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Kingdom Hearts
Title Author Added Brief Summary
New Era of Darkness Daniel Wood 03-02-05 The Keybearer and denizens of Kingdom Hearts face danger once more, from enemies old and new.

The Legend of Dragoon
Title Author Added Brief Summary
Defeat Laguna Loire 12-13-00 A prequel taking place shortly before the game begins, starring Lavitz...

Legend of Mana
Title Author Added Brief Summary
Invisible Tears Chudah 08-25-01 Pearl and Elazul star in this tale of the Jumi...
Lighting the Way To Tomorrow ZealPropht 02-16-04 Ah, interspecies love.

Legend of Zelda
Title Author Added Brief Summary
Regrets Kris 01-19-03 Link hesitates as a path lies before him

Lufia 2
Title Author Added Brief Summary
The Merman Morgan 05-19-01 Dekar and his SeaWorld friend star in this short fic...

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Title Author Added Brief Summary
The Calling of AyinSakeru T. C. B.02-13-02Ayin is a young girl born with green eyes, you know she is gonna be a dragonmaster.
Comrades in Arms Volume OneMethos10-08-01Four Heroes, one Goddess, you know the rest
Comrades in Arms Volume TwoMethos02-09-03An ancient evil has arisen on Lunar, and Dyne must embrace his destiny and become a Dragonmaster.
Comrades in Arms Volume ThreeMethos08-27-03The birth of life, the death of friendship.
If Love Were Only In The EquationK'Arthur03-21-03Read the title...can't get much deeper than that.
Just Like Old TimesMethos03-17-02Birthday surprises and long-due adventuring is what you'll discover in this happy fic....
Men Are From Mota, Women Are From Dezolis Ian Nathaniel Cohen12-24-04After their adventures, Nash and Kyle talk relationships while the girls are on a shopping spree.
The Once and Future Dragonmaster Ian Nathaniel Cohen12-24-04Alex hears about the Dragonmaster Arthur, and his Knights of the Round Table in this Lunar bedtime story.