Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI de Shakespeare
By Thomas G. Wier III [ 12-27-00 ]

Based Upon the Characters, Storyboards and other related materials of Hironobu Sakaguchi and Squaresoft

Dramatis Personae

Terra Branford: Human Esper
Locke Cole: A Treasure Hunter
Edgar Figaro: King of Figaro
Sabin Figaro: Prince of Figaro
Arvis: An Old Man
Setzer Gabbiani: An Opportunist
Banon: Returner Leader
Shadow: A Loner
Celes Chere: An Imperial General
Kefka: General of the Imperial Forces
Leo: General of the Imperial Forces
Gestahl: The Emperor
Cyan Garamonde: A Noble Knight of Doma
Cid: Genius Scientist
Relm Arrowny: Child Artist
Strago Magus: Blue Mage
Maduin: An Esper
Ramuh: An Esper
Vicks: A Soldier
Wedge: A Soldier
Vargas: Blitz Master
Town's People
Figaro Soldiers
King of Doma

Act One

Scene One
A Cliff

(Terra and two soldiers stand poised above the town of Narshe.)

See now, brother of arms,
The town doth transcend the darkness
And shows promise to our great cause!
Truly bless'd be this endeavor,
Though uncertain be the fate of our quarry!

Peace, fellow of the sword,
I see truth to your speech, but,
Only haggard guessing could yet
Enfeeble this course! Espers,
By last word I know, live quite
Lasting lives, despite age.

Yet love may yet be misplaced!
Here stand with us this stale,
Whose love may be for void!
What know you of her position?

Ah, truly an ally she is, for
Lord Kefka, in wisdom untold,
Has fit her as though a mare,
With the crown born to slaves.
Her love, dear Vicks, is ours.
Onward to our goal, for glory
Is to those of the Empire!

(Exeunt Vicks, Wedge and Terra)

Scene 2, the Town of Narshe

Lowly dogs of Imperial birth,
Disperse from this even land!
No will, great or ill
To either side wish we.
Be that your wish is for blood?

(They fight)

Tis battle which awaits!
Unfold yourselves, for
Narshe awakens with red fury!

(They move through the town, fighting as they go, until at last they reach the caves.)

Sources say only of one,
And that the caves house
It's fallen form. Lest
He lie, we shall find it
Awash in the shadows to Hell.

Ages have not spared
This noble beast for
The dark tidings of Gestahl!
Set upon them, Whelk! Earn
Thine keep!

(They fight Whelk)

(As they move throughout the cave, they at last come upon the Esper. It is frozen in the ice and glowing steadily. Terra seems entranced by the great creature.)

As truly as the claims of old!
Lo, this must surely be
The beast of legend and lore,
An Esper we find now,
Lest I am deceiv'd of all
But mine senses remain true,
For awake I stay before this
Towering dream!

But what is this? Girl,
Come back to thine post,
Duty has not been forsaken,
And your orders quite clear!

(Wedge is cast away in a blinding flash.)

Wedge? Where for art thou?

(Vicks follows Wedge, and they are never seen again.)

(Terra approaches the Esper, and is zapped into unconsciousness by the Esper)


Scene Three, Arvis's House

(The scene opens in Arvis's house, a well furnished dwelling on the Northeastern side of town. Terra is in the bed, while Arvis is about ready to enter the room.)

Doth I see correct,
That slumber hast relinquish'd
Its greedy hold so soon?
Steady be your will,
And loyal your feet to earth,
As I hold your torment nigh!
This crown bears a curse,
As surely it be a crown,
Fit only for the slave!
Make yourself at ease first,
Then if you must,
Make all attempt.

Be I so certain of nothing,
If only to say that I know,
That mine name is Terra.

And to be so full
After so short a time!
Be there nothing you require,
That you regain so steadfast?
No will I have seen,
Does compare to yours,
Oh Maiden Terra!

(A knock at the door)

Guard's Voice:
Bring us the stale!
She is of but one coat,
And it bears the ill mark
Of the wicked Gestahl!

Time hast made itself an enemy,
For I have no time to plan,
So away with you this second,
Lest the hand of death claim
You well before your hour!

(Terra runs out the back door, straight into the mines. She is eventually cornered by the Narshe guards.)

To your safety no refuge
Doth remain, witch!
Fold and come with us!

(The ground opens up and Terra falls to the next level. She takes a few cautious steps but surrenders to blackness. The dream sequence opens.)

As yet I can smell the smoke,
As terrible fire consume,
The spoils of war be mine,
While the flesh of foes rot in Hell!
You, sorceress most mild,
Shall be my avatar,
As this crown hold you in step!
Victory be my coat in all things,
As the soul of magic remaineth mine!

(The scene switches to a battle, in which Kefka comments on Terra's unconscious killing.)

Sweet be the flame!
Destroy all! Destroy all!
For nothing to remain but
A mere desert of stone,
That is your quest!

(Once more, the scene switches to Gestahl talking to his soldiers.)

No power doth exist like ours!
Days of strife are past,
As only the glory of Red Victory
Awaiteth the Empire!
As for all minds to bend,
And all arms to raise in salute,
The will of all men shall crumble,
In now we hold truth through the ages!
Be only small resistance before us,
And it begins to fall,
A glorious fall from grace,
For no sword may dent our shield!
Be steadfast and bold,
Cruel to the enemy,
Crueler to your friends!
Hold the strength of the Empire
As a personal edge!
No end to our might is seen,
As Prometheus to man gave
No end to his new power!

Hail! Hail! Long live Emperor Gestahl!


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