing in the main corridor.

Kain put his hand on the dark knight's armored shoulder and shook his head.

"No," he said, "you're my friend, I couldn't let you go on such a journey alone. I'll make some preparations, you just rest after your trip to Mysidia."

"Alright... thank you, Kain."

Cecil really seemed down. Kain watched him walk away, concerned. The dragoon's friend walked like his feet weighed a ton each, he looked very depressed even from behind. Had something happened in Mysidia that had made Cecil like that, or was it because of what had happened in the throne-room?

Kain went over to the table where a couple of soldiers were sitting, and heavily placed himself on a chair. The wood squeaked; he had forgotten his armor. He gave a silent, relieved sigh as the chair didn't break.

"Better be careful, Sir!" one of the soldiers chuckled, "Furniture is put on the payment-list!"

"Yeah, I know." Kain said and managed to smile.



"Where did Cecil go?" she asked, once more slowing down close to him.

"We're sent to Mist to hunt monsters..." Kain said, suddenly completely blank.

"What?" she gasped, "Why? Where is he?!"

Kain pointed in the direction in which Cecil had left. Rosa hurried off again.

"Damn!" the dragoon snarled as she went out of sight. His fist made the whole table shake. The soldiers looked at him, concerned.

"Excuse me, Sir," the second one of them said, "but why would you..."

"I don't know," Kain sighed, "the king was furious because of something Cecil had said or done, and I tried to defend him... then we were both sent to Mist, just like that."

"I'm sure that you'll get your titles and reputation back as soon as you've fulfilled your mission." the first soldier said, encouraging.

"Thank you."

Kain managed to smile a bit again.

Chapter 2: Two Times Treachery

"I don't understand..." Cecil sighed, taking off his horned helmet and stroking the wet fringe away from his eyes, "I only tried to ask why we had to kill those innocent people in Mysidia, and His Majesty sends both you and me away from Baron... I'm sorry, Kain."

The mist was creeping inside of his armor, and he was already warm and sweaty after several fights with monsters. Kain wasn't feeling very good at the moment.

"It's okay," he said, trying not to grumble, "You're my friend..."

"Go back!"


It had been a strange voice, echoing in the misty cave. The clouds made it almost impossible to see, and combined with the darkness since the torches weren't very dry...

"Who's there?" Cecil called.

No answer. Kain and his friend exchanged glances and went on, determined. They had been degraded once this week, it had to be enough. They felt they didn't have any choice but to continue to Mist and help out with the monsters.

But they hadn't walked many yards before the voice was heard again:

"Go back! Return to Baron!"

"Who are you? Show yourself!" Kain called.

Once more, there was nothing but silence. They continued, now seeing a light ahead. It could only be the exit of the cave.

"For the last time, go back!" the voice called, closer this time.

"We can't do that!" Cecil called back, "Who are you?"

"You have no intention to back off, then?" the voice asked.

"No, I'm sorry, but..."

"Then I have no choice."

The mist started to thicken.

"It's a dragon!" Kain yelled.

White and glistening, a part of the mist...

Cecil drew his dark sword. Its edge was so dark that it almost shone in the white air. Kain reached for his heavy spear.

The dragon opened its mouth and blew. The hard wind threw the two warriors against the cave walls, almost knocking them out. Cecil dropped his sword, and the dragon rushed forward.

"Cecil, look out!" Kain exclaimed and jumped.

Despite his armor, he almost reached the ceiling of the big cave. That was the strength of a dragoon; the fantastic ability to jump. The air was his element, while everyone else was stuck on the ground. Kain felt free for the brief moment he floated up there, all his problems were forgotten for a short while. He didn't think of Rosa, he forgot his jealousy and his concern over this strange mission. Then gravity got a grip of him, and he fell, pointing his spear downwards. The white dragon roared in pain as the spear hit its back. Before it had time to regain its guard, Cecil had stabbed his sword into the pure chest. With a ceasing snarl, the beast dissolved into thin air.

"Are you alright, Kain?" Cecil asked.

"Yes. And you?"

"Fine. Let's go."

They went out of the misty cave with great relief and hurried towards the nearby village. But as they passed the first house, there was suddenly a strange, buzzing sound.

"What the...!" Cecil exclaimed and threw his backpack on the ground.

The bag opened, and out of it fell the package he'd received from the king of Baron. It glowed strangely, and then, suddenly, it erupted. Flames flew in all directions, consuming the houses in seconds. There were a few shocked screams from the buildings, but the fire-magic killed instantly. Then the world became silent.

"We were sent to... burn the village?!" Kain whispered.

Cecil didn't utter a word. He just stared at the ash that had once been the package. Then he suddenly looked up and started walking, faster and faster. Kain followed him. There was a loud sob. Cecil ran past one of the burned buildings and stopped, staring at something. Kain hurried to his side and saw a small, green-haired girl kneeling by a lifeless woman. The adult was apparently dead, her face twisted in agony.

"Oh, no..." Cecil whispered and started approaching the girl.

She looked up as she heard the steps, with tears and anger in her young eyes. "You!" she exclaimed, shivering, and got to her feet, "You killed mommy's esper! You killed her!"

"Oh, no..." Cecil whispered again.

Kain also understood, now. The dragon they had killed in the cave had been the summoned monster of the dead woman, and killing an esper was the same as killing the one who conjured the beast.

"What shall we do, Cecil?" Kain said, "That girl, we can't let..."

But he didn't want to say it, he didn't want to be the one to even consider the order. And neither did Cecil.

"No!" he yelled, "I'm done with killing the innocent, I won't do it anymore! Never again!" Kain nodded slowly.

"I knew you'd say that," the dragoon said, "and I will come with you if you leave Baron." There was no place for worries, he was completely sure. Being fooled to do something so despicable, fooled by the one who had more or less raised him... Kain found hatred against king Baron burning inside of his heart.

"But the girl..." he pointed out.

"We'll have to bring her along," Cecil said, "It's not safe here."

"No!" the girl screamed, "Don't come near me! I hate you, I hate you all!!"

She put her hands together, closed her eyes and started mumbling. Several green, half invisible orbs containing a flame materialized around her, giving away her plans and powers.

"Damn it, she's a summoner!" Kain shouted, "Cecil...!"

A muscled giant formed in front of the girl, and before Kain was able to move, an enormous fist had hit the ground. The whole village shook, there was a crack in the grass... Kain heard both the girl and Cecil scream, then everything became black.

Chapter 3: Valvalis

He awoke, and wished he hadn't done so. His head felt like it was filled with bees, and his body ached all over. It was cold and dark. In fact, he began to realize with growing surprise and panic that he was inside a cell, hanging on the wall by his chained wrists. Both his armor and spear were gone, he only wore a simple, stiff cloth; a prisoner's clothing. The only light came from a smoking torch; the smell dried his throat. Kain was thirsty and confused. What had happened? That earthquake in Mist... then what? Where was Cecil?

'And where am I?' Kain thought.

By instinct, he tried to break free from the chains, but since his feet didn't touch the floor, he had no strength.

Suddenly the door opened and closed behind a man in red, luxurious robes.

"My liege?" Kain gasped with broken voice.

"And my traitor," the king snorted, "I hear you and Cecil were going to leave me behind, eh?"

"How did you... where is Cecil?" Kain whispered. His throat was so dry that he hardly could breath.

"Cecil?" the king repeated, "He'll be here soon. I sent some troops to fetch both him and that last summoner. They will be brought here, so that I can dispose of them."

"You what?!"

King Baron sneered.

"We can't have traitors like him walking around freely, can we? And speaking of traitors, the fair Rosa seem to have left, too."

"Rosa...?" Kain croaked.

The king smiled coldly.

"Yes, Rosa. The one with the white cloak, remember? Don't worry about her, you'll be together as sad, wandering spirits. Or in Hell, that's another option, of course."

"Your Majesty, why!?" Kain tried to scream, but it became only a whisper.

The king started to laugh, and he began to change. His crown, hair and clothes disappeared, his skin became blue, and he grew a turtle-shell. The teeth in his mouth grew to white spikes, shown in an evil smile. Kain stared at the monster, his lips becoming numb. He couldn't even speak.

"Yes," the monster sneered, "I am not the king of Baron. Our names actually start the same, my friend; I am Kainazzo, fiend of Water."

"The king...?" the captured dragoon stuttered.

"Dead, I'm afraid. Pity... I had to kill him instantly, when I really wanted to do it in my favorite way. But you, on the other hand; you're different. Nobody will hear you scream." Suddenly, water began flooding from Kainazzo's feet. In only a few moments, the liquid had reached Kain's ankles, steadily rising.

"People should drown more often," Kainazzo sneered as Kain desperately tried to tear himself free from the chains, "It's healthy, really. And such a lovely sight." The water reached his chest by now, his throat, his face...


It was a woman's voice. A sudden wind blew the water aside, and Kain took a violent breath. Kainazzo angrily turned his head as his water returned to him; he looked at nothing at all, just an empty wall.

"What do you want, Valvalis?" he snorted.

"I have talked with Golbez," the woman's voice said, "He allowed me to take care of this."

"That's not fair!"

"Then go to Golbez and complain, whiner!"

Grumbling, Kainazzo turned back into the false king of Baron. "You might wish you had drowned," he sneered and left the cell.

Kain still gulped for air. "Who are you...?" he finally managed to whisper, unsure if he really wanted to know.

"Valvalis, fiend of the Air."

What materialized in the middle of the room was the most beautiful woman Kain had ever seen. She wore a tight, white dress, and her blond hair was as long as she was tall. She looked strangely at him.

"This is my true form," she said, "That was what you thought, wasn't it?"

Kain didn't answer. She was a fiend, she was going to kill him. Why talk? She looked so thoughtful.

"You're soaking wet," she said, "You'll catch a cold down here."

"Excuse me?"

She raised a hand and pointed upwards. A warm wind began to blow around Kain, drying his simple clothes and skin. Valvalis moved closer.

"What do you want?" Kain whispered.

Funny, he had been about to drown, but his throat was still dry as a desert. Valvalis once more raised her hand, and suddenly held a cup filled with some liquid. She put it by Kain's cracked lips.

"Here, drink this. You'll feel better." she said.

It was a healing potion, he could smell that. "What...? You want to kill me healthy?" Kain muttered, which as much sarcasm he could manage.

"I'm not going to kill you." she said.


"Now drink this. Don't be so foolishly proud."

Kain wasn't really sure if he drank the potion of his own will, or if the fiend used her powers to make him, but anyhow he emptied the cup. The clean liquid filled him with a soft, warm feeling, and the pain in his legs and head ceased a bit.

Valvalis still watched him in a strange way. She made the cup dissolve and raised her hands to touch his face. Her fingertips sent lightning of pain through the dragoon's head, and he couldn't fight back a groan.

"You've got some bad wounds here..." Valvalis said, frowning, "Cure!"

Kain's skin felt wonderfully warm for a moment, and once more his pain drew back a little.

"Much better." the fiend of air said.

She touched his hair, as if she was confused. Like she'd never seen a bound man before. She made Kain very nervous, and still... she touched his face and hair in the way he'd always wished Rosa would do.

"I scare you, don't I?" Valvalis said, without taking her hands away from Kain's head.

"What do you want?" he said once more.

She didn't answer at first. Then she spoke:

"I kept an eye on you and your friend, making sure that you really went to Mist. Golbez didn't want to see any mistakes."

"Who the Hell is Golbez?"

"My king," Valvalis answered, with a small smile on the brink of a sneer, "Not my master, but I obey him at the moment."

The smile disappeared, and she looked strangely confused again.

"I watched you fight," she said, "and I saw you jump... you're a warrior of the air, just like me."

"And you work with someone who want to kill me, my best friend and... and Rosa!" Kain exclaimed, turning his head away in anger.

Valvalis' eyebrows went up.

"You think a lot of that white mage Rosa." she pointed out.

"Stay away from my thoughts!"

"Alright, if you want me to."

Kain stared at her. She shook her head. "But you know the truth," she said, "and even though you don't want to, you're jealous. You feel anger towards the one you call your best friend."

"So that's what you want?" Kain growled, "you think that you can use my feelings to make me work for that damn Golbez? No, call your turtle-friend here, I'd rather drown!"

Valvalis startled, as if he'd hit her. They stared at each other. "That's not what I meant," Valvalis finally said, "but you'll work for Golbez whether you like it or not."


"What you want is not of the matter," the fiend of Air snarled, "you will do as Golbez says, believe me. And you should be grateful I saved your life."

"I'm not grateful for becoming some kind of slave!" Kain exclaimed, "Why did you even care, you're a monster!"

The last word hung in the air, making it thicker than the smoking torch ever could do.

"Do I look like a monster?" Valvalis said, cold as ice, "Do I have fangs and scales? Am I hideous?"

"No, your beauty is stunning," Kain snarled, "but you're a fiend, and you work with monsters that want to destroy my life and kill my friends!"

There was another silence when they stared at each other again.

"I am an elemental-fiend," Valvalis said, coldly, "but I haven't said anything about killing your friends or harming you, have I?"

"But your friends will, won't they?" Kain accused.

Her nails cut into his cheeks.

"I save your life and this is your way of gratefulness?!" Valvalis growled as he tried to break free from her grip, "You! I thought you were different than the others because you were an air-fighter, I guess I'll never learn!"

"Why... did you... care?" Kain croaked.

"You're such an idiot."

His head hit the wall behind him, making him see dancing stars.

"Lightni...!" Valvalis exclaimed.

But she never finished the command. Kain gulped for air, trying to pull himself together. "So how much power will you waste...?" he snarled, "Will you have me raw or well done?"

No answer. He looked up. She seemed so strangely confused again.

"What is it now, then?" Kain growled.

She was silent for a moment. Then she pointed at him.


The world stopped spinning. Kain looked at her, and she watched him.

'What does she want?' the dragoon thought, confused, 'Why doesn't she kill me?'

"You look so helpless," Valvalis suddenly said, as if she was thinking aloud.

"It's because I'm hanging here like a damn dead chicken!" Kain snarled.

"I've almost forgot how fear felt..."

Kain turned his head away, furious. "Then you've really forgotten humanity!" he growled.

"That is true, at least I thought so." Valvalis said, not angry this time. Her fingers touched his face again.

"Why do you do that?" Kain snarled.

"It was almost impossible to talk Golbez into not killing you," she said, "but I had to... you remind me of something..."

"Now, now, Valvalis," a man's voice said, "Let's not get too personally involved."

"Good afternoon, Golbez." the fiend said without turning around.

Chapter 4: Golbez's Minion

Behind Valvalis, from out of nowhere, a man wearing dark armor with a horned helmet and a black cloak entered.

"Is that the reason you wanted me to spare him?" the man asked, scornfully, "You thought that he was cute?"

"I considered his strength and abilities to attack his enemies from above as good reasons to keep him alive," Valvalis said, coldly.

"Of course, my dear. Now step aside." Valvalis moved, and Kain found himself under a judging gaze.

"So you're Golbez, then?" the dragoon snarled.

"Indeed. And your name is Kain, a good friend of this Cecil that everyone in Baron seems so proud of."

"I suppose I cannot deny it."

"No, you can't," Golbez sneered. "Now then, let's turn you into my faithful servant, shall we?" he said and raised his hands.

Kain screamed in pain as his head began to burn from the inside.

'I can't let...' he thought, desperately trying to fight Golbez back, 'Cecil is my friend, I'm a dragoon... I love Rosa, she loves Cecil... he is my friend... I am a dragoon... I love... Rosa... Cecil is my... I am... I am... I love Rosa... I am... I am a dra... Cecil, I... he is my... he is... he... '

"You're quite a challenge, I give." Golbez admitted and clenched his fists. Valvalis just stood there, silent, as Kain roared and tried to tear off the chains, twisting like a wounded animal.

'I am... I am... Kain... Cecil is my... Rosa don't... they are my... I am a... I am... I... I hate them... Cecil is my enemy... my name is Kain, I am a dragoon, and I hate Cecil!'

His heart burned with rage at the memory of the man in the dark armor, who had the love Kain wanted more than anything else, and not even seemed to appreciate it. He hated Rosa for loving Cecil, and he wished most of all to take his spear and stab it through the Dark knight's chest. And he knew that Golbez gladly would help him, if he only obeyed.

"Let him down, Valvalis." the man dressed in black said with a triumphant sneer. She pointed at the chains, and Kain landed on the ground. He stood up for a moment, then he sat down on one knee before Golbez.

"I will follow only your commands, my liege." the dragoon said.

"Good man," Golbez sneered, "First you should get equipped. Valvalis, bring him to the room where they dumped his armor and weapon."

"As you wish."

Golbez disappeared into thin air, and Valvalis put her hand on Kain's shoulder, making him stand up.

"Come on," she said without any expression in her voice, "I'll bring you to the armory." They walked out of the cell and through a dark corridor. Kain hardly thought about the path, his mind and heart were so filled with rage that he could hardly think.

"Just give me one chance," he growled, thinking aloud, "I'll teach you my misery and pain, Cecil!"

Valvalis said nothing. Kain didn't notice that she watched him, frowning.

They left the corridor and entered Baron castle. The many guards they passed had very empty eyes, as if they really weren't alive. But Kain didn't think about it. He didn't care. Valvalis opened the door to the armory.

"Which one was your?" she said, thoughtful.

"There." Kain said and pointed, without even really looking.

"Ah, yes. And your spear too." Valvalis nodded and said:

"Why don't you rest some and change to something more appropriate before you put the armor on?"

"I don't need to rest," Kain growled, "I am ready to fight, and that's that!"

"Good boy," a familiar voice said. Kain somehow felt he should feel nervous hearing that voice, but he couldn't remember why, and didn't turn around.

"He really is a strong fighter, Valvalis," the voice continued, "Maybe you were right."

"I knew I was right, Kainazzo!" the fiend of Air snapped.

"Touchy about being turned down, eh?"

"Would you care for a Lightning 3? Or maybe a 4?" Valvalis snarled, raising one hand. There was the sound of a pair of feet hurrying backwards.

"Much better. Now go away." Valvalis growled.

The voice muttered angrily, more and more distant.

"Idiot..." Valvalis mumbled.

Kain didn't care what that had been all about. He went over to his equipment, which all lay on a table, and checked it over. Not a single scratch on the armor. He grabbed his spear and weighed it in his hands, smiling over the familiar, trustworthy grip. Valvalis walked over to his side.

"Just out of curiosity," she said, "since you can't use magic, how do you manage to jump so high wearing that armor?"

"It's only a matter of the power of a dragoon." Kain said, bored.

"I see..."

'Why is this?' she thought, confused, 'I thought I would like him better when we were on the same side... but suddenly, he's completely different. And why does his spear and armor seem so familiar...?'

'Feelings, Valvalis?' a cold voice said inside of her head, sending an arrow through her mind, 'What is this?'

'I suppose that the last grain of my humanity makes one last, desperate move, master Zemus,' she thought, 'I beg you to forgive me this. It will not happen again.'

'Better not,' her master said, 'If you were a lesser minion I would take care of you immediately. This disgrace is most irritating. I will have to consider to once more bring you here to me for a while.'

'No, master!' Valvalis thought, in sudden fear, 'Please, I swear that I will not allow my human part to cause any more trouble!'

'I will consider it.'

Valvalis shuddered as Zemus' mind left her.

"Are you alright?"

She looked up in surprise. "W-what?" she stuttered.

"I asked you if you are alright." Kain said.

In his eyes, there was suddenly a shadow of the man he had been only half an hour ago. Maybe Golbez hadn't secured his grip of the dragoon properly...

"I'm fine!" Valvalis snapped, "Mind your own business!"

"Fine!" he growled, his eyes turning cold.

Valvalis furiously left the room, teleporting herself to the roof of one of the castle's towers. It was easier to think up there, with the wind blowing, making her hair fly behind her.

'I was there once,' she thought with a mixture of fear and anger, 'I will do whatever my master tells me to... I will not be caught in those clutches again!'

Chapter 5: Hurting Friends

About two weeks passed, but Kain hardly recognized it. He didn't think much, he just existed. He didn't see Valvalis again, either. Then suddenly, one day, Golbez turned up again.

Kain was standing on the castle wall, watching the distant mountains without even a trace of emotion or thought. Then he heard the sound of footsteps. He turned around and sat down on one knee, his armor clinking.

"My liege, what do you ask of me?" he said.

"You will come with me and the Red wings," Golbez sneered, "We're going to Fabul, and I believe it's time that you prove to me that your life was no waste of my time."

And so, Kain and some soldiers boarded several of the fleet's airships, setting course for the land of the karate-masters. There were loads of monsters on the ships too, but the dragoon didn't wonder why. He didn't even consider that monsters aboard was a little strange.

After the not too long flight, the ships landed close to the big castle. By Golbez's command, the monsters stood up in lines and attacked. There were only three men standing outside of the castle gate, but they resisted attack after attack before they finally retreated into the building, followed by the monsters.

"Tell me," Golbez said to Kain as they walked towards the trashed gate, "Did you find something familiar about any of those three men by the door?"

"No, my liege." Kain answered.

"Ah, I see. You were too far away, of course. The one in the middle was your old friend Cecil."

"Cecil?!" Kain exclaimed in rage and reached for his spear.

"Yes," Golbez sneered, "He has helped the blasted summoner-girl to escape, and he's starting to irritate me."

"My liege," Kain growled, "I ask of you to allow me the honor...!"

"I will, my minion."

They walked into the castle, passed a lot of trashed furniture and reached the throne-room. Without any hesitating, Golbez pointed at a door to the left. There were sounds of a fight coming from inside. Kain nodded and went inside of the door, just when a man of Fabul helped a young man with golden hair to his feet again.

"Kain?" a familiar voice stuttered.

The dragoon looked darkly at the man in the dark armor. Cecil looked just the same as always, holding yet another black sword.

"Kain?" he said again, "is that really you?"

"Indeed, it is I, Cecil."

"I thought you were dead! I'm so glad you're alive! Let's fight together again..."

"Yes," Kain growled and grabbed his spear, "We will fight, but not in the way you think!" And he jumped.

Shocked, Cecil raised his sword, trying to parry the attack, but he knew it was impossible. He screamed the dragoon's name, but Kain ignored it.

The controlled warrior's weight brought Cecil down, the spear penetrated the knight's armor by the shoulder. Somebody screamed, and it wasn't only the Dark knight. Kain pulled out his weapon and drew back, his head burning.

"Kain! What are you doing!?"

Rosa... she and a green-haired girl who seemed so familiar came running, and the woman in the white cloak knelt by Cecil's side, staring at his wounds.

"Kain," she stuttered, "What are you doing? Have you forgotten who you are?"

"Don't... look at me...!" Kain snarled and turned away.

His head was about to break... then Golbez entered, and the pain ceased.

"I see I'll have to work a little on you, Kain." he snorted.

"Who are you...?" Cecil muttered, gritting his teeth in pain.

"I am Golbez," the man dressed in dark said with a scornful bow, "and you are Cecil... your deeds are already notable, so I am afraid I'll have to..."

"Don't you dare to touch him!" Rosa yelled and stood up, raising her empty hands. Golbez sneered.

"Such a brave girl..." he said, "Big words from somebody who doesn't know a single attack-spell. You'll need to study a bit more, woman, before you battle me. Kain, get the crystal for me."

"Yes, my liege."

He went up the stair, towards the glistening crystal.

"Kain, don't!" Rosa screamed and took a step forward.

Her voice was so painful... it hurt his head, it sent agony through his soul...

But he reached out and grabbed the crystal.

"Rosa, don't try to..." Cecil croaked.

Golbez looked at the fallen dark knight and the white magician, thoughtful. "I see," he said, sneering, "that this woman is dear to you."

Fear rose in Cecil's eyes; somehow he knew the continued sentence.

"Then I'll take her with me, to make sure that you don't cause me more trouble." Golbez said.

He reached out and grabbed Rosa's arm. Kain wanted to scream, but he wasn't sure why. The woman with the white cloak tried to break free, then she suddenly became rigid for a moment. After that, she lowered her head, as if she stood up sleeping.

"That's it, come with me..." Golbez sneered.

Staggering, Rosa followed him as he went out of the door, and Kain walked after them without a word. He heard Cecil call something in dark despair, then the world somehow turned to dust.

The next thing Kain knew, he was inside of a big room with light walls, which blinked eerily at some parts. Golbez was also there, somewhere behind him. And Rosa too, with fear in her otherwise warm, gentle eyes.

'I am in the Tower of Zot,' he thought, 'and I am going to do this properly.'

Rosa clenched her teeth as he pulled the ropes, tightening her bounds. She was tied onto a pole by the wall, and there was something dark a few feet above her head. Kain had a short feeling he didn't want that thing to be there; it was dangerous to her... but who cared?

"Still not perfect, Kain," Golbez snorted, "You're constantly trying to break free."

"I am sorry, my liege."

"Surely... now, there is some news, and I will tell you this aloud since I want our lovely guest to hear it too."

Kain stepped away from Rosa. Surprising, she didn't seem scared anymore, only angry. Her eyes were filled with loathing.

"So that's it?" she snarled to Golbez, "you control Kain!"

"Of course I do, my dear," the evil one sneered.

He cleared his throat, scornfully.

"Now then, it seems in the past few days that you've both been sleeping a bit, Cecil was on a journey to Baron, hoping to find you or an airship... Well, sadly, his boat sank."

"What?! No!" Rosa cried.

"Alas, that is true. However, he survived, as well as his friend Yang, who is also my faithful servant now. He is in Baron, just in case something truly unexpected should occur. I'm afraid that the young king Edward and the small, poor Rydia drowned, though."

"Yang, Edward... Rydia..." Rosa whispered, "You monster! Where is Cecil?!"

"In a most surprising place; Mysidia."

"What?" Kain and Rosa gasped in unison.

Golbez sneered. "Indeed."

"No, my king, he has left." Valvalis' voice said.

"Oh?" Golbez said.

The fiend of Air materialized in front of Golbez.

"The winds tells me that he is on his way to Mount Ordeals, hoping to become a paladin." she said.

Her eyes went over to Kain for a moment, then she looked away, resolutely.

"A paladin?" Golbez repeated, "Now that is not good news. If that should occur, he could be a danger."

He turned to look at Rosa, who met his gaze without any emotion showing.

"Your lover is truly foolish and stubborn, hoping to save you with the power of light, my dear."

"You thought that he would give up and hide just because I was your hostage?" Rosa spit out. "You don't know anything about him!"

Golbez snorted.

"Well then, I'll give him a true ordeal. Valvalis, bring my words to Milon; that mountain is most suitable for his... children, so he'll take care of this. Cecil's dark swords won't work at all against the zombies."

Valvalis nodded. She looked as though she was about to leave, but froze.

"Sir Golbez," she said, "I'm just wondering..."

"Well tell me, dear." Golbez said with a small, cold smile.

"Since Cecil obviously loves this woman..." Valvalis pointed at Rosa and continued, "...why don't you turn her into your servant too, and dump her as a traitor into Cecil's arms?"

Golbez looked at Rosa, in disgust.

"Yes, my dear Valvalis, that would solve the problem fast. Sadly, her heart is so pure that I cannot do anything about it. She even feels compassion towards Kain, though he hurt her beloved so badly."

"I know he didn't want to!" Rosa yelled, "It's you, you monster!"

"But my beauty, I only added a little fuel to your friends jealousy, that's all."


"Indeed a lot, in fact. Kain suffers from grave heartache; he is deeply in love with you, and he has always been aware that you can never become his. Therefore, he has hated his best friend for a long time."

Rosa stared at Kain, but he didn't feel anything as his secret was unveiled.

Valvalis bowed, without any expression in her face. "I will go to talk with Milon at once."

"Good." Golbez said.

And the fiend of Air left the room.

Chapter 6: Zemus, Master of Elemental Fiends

Kain wasn't aware how much time passed. But suddenly, Golbez was furious.

"Killed Milon?!" he screamed.

"Yes, my king," Valvalis said, "I am sorry, I did not make it in time."

"You worthless worm, excuse for a fiend!" Golbez snarled. Valvalis clenched her teeth. Kain felt that he wanted to walk over to her and try to say something comforting, but the feeling disappeared immediately. He knew that Golbez would be most displeased.

Kainazzo was there as well, and a tall man in a red cape. Kain was aware that the new person was Rubicant, fiend of Fire, though they had never met before.

"You should have come to me as soon as you heard about it," Kainazzo sneered at Valvalis, "I would have got there in time. Not that Milon was a great loss..."

"A Lightning 4 ordered?" Valvalis snarled, "Coming right away, Sir!"

"Stop it!" Rubicant demanded, "We all know that we fiends easily can destroy each other, so don't fight!"

"Go back to your posts, you idiots." Golbez said. The three last fiends nodded and disappeared. Their king thoughtfully rubbed his cheek.

"Cecil can wait," he said, "The fiends can take care of him themselves. I will have him alive... but right now, we must concentrate on getting the last crystal of light; the one of the Earth. However, it was stolen from Toria by the Dark Elf... could be tricky."

"Why don't we let Cecil work for us?" Kain suddenly said.

"What?" Golbez replied.

"I am sure that he could get the Dark Elf," the dragoon said, "If you just allow him to get an airship, he could bring you the crystal in exchange for Rosa. Then I can take care of him."

"Kain...!" Rosa whispered, moaning.

Golbez slowly nodded. "Very well. I'll give orders that he will have some useless fights in Baron, then get an airship. You can give him the news, Kain."

"Thank you, my liege."

Rosa looked at the ceiling, as if she hoped to see some kind of angel ready to write down her prayers.

"Cecil, be careful...!"

Some time passed, without much notice. Then Golbez was in rage again.

"Kainazzo, you fool!" he roared to thin air, "you shouldn't have fought at all, at least not before reinforcements arrived! Idiot! And that Yang awoke from my spell too!"

The man in dark spun around, looking at Kain.

"Well, at least some part of your plan seems to work, you idiot!" Golbez snarled, "Go to the airships and hurry to find Cecil!"

"Yes, my liege."

Valvalis silently watched, unseen, as Kain hurried out of the Tower of Zot.

"Kain?" Cecil called.

"Golbez wants you to know that if you ever want to see your beloved Rosa again, then bring the crystal of Earth to him!" Kain yelled back, coldly.

Cecil looked so different, standing there on the other airship. He didn't have his dark armor anymore; instead he had a light one, and a softly purple cloak. His sword seemed to shine by his side.

"Kain!" he yelled, with pain in his voice, "Kain, snap out of it!"

"The crystal for Rosa's life." the dragoon snarled.

Then the ships parted. Kain somehow felt guilty for a moment, but shuddered it away. He went inside of the ship's inner rooms, sat down on a chair and fell asleep, obeying. Golbez's voice in his head awoke him.

'Cecil has the crystal,' Kain was told, 'Now, go up there and tell him to come to the Tower of Zot.'

"Yes, my liege." He went outside again. Valvalis stood there, by the stern of the airship. Kain walked over to her as the ship started moving through the air.

"Why are you here?" Kain asked.

"The air is my element," she snapped, "I like it here."

Kain stood by the fence surrounding the deck, looking at the ground far, far below.

"What are you thinking?" Valvalis suddenly said.

"I... somehow want to... jump." Kain muttered.

"Jump from here?"

"Doesn't matter. I just want to be free for a moment..."

His head started to burn; he put his hands on his helmet, screaming in pain.

'You're stubborn beyond compare!' Golbez snarled inside his mind, 'Not even putting you to sleep for several days helps.'

"Forgive me, my liege..." Kain stuttered, clenching his teeth, "It won't happen again, please stop...!"


The pain dissolved. Kain leaned on the fence, gulping for air. He didn't see that Valvalis stared at him in shock, and when he turned around she had left.

The lonely airship once more came closer. There were some more men aboard besides Cecil, but just as last time Kain didn't mind them.

"I have the crystal!" Cecil called, "Where is Rosa?"

"In the Tower of Zot, just follow me!" Kain snarled.

The ship that he was on turned again, and led the way through the skies. When the spire came closer, Kain yelled to his old friend:

"Golbez awaits you at the top, now start climbing!"

Kain's and the other airships which were under Golbez's command flew into a big hole in the wall of the tower. But Cecil couldn't follow through that, since the hole closed as soon as the fleet had landed.

The dragoon started walking through the tower's corridors, towards the top room.

"...faithful to me, Valvalis?"

The voice was so cold and harsh that it almost turned Kain's already tormented soul into stone. He slowed down and carefully looked around the corner of the corridor. Valvalis stood there by a window, shivering, staring at nothing in overwhelming fear.

"I... I am s-sorry..." she stuttered. Her cheek became somehow a bit fuzzy, as if something mostly transparent touched it. She tried to draw back, but it seemed as if she hardly could move.

"Your feelings could be excused if they were sent towards someone more suitable," the voice coldly said. "That this man also makes you wonder about your faith in me is to be concerned as treachery, my dear."

"Master Zemus, I b-beg you..."

"This is unforgivable, Valvalis, you will have to come to..."


Rubicant emerged from a flame beside Valvalis.

"Master," he said, "please give her a second chance."

"It will be the fourth, I believe," the voice snorted.

The fiend of Fire lowered his head. "Please, master Zemus," he said, "I will take care of this. Perhaps I can mend her humanity completely."

Silence. Finally the voice said:

"I see... Then I will leave the matter in your hands, my minion, but should you fail, then I must take care of it personally."

"Thank you, master." Rubicant muttered.

The air suddenly seemed much warmer; the evil presence was gone.

"Mend my humanity? You?" Valvalis snapped, "Rubicant, why did you even bother?"

"I was also a human once," the fiend of Fire gravely said, "just as you."

"I know that! Milon was human too... very long ago. Who knows what Kainazzo was once upon a time... that's not of the matter, what the Hell are you planning to do?"

He shook his head.

"Master Zemus cannot accept that you have feelings left simply because they point in the wrong direction. This Kain is not good for you, he should have been killed."

Kain clenched his fists, not sure what he felt. It surprised him that Golbez hadn't put his head on fire yet.

"Still I cannot help it, he makes me think!" Valvalis snarled, "And that could have sent me to the master! And you, what do you think you can do to help me? You don't have a clue, Rubicant, you haven't been there like me! You haven't had the master's face this close to your face..."

She held up a hand, with only a quarter of an inch between her thumb and forefinger.

"...You haven't felt his cold breath on your throat...!" she furiously ended her half hysterical speaking.

Rubicant reached out and carefully grabbed her shivering shoulders, pulling her towards him. As he put her arms around her, his red cloak moved to almost hide Valvalis too.

"It'll be alright," he said, "It'll be fine... I, too, have feelings left, but the master accepts them, since they are suitable."

"What's that supposed to mean?" the fiend of Air snarled.

"Master Zemus can only forgive humanity if it won't cause trouble. Therefore, he accepts what I feel towards you."


"Wind cannot harm Fire," Rubicant said in a low, surprisingly soft voice, "It can only make it spread, dance, take new forms it couldn't have achieved alone..."


Valvalis' words were blocked by the other fiend's lips. First she seemed frozen, then she bent her head away.

"No, you cannot help me like that." she muttered.

Rubicant sighed and shook his head.

"Give me a chance, Valvalis," he said, "If I cannot help you turn your feelings, you will end up on the moon. I know it's not that simple, but..."

"I like you," she said, "and I appreciate that you try to help me. But I can't love you. At least not now."

Rubicant smiled strangely and carefully.

"Then let's just talk for a while, shall we?" he said.

They both disappeared in another flame.

Kain stood like a statue for a short while. Then he went up to Golbez in Rosa's prison.

"What took you so long?" the man dressed in dark sharply asked.

"Forgive me, my liege."

"Humph. It seems that Cecil is closing in. He and his friends have defeated Valvalis' trap. Not that those brats the delta sisters are a great loss, they were only made by clouds... well, our guests are almost here."

Golbez looked at Rosa and smirked.

"Good-bye, then, my dear," he said, "I'm afraid this is when we part. Come, Kain."

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