Lunar Silver Stary Story

Comrades in Arms....

Volume One

By Methos

Chapter 3- Toward the Horizon
That night in Dyne's house, dinner was a lively affair. Dyne listened in amazement as Ghaleon told stories of his worldly travels. Even Mycroft and Saria were absorbed by Ghaleon's tales about the places he had seen, strange people he had met, and the adventures he had been on. It was almost midnight by the time Ghaleon was finished.

"And now, with your permission," he said as he rose from his chair, "I think I'll be going to bed."

"Sure, sure," said Mycroft. "I'm afraid you're gonna have to sleep in the barn, but we don't have space anywhere else."

"Don't worry. I've slept in much worse places."

"All right, then," said Mycroft. "The barn's out back. Sleep well."

"You too. And thanks again for a wonderful evening."

"You're welcome," muttered Mycroft, his gaze still fixated on Ghaleon's satchel. Yeah, sleep well, freak. I'm gonna make sure you're sleeping for a very long time!

# # #

In the barn, Ghaleon lay on a bed of straw, using his cloak as a blanket. But he was not sleeping. He was expecting a visitor and could not afford to be caught napping, so to speak, when he arrived.

He heard the barn door creak open slowly. Hello, Mycroft, he thought. I didn't think you'd be here so soon.

"Ghaleon?" a voice whispered in the darkness.

"Dyne?" said Ghaleon, an orb of magic light appearing in his hands. The orb shed a dim light through the barn. "What are you doing here? Why aren't you asleep?"

"After everything that's happened today? Meeting the White Dragon, getting his Ring, and hearing your stories? I'll be lucky if I can sleep for the rest of the week!"

"I see what you mean," said Ghaleon. "But you shouldn't be here."

"Why? Because of my grandpa?"

Ghaleon nodded. "He probably thinks an experienced traveler like myself probably has money, or valuable souvenirs of some sort that he would just love to get his hands on. Plus, he may be angry at you for sneaking out."

"He'd be angry at me anyway. He always is. Anyway, why do you care what happens to some kid from Burg?"

At this point, Ghaleon looked very stern. "I have always believed that all people need a guardian. Those with power must use it to help those without it. Just as the people of the world need the goddess Althena. Everybody needs to have someone look out for them."

"If I became a hero, would I be helping others who couldn't help themselves?"

"Of course. That's what a hero is."

Dyne paused as he considered this. "My mother once told me that a hero is somebody who serves a cause greater than themselves, and puts the needs of others above his own."

Ghaleon's eyes seemed to look right into Dyne's very soul. "Do you truly believe that, with all your heart and spirit?"

Dyne nodded solemnly.

Ghaleon smiled. "Then you will definitely become the hero you wish to be. Only be careful with your emotions. Guide them carefully, or else you may one day destroy everything you have fought so hard to protect."

Dyne grinned, filled with pride at Ghaleon's praise. Then he noticed the magical orb that Ghaleon had created. "Whoa, you know magic too?"

Ghaleon shrugged, apparently not wishing to sound like he was bragging about his many skills. "In my many travels, I've learned many things. I've studied magic, healing, horsemanship, swordsmanship..."

All of a sudden, he leaped up with blinding speed, his fist lashing out in the darkness. There was a loud thud, and Mycroft stumbled to the floor unconscious, a knife stumbling from his hands.

Dyne stared in amazement, first at Mycroft, then at Ghaleon.

Ghaleon sat back down and continued speaking as if nothing had happened. "...Martial arts, music..."

Dyne looked once more at Mycroft. "Is he dead?"

"No, although Althena knows he'd deserve it. He will sleep late into the morning, however."

"So, now what?"

Ghaleon yawned. "Now, I need to get some sleep. I wasn't lying when I said I was on my way to Saith. I'll need my energy to fight against the monsters of the Weird Woods."

Dyne turned to go, then turned back to Ghaleon. "Can I go with you?"


"Please. There's nothing for me here now. Here, I have no future, and Grandpa will tear me apart for what you did to him."

Ghaleon said nothing, wondering what to do. "You're... a little young to be wandering the world, don't you think?" he said lamely, for want of something to say.

Dyne sighed. "When I met Quark, he told me that I should travel around the world, and learn all that I could. I can't wait any longer. You told me yourself that you wanted to see all you could while you were alive. So do I, and this may be my only chance to do it. It's what I've always dreamed of, and it's what I feel I am destined to do."

Ghaleon's mind raced, searching for a reason why he had to say "no" to Dyne. But none could be found. He couldn't abandon this boy to the mercy of his cruel grandparents. His own solitude was beginning to be a burden on his soul, and he wouldn't mind the company. Besides, Dyne was right when he said that his destiny could not be denied. Ghaleon looked in his eyes, and was amazed at what he saw. Dyne wasn't begging Ghaleon to say "yes". He was challenging him to say "no".

"All right," he said, smiling. "You may come. But for now, get some sleep."

Dyne raced back to his room, and scrambled into bed. But he couldn't sleep. Too much had happened today, and more was on the way.

# # #

The next morning, as Ghaleon and Dyne prepared to leave, Dyne heard a familiar voice calling after him. Dyne looked back, and saw his friend Noah.

"Dyne! What's up? And who's this guy?"

Dyne grinned. "This is Ghaleon. I'm going on an adventure with him! Think of it! I'm actually gonna see the world!" Remembering his manners, he said, "Ghaleon, this is my friend Noah. He went with me to the White Dragon Cave."

Noah and Ghaleon shook hands. "Where are you headed?" asked Noah.

"Saith," said Ghaleon. "And from there, who knows?"

"Wanna come with us?" asked Dyne.

Before Ghaleon could object, Noah shook his head. "No."

"What? Noah, you wanted this too! How many times have you wished you could go on fantastic adventures! Now here's a chance! Why won't you come?"

Noah sighed. "I'd only hold you back. I was almost killed yesterday in the White Dragon Cave. I don't want you to always have to be watching my back when you need to watch your own. Besides, this is your destiny. Mine has yet to be fulfilled, remember?"

Dyne looked at Ghaleon for help. Ghaleon whispered to him, "He has made his choice. It's not for you or me to force him to change his mind. He has chosen to stay here, and you must respect that."

Dyne looked at Noah sadly. "Well Noah, you take care of yourself."

"Thanks, I will. And wipe that frown of your face. I'm sure we'll see each other again someday.

Dyne smiled, encouraged by his friend's words. "See you around, buddy."

"Yeah, you too."

# # #

With Ghaleon's magic and Dyne's swordsmanship, the two adventurers were through the Weird Woods within a couple of hours. It was early afternoon by the time they reached Saith. After lunch in the local pub, Ghaleon hired a ship to take them around.

It was Dyne's first time on a ship, and he raced to the bow, gazing at the beautiful sight of the Meribian Sea. He felt his pulse quicken in anticipation as the sails were lowered, and the ship set sail. He stood immobilized as the ship glided through the water.

Ghaleon soon walked up besides him. He too smiled at the beauty of the ocean, the sunshine reflected in the water like a river of gold, the wind in his face.

"So where are we going?" asked Dyne.

Ghaleon's voice was distant as he looked ahead. "Toward the horizon."

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