Christmas in Midgar

The Night Before Christmas: An FFVII Remix
By Anonymous A [ 08-03-01 ]

Twas' the night before Christmas and inside the house
Cloud couldn't stop staring at Tifa's tight blouse.
Yuffie was hidden on the roof with such care,
To steal from St. Nick should he arrive there.

Cid looked on it all, with a great load of crass,
As he scooped up some eggnog and topped off his glass,
And Vincent in his cape and Barret with his arm
Were trying to keep Yuffie from causing great harm.

When out on the lawn something made such a splatter
Cid put down his booze to see what was the matter.
Out of the way, Red XIII flew in a flash
As down the hallway Cait Sith came with a crash.

The blare of his megaphone gave to the ear
A ringing people within miles could hear.
When what in their awestruck eyes do they see
But a soaking Aeris with mud up to her knees.

By the look that her face was twisting to make
They knew in a moment they had made a mistake.
More rapid than wished, closer and closer she came
As she pointed and shouted and called him by name.

"Yo Cloud, you jerk, you liar, you listen;
How dare you ditch me and go out with that vixen?
I was thrown in the lake, without even a stall.
You didn't even check for a pulse at all!"

As roaches to light, they all started to scatter
As her footsteps approached with their pitters and patters.
So into the house Cloud flew with a cry,
For today was not the day that he wanted to die.

With smashes and bangs they all heard as proof,
Aeris was trying to throw him off the roof.
There was one final smack and then a strange laugh
As down through the chimney came Cloud's head, then his calf.

His shirt had been pulled up way over his head
And "Take that!" down the chimney loudly was said.
His muscles did finally begin to slack
As he realized Aeris was finished getting him back.

Her eyes, they were shining, as she came down the stairs.
Her face free of anger and all those mean glares,
And with a final smirk she looked around and said,
"Start up this party. I'm muddy, not dead!"

More eggnog was poured and Cloud began to beseech,
"Please help me down, for the floor I can't reach!"
With a sigh Aeris yanked Cloud down to ground
Making his body land in an odd twisted mound.

When he looked up and saw her begin to move near,
Cloud knew in an instant he had nothing to fear.
She did not look like the monster of before,
But like an old friend you run into at the store.

No words were spoken, but his eyes did say,
'I am sorry for what I did to you on that day,'
And Aeris with a nod of her head simply stated,
'Apology accepted, although it's rather belated.'

Now the magic of Christmas had made its mark
To once again make the flame of their friendship spark.
So even through every trial and fight,
There will be a merry Christmas for all, and for all a good night.


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