Final Fantasy VIII

Don't Forget Me
By ladyyeinkhan [ 06-23-02 ]

Disclaimer: I don’t own any character except ones I made up off the top of my head (Kira etc). Everything else in this is owned by Squaresoft. I tried to stick to the basis information given in the game but if I really messed up please email me about it ok? (By the way, this fic will contain some violence and bits of language). Also this fic focus mainly on the three main characters Rinoa, Squall, and Kira so I just thought I’d warn you about that first before anyone gets mad at me about not focusing on the others but you won’t understand until you READ the story (or maybe you will…maybe you’re a genius). Well, anyway sorry. No hard feelings now because you have been warned! **giggles-I’m ok**.

Chapter one

Squall was sitting alone in the conference room in the Ragnarok in the early evening. Ultimecia’s destruction was a great celebration to everyone and he had hoped for some peace. But Cid said that he was best qualified for the job of Garden Commander…he had to keep leading the Seeds…and now he was sitting alone, looking for anything out of the ordinary in the Trabia Snowfield.

“There you are.” Rinoa laughed beautifully. Squall looked back shortly and then continued gazing out the window. Rinoa’s presence made him feel better but still he was bored out of his mind.

“Nothing?” she asked, sitting beside him, placing her hand on his arm.

“Nothing…” he repeated in a low voice, his eyes peering out onto the horizon.

“Don’t worry…something will turn up.” She smiled. “Its never boring forever.”

“Hm…” he sighed and placed his hand on her own. He loved her and he had promised to protect her and he planned to stay true to that promise. Before he had the chance to press his lips to hers, Selphie’s voice intervened.

“Squall I found something!”

“What is it?” he asked coolly. Another time she had interrupted a private moment.

“Well from the looks of it, a huge bunch of blue dragons are chasing something. I can’t make it out though.”

“…Set her down. We’ll take a look.”


“Damn it all!!” the girl cursed as she ran through the snow. The blue dragons were gaining on her and she couldn’t run forever. She looked back for a moment to judge the distance…too close for comfort. She picked up the pace, her dark hair coming out of her ponytail and flaying in her jade eyes. Her soft shoes left prints that disappeared from the beating of the dragon’s wings and her leather coat whipped around her.

“Why can I never have a good day!” she snapped. Instantly, a dragon flew and landed in front of her, stopping her path. She looked back as the other dragons surrounded her and closed in like the carnivores they were. She gripped her sword tightly as one made a slash for her…bring it on.


“Hurry!” Rinoa cried as she, Squall, and Zell made a mad dash towards the circle of dragons. It was made certain that a human was being pursued by them and they had to prevent an unnecessary death. Rinoa’s shooting star hung off her wrist as she prayed they wouldn’t be too late.

“How the hell does a human get attacked by a whole bunch of blue dragons?!” Zell demanded in a violent voice.

“Who knows.” Squall replied and they slid to a stop when they saw the girl.

“Uh…is everyone seeing what I’m seeing?” Zell asked with a bewildered face. Squall lowered his Lionheart in a confused manner. “Cause I swear I’m seeing a female you Squall.”

Rinoa watched Squall stare at the female in the center of the circle with an odd expression. She does look a bit like him… She watched as she unsheathed a beautiful black sword and lunged at the dragons.

“Die!!!!” her voice was lovely but some how bewildering. She leapt at the first dragon and sent it to its maker. The rest seemed like a breeze for her and she stood silently in the circle of dead dragons.

“That was scary.” Zell murmured.

“Who is she?” Rinoa whispered.

“Don’t know…” Squall replied, talking to himself.

“Hey GIRL!!!!!” Zell yelled at the top of his lungs. The girl looked up suddenly and stared at them. Squall looked into the face of this girl and went stiff suddenly.

Does he know her? His eyes look very troubled…maybe she isn’t a stranger. The girl looked calm and tried to say something

“I…uh…” the girl suddenly collapsed in the snow and laid still. Squall, Zell, and Rinoa rushed to her.

“What happened?” Rinoa asked terrified. Squall felt her pulse and scowled.

“Don’t know…let’s take her back to garden.”

(What a short chapter)

Chapter two

Sudden light poured into her eyes as she awoke in the infirmary. The white walls reflected the bright fluorescent lights and she squinted till she adjusted to it. She sat up silently and looked about. I’m back…in Garden. Finally I’m back.

“Oh you’ve woken up.” Dr. Kadowaki smiled as she stepped towards her. “You heal extremely fast.”

“Thanks…Dr. Kadowaki.”

Dr. Kadowaki stared back at her in amazement that she knew her name. She stared hard at her for a moment and then the picture of a young girl with bright eyes began to come to her.


“Yes ma’am. I said I’d be back didn’t I?” She stood and headed for the door like old times. “It’s good to know someone remembers me but I must see Squall. I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

“Hurry up then. He should be pleased to see you.”

“Let’s hope. Let’s hope…”

Kira walked happily down the familiar hallway, searching for Squall. Her eyes wandered over everything she saw. It all looks the same. I can’t believe its been 7 years since I left…its like this place is frozen in time. And Squall… She smiled at herself at the thought of him again. He looked so handsome in the snowfields…but she could have been hallucinating. No Squall was always the handsome one.

“Hey you decided to move.” A voice said behind her. She turned abruptly and saw him. She recognized him enough to remember him as Zell, the boy Seifer had always picked on other than Squall. His hair was just as strange as ever.

“Yeah.” He didn’t recognize her. Well he wouldn’t remember…I guess. But Squall said he’d never forget anyway so it’s no big deal.

“So what’s your name?”

“I’m Kira. Nice to meet ya.” Zell wiped his hand on his pants and extended it towards her. “I don’t do handshakes.”

“Yeah true Squall impersonator.” He gave a loud laugh and Kira tried hard not to smile. She had always admired Squall and her style was part his, part her own but it didn’t matter to her.

“Ha you wish. But speaking of Squall do you know where he is?”


“I want to meet him. From where I’m from, he’s talked about a lot. All the you Seeds are.” Zell blushed tremendously and gave her a whacky smile. Same old Zell.

“I know exactly where Squall is. And since I’m in a good mood, I’ll escort you there.” He walked beside her and Kira couldn’t suppress her smiles any longer. This was much better than before. She had escaped, survived the grueling journey, came back to the school, and was getting an escort to see Squall. This was perfect.

Zell was leading her to the Quad. She couldn’t help from thinking even more about him. Will he have missed me? I wonder if he’s still the same. Maybe he’s changed into a more emotional guy. Nah…couldn’t picture him like that. I hope he stayed the same. I have so much to tell him. I hope he has some good stories for me.

Kira stopped at the end of the quad. It was plain and open now and you could see the blur of trees as the Garden flew above the ground. Since when does the Garden fly? She looked about and realized it wasn’t that bad. It was cool and tranquil.

“Kira, Squall’s over there.” Zell broke her out of her trance and she looked to see Squall sitting with another girl, the girl she had seen in the fields. She wore a blue jacket over her shorts and shirt and she had black hair too, only with brown highlights. She was sitting close to Squall, her head on his shoulder. What? Who is she?

“Squall?” Kira called out gently, clasping her hands behind her back. She felt so relaxed now that she could see him again, even with Zell and this girl near. Squall looked up suddenly and turned to her. His eyes were the same, dark and deep but always full of life too.

“Oh…you’re awake.” He said quietly. Something was different about his voice…almost like he didn’t know her. He stood with that girl by his side. She walked to Kira with a gentle smile.

“Hi. My name’s Rinoa.” She smiled beautifully and Kira felt strange.

“Uh…yeah. My name’s Kira.” She nodded to Rinoa and looked to Squall again. His arm was around Rinoa, lovingly. A mistake. Squall said he’d never forget. “Hi Squall.”

“Hello. So you’re ok?” he was acting so casual towards her. A trick till they were alone?

“Yeah.” Squall’s eyes showed no hint of happiness towards her…maybe if she said it he’d remember. “You do recognize me right?”

Squall’s expression could have killed her. His eyebrows arched in a confused way and he just sort of stood awkwardly, shifting his weight and staring into her. He didn’t remember.

“Recognize you?”

“What the hell?” Zell murmured. Kira lowered her head in depression. He had sworn he wouldn’t forget. I can’t believe him.

“I can’t believe you Squall Leonheart…after you swore you wouldn’t…you did…”

“I don’t know you. I’m sorry if I remind you—”

“You don’t remind me of anyone! It is you and I ran all the damn way just to see YOU! You promised me you wouldn’t forget!” She glared hard at him, her eyes ablaze with hate and rejection.

“I don’t know of any promise.” He snapped back at her with equal rage. They glared at each other and Kira knew this was a mistake. He would never remember that easily.

“I hate you Squall…I hate you…” she whispered just loud enough for him to hear. “I never should have come back…” Kira took off at a run pushing past Zell and fleeing through the halls in tears. This was all a mistake.


Squall stood silently with Rinoa and Zell in the dimming Quad. Evening was coming quickly but Squall’s eyes were glued to the path Kira had run on. She had looked happy to be staring at him but their conversation was a violent one. Squall had no idea what she had been talking about and apparently, that was a problem.

“Kira…” he murmured trying to see if some part of his memory had that name. He couldn’t tell, his mind was twisted and swirled and no thoughts came. He held his head weakly and listened to Rinoa and Zell.

“I don’t get her.” Rinoa said and turned to Squall, “You never met her before did you?”

“Don’t recall if I ever did…”

“She seemed real upset…” Zell sighed and jammed his fists in his pockets. Just like Zell to point out the obvious.

“We noticed.” Rinoa sighed and gave Squall a strange look. Why does it feel like she’s going to tell me to do something?

“Maybe you should go apologize.” Thought it be something like that.

“Why the hell should he apologize! She’s the one who made a fool of herself!” Zell snapped. Shut up Zell…

“Still…I just think she needs to know you weren’t trying to be cruel spirited, that you seriously didn’t know. She might change her attitude.” Rinoa smiled at Squall and he sighed. She knew how he acted and how to get him to do something.

“Alright…” he walked off towards the hallway. He couldn’t think straight because of all of this. Kira was a nice girl but there was something else about her…he couldn’t figure it out either. He made his way past the dorms and saw Selphie sitting with Irvine, talking as usual.

“Hi Squall!” Selphie called with a laugh. Squall just looked up with his stern face and kept silent. Selphie stood and confronted him. Now what?

“What’s with you? You’re way too serious today.” She demanded. Irvine stood with her and gave Squall and cool smile, one that Squall wasn’t too fond of.

“Just thinking. Did you see a girl run by here with black hair and kind of my style of clothes?”

“Um…yeah I did. She went to the training center.” Selphie said, thinking. “Why?”

“I need to talk to her.”

“Chasing after different women Squall? Never thought I’d see the day.” Irvine laughed.

“…You’re a sick man.” Squall said quietly and walked passed them to the training center. He could hear Selphie yelling teasingly at Irvine but he didn’t care. He had to find Kira. And maybe do more than just apologize….


Kira sat on the dock near the water in the training center, her feet just barely over the edge. She hugged her knees and looked down at her wavy reflection. Her jacket was bunched up beneath her and she felt like crying.

“It all started here…” she murmured and remembered a day that would never be erased…

I had trained so hard that day. I was pushing myself past my own simple limits. I was only seven then but god I gave the teachers a run. I gave it my all that day, fighting the foes in the training center I knew I could handle, Grats…and the invisible ones that perfected my form. I won’t forget that day.

I had trained for hours, till my hands blistered and hurt and I had to lean against the stonewalls for support against my exhaustion. My sweat glistened and I heard the sound of the water near the small dock. I looked to it, like I always did and I saw him again…Squall. He was swinging his legs over the side, staring down at his reflection with a bruise on his cheek from Seifer that morning…

I had always admired him, I admit that. Maybe I loved him. I don’t know. But I liked to watch him from afar…it was the only way I could. To him I was just another face in the crowd. He never noticed me. But just to be able to see him sitting like that was enough for me. Then it all shattered with a single turn…

“Hey.” A voice called from behind her, breaking her train of thoughts. She gave a sidelong glance to the owner and saw Squall, standing by the rocks.


Squall stood by the stonewalls in the training center, facing this girl who said he promised her something. She gave him nothing but a sidelong glance as she sat on the dock, quiet and enigmatic. She turned away and looked into the water.

Okay, I’m no good at this…how the hell am I supposed to apologize without looking stupid? Guess I’ll just say it. He walked up close to her, so close he could smell a sweet scent in her hair. She’s gorgeous, he realized suddenly, very unlike him.

“I’m sorry.” He said quietly. To his astonishment, she just sneered.

“Sorry?? For what?” she asked, flipping back her ponytail.

“Sorry I got you upset.”

“Ha…you don’t even know why you’re apologizing.” She sighed and stared at him. “Why apologize if you don’t mean it?”

“I didn’t come here to be insulted.” He started walking away. This was a mistake…I knew she wasn’t going to change that easily.

“You still don’t believe me. What can I do to prove to you I’m right?” she called after him. Squall sighed and glanced back once.

“Whatever it is…it’d have to be pretty damn amazing.” He was almost out of her view when she spoke again, freezing him in shock.

“You came to Garden at six. Of your orphanage friends, only Zell, Seifer, and Quistis appeared at this garden as students when you were young. You barely remembered them. But you remembered the orphanage, a stone building that stood by the sea like a guardian of peace and the light house…that seemed to call people home.”

Squall froze and whipped around to stare at this girl, who seemed to know his past perfectly. He shivered, as she remained placid, sitting on the dock like it was no big deal. How can she know that? She was never there? Who…what is she?

“You look scared again Squall…” she sighed gently. There was no mock in her voice, but something else…almost a vague tenderness. Squall moved to her, unable to a sway the forgotten feeling of fear.

“How do you know all that?” he stood beside her, barely tremblingly.

“You really did forget.” She looked up at him, “I was there.”


“Squall you’re hopeless!” she laughed quietly, her eyes closed and Squall scowled down at her. Slowly she stood and faced him, her eyes looking into his. She was about the same size as Rinoa and she looked gently into his eyes.

“Don’t you remember anything?” he said nothing to her. What could he say? He watched her sigh and gesture in an irritable manner. “Check the lining of your jacket in the right sleeve.”


“Just do it.”

Curiously, Squall slipped off his jacket with an uneasy look in his eyes and reached into the right sleeve. He felt a same hole in the seam he never felt before. He fingered it and a piece of paper dropped to the ground. He lifted it cautiously and looked it over. A picture? It’s a little girl. To Squall-remember you promised never to forget. Love always, Kira, age ten. He stared back at Kira, his eyes unable to depict an emotion.

“What is this…”

“You are starting to remember? A little girl with bright jades for eyes?” Squall closed his eyes and for a moment he could picture her, as a little girl with bright jade eyes. He felt something that he hadn’t felt for years and he knew she had been right.


“I knew you’d remember eventually.” She turned to the water again. “Do remember how we first met? Face to face? The first time you ever spoke to me?” He nodded slowly and closed his eyes. Yes…I remember…


Squall was almost eight years old. He was in Garden for nearly two years. He sat on the dock near the water, his young reflection peering back at him, with a red mark on his cheek where Seifer had hit him. They had fought again, over god knows what. It didn’t hurt, not much anyway.

I’m still trying to get by…I’ll do alright without you. He was thinking about Ellone, but he was starting to forget. It didn’t really matter now that he was by himself. It was just him and a faceless crowd.

“Ahhhh!!!” the shriek pierced his skull and broke him away from his thoughts. His movements were quick and jerked, a sudden stand as the scream persisted. It’s behind the rocks! He legs moved quicker than they ever had and he scrambled to the rocks to see the owner.

A little girl he had seen more than once, with eyes brighter than the purist of diamonds and greener than the jade, laid huddled in a ball, bloody marks on her pale skin. Her short black hair streamed around her as the Granaldo flew above her, its spiked tail dripping with blood. A broken sword lay close to his feet.

The Granaldo never noticed him but screeched as it dove once more for the fragile girl. She’d die in an instant! “No!!!!” he didn’t understand what he was doing but in an instant he was running towards her, fighting time. He lifted her with his arm under her and pulled her away from the fly Granaldo. He watched it crash into the ground, knocking itself out.

The girl was bawling now, frightened and weak. She clung desperately to his shirt and wouldn’t let go. She was so different from when he watched her in the hallways, as dark and quiet as him. She could cry.

“Don’t cry…” he patted her in a surprisingly sweet manner. The girl looked up at him with her tear filled eyes. She barely seemed to believe who she saw.

“Squall???” she asked quietly.

“You’re safe.” She curled lightly against him, stifling her sobs. Squall helped her to her feet but her hands refused to let go. Oh well…its not that bad…kinda nice. Squall heard the footsteps of the faculty, stirred by the screams. Two men in their odd yellow hats and red robes starred down at him.

“What happened?” one demanded. She winced at the sound and Squall sighed.

“She was attacked…by the Granaldo. I…guess I saved her.” The faculty stared at them, their faces hidden and their thoughts unreadable. One came close to them and she buried her face in his shirt.

“Give her to us.” Squall willing obeyed, letting her go and trying to step back. She refused to move and the faculty had to pry her away. She was lifted into one’s arms and carried off. She looked back at him with a sad expression. Before she disappeared out of sight she mouthed: thank you. Squall stooped down and lifted the sword remains and left to the dorms to think…


“Squall?” Kira said gently, her hand on his shoulder. Squall opened his eyes slowly, his blue eyes suddenly wide and awake, like he had been dreaming for years.

“God…” he sat beside her on the dock now, looking down to her reflection. She had grown up…she was so beautiful. “I did forget…”

“I think that’s the first time you ever admitted you were wrong.” She smiled coolly and played with her hair.

“How do you remember? It’s been what…ten years since then. How did you keep that memory?” Kira suddenly scowled, her eyes almost hateful.

“No matter what happens I’ll never forget. No matter what anyone tells me, what memories are given or GF is junctioned…these memories will stay with me. I depend on them for sanity in this wretched reality.”

“Hm…” Squall pulled his jacket back on to his body and sat in silence as he listened to the girl he hadn’t seen for ten years. She turned to him and crossed her arms.

“I’m the one who gave you that remember?”

“Yeah…I was sitting in the cafeteria and you just came up and gave it to me, not a word.”

“What should I have said to the guy who saved my life? It all sounded so dumb in my head.”

“Yeah I guess it would’ve.”

“It was too big for you then…you said you’d wait to wear it, around me only.”

“I did…I remember.” He suddenly looked to her again and in his eyes reflected a question. He gazed at her with a sullen look.


“…Why did you leave?”

Kira stared down at the water and in her eyes he saw depression. He remembered her saying that she just had to leave, that someone came to take her away. She told him she’d come back and that he’d better have some stories for her…he remembered it all now but too late for it to be of any real good.

“I had to. Fate was against me that day. I wanted to stay but…well I didn’t want to make my godfather sad.” Squall said nothing and turned back to the water. It was there to remind him that this girl kept herself with him, like this, even when he had forgotten.

“So…you must have hundreds of stories for me now…Mr. Commander of Seed and savior of the universe.”

“…whatever.” She gave him a smile.

“So…how’d you meet Rinoa?”

“Huh?” and she started laughing, nice and loud and for once…he couldn’t suppress a smile.

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