Lunar Silver Stary Story

Comrades in Arms....

Volume One

By Methos [ 10-08-01 ]

Chapter 1 - Destiny Calls
The best place to see a sunrise on Caldor Isle is in front of the entrance of The White Dragon Cave. If you stand back enough, as the sun rises from behind the icy cave, you can see the ice absorb the brilliant colors of the sun's ascension, rather than merely reflect it. It makes the cave seem to glow with the light of Althena herself.

It was here that two boys from Burg now stood, mesmerized by the magnificent scene before them. Then they focused on the business at hand, the business that had brought them there in the first place: to meet the legendary White Dragon of Althena.

One of the boys brushed the dark hair from his face and marched towards the entrance, excitement shining in his intense, green eyes. He had dreamt of adventures as long as he could remember, and prayed for the days to come when he would have adventures of his own. And now, those days were about to begin.

"Hey, Dyne!" his companion called after him. "Wait up!"

Dyne sighed, and stopped so his friend could catch up. Noah, a redheaded boy not much younger than Dyne, was a good friend, and also eager for adventure, but it didn't burn within him like it did in Dyne.

Together, they entered the dragon cave. They wrapped themselves tighter in their cloaks to help shelter themselves from the cold. There was a dim, unearthly glow within the cave, so they were able to see where they were going. Cautiously, with swords at the ready, they began looking around.

Suddenly, they heard a strange hissing noise. "What's that?" Noah asked.

"I dunno. But it doesn't sound like something I want to get too close."

Dyne and Noah looked around, trying to find out what was causing the hissing noise. They didn't have to wait long. A group of slime creatures started oozing towards them, hissing malevolently. Dyne and Noah readied their weapons as the monsters approached.

Suddenly, Dyne charged right at the slime creatures, cutting one almost in half with a single stroke of his short sword, and it shriveled to the floor. He slashed repeatedly at a second, which soon dissolved into nothingness. Noah charged at another with his dagger, and a few well-placed blows soon stopped it dead in its tracks-and a few more stopped it dead. But a fourth slime creature morphed into a hideous fanged mouth, and bit into Noah's shoulder. Dyne, seeing his friend in trouble, slashed wildly at the monster, until it melted in a hideous mess onto the floor of the cave.

Dyne took a healing herb from his knapsack and handed it to Noah. "Are you okay? he asked.

"Yeah," sighed Noah, as he ate the herb. "I should have seen that other one coming though."

Dyne shrugged. "Don't worry about it. We're still new at this. C'mon, let's go."

Silently, Noah followed Dyne down the Cave's corridors. But he was a lot more cautious than he was before. He didn't want Dyne to think he couldn't take care of himself.

# # #

For a long time they wandered through the cave trying to find The White Dragon's chamber, fighting off the many monsters that attacked them. But the two adventurers were soon getting tired from all the fighting and aimless wandering. Noah was almost ready to give up, but Dyne was stubborn. I've come this far already, Dyne thought, and there's no way I'm turning back until I meet The White Dragon. I know he's in here, and I AM going to find him!

At last, they entered a large cavern within the cave. On the opposite side of the chamber, they saw an entrance to another corridor, blocked by a sheet of ice. There was no way of breaking through.

"Great," muttered Dyne. "A dead end."

"Wait a minute," said Noah. "What's that?"

For a moment, they heard a brief rumbling sound from the right side of the cavern. Looking closely, they noticed a small entryway, leading into a dark tunnel.

"That's it!" said Dyne. "That's the White Dragon's lair! We've found him!"

They raced across the cavern and into the tunnel, gazing in wonder at the sight before them.

The tunnel, although it was even colder than the caverns of The Cave, seemed to be made of crystal rather than ice. Spheres of magic light imbedded within the walls made the tunnel glow with a heavenly light. It was even more beautiful than the sunrise they had seen earlier.

Slowly, awestruck, Dyne and Noah walked through the tunnel...and suddenly stopped dead in their tracks.

In the massive icy chamber at the end of the tunnel was The White Dragon of Althena, fast asleep.

"By Althena..." whispered Noah.

Dyne also marveled at the sight. The White Dragon was a huge, furred creature with feathered wings and a long, furry mane running down its neck and back. Its snow-white skin was wrinkled and gnarled from age. Despite the fact that it was sleeping peacefully, it still seemed to radiate power.

Then Dyne approached the dragon. Its nose twitched, and his eyes opened suddenly.

"Who dares to disturb my slumber?" growled the dragon, as it rose to its full height. Ice crumbled beneath the dragon's feet, and was struck from the walls as the dragon's wings spread out. The dragon gave a mighty roar that seemed to shake the entire mountain.

Then, except for the dragon's heavy breathing, all was silent.

Dyne and Noah could barely control their excitement. We're actually here, they both thought. We're actually face-to-face with the White Dragon of Althena!

The dragon looked down at them curiously. Apparently, he wasn't expecting the intruders to be a pair of pre-teen boys.

"Welcome, my friends," he said. "I am Quark, the tetrarch of the Dragon Tribe. What brought you on this dangerous journey to my lair?"

Dyne boldly looked up at Quark. "I am Dyne, and this is my friend Noah. We came from the village of Burg to see you."

Quark looked surprised. "You came all this way, and risked your lives, just to meet with me?"


"It's our first adventure," said Noah.

Quark, said nothing, but looked right into Dyne's eyes. He saw no fear, but ambition, boldness, and maybe even the slightest hint of a challenge. However, he also saw a noble, adventurous spirit...and then finally noticed that Dyne's eyes were green. Those who had previously been given the title of Dragonmaster all had green eyes. Could this impetuous boy really be destined to become the next Dragonmaster? wondered Quark.

Then he looked at the two of them. "So you are here on an adventure. Then an adventure you shall have."

Dyne's eyes gleamed. "What do you mean?"

"I challenge you to pass the Dragon Trial. Within this cave is The White Dragon Ring. Find it, and bring it to me."

Dyne's excitement slowly faded. "That's IT? That's your Trial? Find a lousy ring? Come on, give us a REAL challenge!"

Quark looked at Dyne, wondering whether he'd be so impetuous if he was to set Dyne on fire. He almost smiled, picturing it, but quickly shook the thought out of his head. Tempting, but no. He's just a boy. Besides, Althena wouldn't think it was very funny. Then, with an amused tone, he said "It is a challenge. To obtain the Ring, you must use all of your resources and wits."

Then Quark's eyes started to glow. "I shall open the way for you, and give you the energy to continue your quest."

Suddenly, Dyne and Noah felt completely refreshed, and all their wounds disappeared.

"Thanks!" said Dyne. "See you in a few!" And with that, Dyne and Noah left Quark's lair.

Quark silently watched them leave, still thinking about Dyne and his green eyes.

# # #

As Dyne and Noah emerged from the tunnel into the cavern, they saw the ice barrier was gone. The corridor was clear. They began their search for the Ring, fighting it out it out with even more monsters on the way. But they seemed to be getting nowhere.

After a while, they came to a pillar of ice blocking the entrance of a tunnel. Despite their best efforts, there was no way of getting through.

"This tunnel probably leads to the Ring," said Dyne.

"So how are we supposed to get through?"

"Well, obviously that's the challenge Quark was talking about."

"Yeah, I guess so. I can't believed you actually talked to him like that!"

"Like what?"

"Geez, he's The White Dragon of Althena, not some guy on the street! You gotta show him the proper respect!"

"So what was I supposed to do, get on my knees and chant 'we're not worthy, we're not worthy?' Besides, I think he got a kick out of it!"

Before Noah could respond, an angry growl echoed through the cavern. Turning around, they saw a very angry albino baboon about to charge at them.

"I've got an idea!" said Dyne, and he moved right between the ice pillar and the baboon's charge. Just as the baboon was about to smash into him, he dived out of the way. The baboon, unable to stop its charge, slammed right into the ice pillar, shattering it into millions of pieces.

"Ooooh," said Dyne, looking at the dazed baboon. "That HAD to hurt."

But the creature, in pain from the impact, was now in a berserker rage, and charged at Dyne. Dyne and Noah both struck out at it, the blades skimming against each other as they sliced through the baboon's neck, decapitating it.

The two boys paled slightly at the grim sight, then went through the tunnel's entrance.

They continued through two more chambers, using the same tactics to break ice pillars that were blocking the entrances of where they needed to go. Eventually, they reached a smaller cavern, with a treasure chest in the middle. The two young adventurers rushed towards it, opened it, and grinned as they saw The White Dragon Ring within. Dyne, despite his eagerness, gently picked it up, and stared at it. It started to glow strangely in his hand, its light reflected in his green eyes.

"Let me see!" said Noah. Dyne handed him the Ring. But as Noah held it, the light dimmed, although a little still remained. Surprised, Noah returned the Ring to Dyne, and the full glow returned.

"What does this mean?" wondered Dyne.

Noah stared at the Ring curiously. For some reason, he felt more proud of Dyne than jealous of him. "Maybe Quark knows. So let's ask him!" Dyne agreed, and they went back to show Quark their prize.

# # #

"So, you return with the Ring," Quark said, obviously pleased, as the boys returned. "Well done."

"Thanks!" said Dyne. "But why did it glow when I picked it up?"

Quark looked right into Dyne's eyes once more. "A great destiny is in store for you, Dyne. The adventures you have dreamed of for so long shall become reality. Your name will become a legend in generations to come. Travel the world, learn and observe. On the day that destiny calls for you, you must answer."

Dyne, for once was speechless, as Quark's words ran through his head.

"So why, when I held the Ring, did only some of the light fade?" Noah asked.

"You, Noah, also have a time and place in destiny. But not for years to come. I will say no more for now. However, know that you too shall have your part to play in the destiny of our world."

Dyne placed the Ring on the base of Quark's pedestal. "Keep it," Quark said. "Wear it as a symbol of your heroism and courage. When the time comes, return here and fulfill your destiny."

Dyne nodded, and slowly put it on. He felt like it was bonding to his hand. The ring flashed, and glowed no more.

"Very well," Quark said. "And now, I think you must return home, and prepare. Destiny awaits."

The boys thanked him, and left the chamber. Quark watched them leave silently, keeping his thoughts to himself. He seemed to share Dyne's eagerness. It looked like exciting times were ahead. Well, it's about time!

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