Lunar Silver Stary Story

Comrades in Arms....

Volume One

By Methos

Although Dyne tried to get up as early as possible the next morning, Ghaleon and most of the Guild had already been awake for quite some time. He walked into the Main Hall, where he saw Ghaleon, Lemia, and the Guild officials working on the Magic Amplifier.

"Good morning," Ghaleon said, not taking his eyes off his work.

Dyne looked at the Magic Amplifier curiously. The Amplifier was about four feet tall, square-shaped, and adorned with magical symbols. Holes ran along its four sides to hold the energy crystals that gave it power. On top of it was a small sphere with the imprint of a hand.

"This is it, huh?"

"What were you expecting?" Ghaleon said, his voice not changing tone.

"I dunno, but not this. Any way I can help?"

"We're fine for now, thanks."

Dyne's stomach grumbled.

"Why don't you get something to eat?" asked Ghaleon, smiling slightly.

Dyne shook his head. "I'll stick around, if you don't mind. Besides, I can't pig out while everyone else here is working hard."

"Suit yourself," said Ghaleon, and he was once more absorbed in his work.

Dyne went over to one of the Guild members who was apparently on break. "Excuse me, sir. What exactly is this thing going to do to help the ship? How does it work?"

"The Magic Amplifier was designed to either increase the power or range of a spell. In this case, Lemia is going to use lightning magic to destroy the rocks that are trapping the Airship, and then use a wind spell to safely guide the ship out. A magic portal is going to show her where the ship is, so she knows where to direct the spell."

"What if the lightning accidentally hits the ship?"

"The ship, if it has enough power, automatically generates a magic shield whenever an unexpected disaster arises. That should protect it from any accidents."

Dyne looked again at the Magic Amplifier. "I didn't think magic required machines to operate."

The Guild member laughed. "Magic is just energy. Although spells harness that energy, in some cases, something else is needed, like a wand or pendant. Think of the Amplifier as a magic wand."

"It's finished," Ghaleon announced.

Lemia and Dyne came up to him. "It's all ready?" Lemia asked.

"I couldn't get it to full power, but it should have enough to get the Airship to safety."

Lemia breathed a sigh of relief. "Then let's begin."

# # #

Lemia stepped up to the Amplifier and put her hand in the imprint on the sphere. The crystals, activated by Lemia's magical aura, began to glow, and the Amplifier turned itself on. Two mages, on either side of her, cast a spell of vision. A portal opened above the Amplifier, showing the Airship still trapped in the gorge. They all tensed as they saw that all but one of the lamps had been extinguished.

"They don't have much time left," Ghaleon muttered to Dyne. "If this doesn't work, they'll have no chance."

"Will it work?" asked Dyne nervously.

"It did once before."

At last, Lemia began her spell. The sphere glowed as it absorbed Lemia's magical energy, and it shot a beam of light straight into the air. In the portal, she saw a cloud of magical energy build over the airship. At last, she completed the spell. Bolts of lightning shot down from the sky, blasting the rocks that imprisoned the Airship into dust. She continued right away with a wind spell, and the Airship slowly floated out of the gorge.

"We did it! It's free!" Lemia cried.

Cheers rang through the Main Hall as the Airship was on its way towards Vane. Lemia released her hand from the Amplifier and looked at Ghaleon and Dyne. They both smiled, proud of her for what she had been able to do. She smiled back, and looked at the portal again... and screamed in terror.

The last lamp had gone out, and the now-powerless ship was starting to fall!

"Mother!" she cried.

"The Airship... it's going to crash into Vane!" another Guild member cried out.

"Do something!" Dyne screamed to Ghaleon. "You have to save them!"

"I can't! I don't have that kind of power! Not even the Amplifier could help!"

"You have to try something!! Otherwise those people don't have a prayer!!"

"Prayer..." Ghaleon whispered. "That's it! Dyne! Lemia! Give me your hands!"

Lemia raced over to Ghaleon. Ghaleon took Dyne and Lemia's right hands, and held them in his own hands. "What is it you want right now, more than anything?" he cried. "Hope for it! Pray for it!"

Mother, Lemia thought.

Lemia, thought Dyne.

Zain's legacy, thought Ghaleon.

Suddenly, Dyne felt strange. He felt this incredible power rising up from within him, like nothing ha had ever felt before in his life.

"Goddess Althena!" cried Ghaleon. "I call upon your holy power! Heed and grant our prayers!"

The room exploded with light. Wave after wave of energy coursed through Ghaleon, Lemia, and Dyne. The strain was incredible, and Dyne wondered whether they'd be able to withstand so much power. He could barely make out the image in the portal of the Airship also being engulfed in energy, then vanishing.

Then the light disappeared, and the energy faded away.

Dyne struggled to rise. Lemia leaned against the wall, barely able to stand. Ghaleon was also exhausted, but somehow remained on his feet.

"The Airship," he said with a smile.

From the windows of the Main Hall, everyone could see the Airship resting safely in the center of Vane. Although the balloon was in tatters, the passenger section was undamaged. The doors opened, and the Guildmistress of Vane and the other passengers exited the Airship.

"Mother..." Lemia whispered. She rose from the floor, but collapsed in Dyne's arms, crying tears of relief. Ghaleon went over to her to comfort her.

"Shh," Ghaleon said soothingly. "She's okay. Everything is going to be okay now."

"You did it, Lemia" Dyne added. "You should be proud. You saved them all."

Lemia wiped her tears away. "I couldn't have done it without you two. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Lemia stayed sheltered in Dyne's arms for several more minutes, unable to move. Then he released her, and she was able to stand on her own.

"And now," Ghaleon said with a warm smile, "I believe your mother is waiting for you to welcome her back."

# # #

The reunion between Lemia and her mother was truly a heartwarming one. Dyne and Ghaleon, not wanting to intrude on a private moment, stayed by the entrance to the Magic Guild.

"What exactly was that spell you used to save the Airship?" Dyne asked.

"It's called 'Prayer'. It's energized by the hopes and prayers within a person's heart. But it takes a lot of magic power to use it. Without both you and Lemia, it wouldn't have worked. I told you that you would be able to play a major role this morning." Ghaleon started to grin. "Finally taking an interest in magic now, eh?"

Dyne returned the grin. "Maybe. Do you really think I could learn it?"

Ghaleon laughed. "If I can save an Airship against all odds, anything can happen."

A tall, elegant lady approached them. "I am Remilia Ausa, the Guildmistress of Vane. I and my people owe you endless thanks for your aid."

Ghaleon and Dyne kneeled. "It was your daughter who is the true hero of this day," Ghaleon said. "Without her courage and determination, all would have been lost."

Remilia motioned for them to rise, and smiled at her daughter, who was now by her mother's side. "She will be a worthy heir to the Magic Guild. There are very few people who could have handled themselves so well under such circumstances."

Lemia blushed from their praise.

Remilia turned to Ghaleon. "My daughter tells me that you are the one who built the Airship long ago. I apologize for not taking better care of it."

Ghaleon merely shrugged. "It is a relic of the past that served its purpose long ago."

Remilia smiled. "You're wrong. It is more than merely a symbol of the past. It is a part of Vane and her history. It will be put on display in the Magic Guild, always to remind the people of Vane of their past, and to show them that Vane and her legacy shall live on forever. Your brother Zain would be proud."

Tears began to swell in Ghaleon's eyes. "Thank you, Lady Ausa. It feels good to be back. However, I still feel the call of adventure, and the need to explore."

Remilia nodded. "Very well. Just remember, Ghaleon, that wherever you go, you can always call Vane your home. So can you, Dyne, if you wish."

Ghaleon smiled. "Thank you. I plan to return one day, and it's nice to have a place to truly call home."

He took one last look around and dried his eyes. "I think we'd better be off," he said to Dyne. "Mistress Remilia, Lemia, it was a pleasure to meet you."

Lemia looked at them sadly. "Goodbye," she said, her voice barely a whisper.

Dyne saw the look in her eyes. If only she could come with us, he though to himself. But he said nothing out loud.

Remilia watched them as they walked towards the Fountain of Transmission. She then looked at Lemia with a mischievous smile. "Well, aren't you going to go after them?"

Lemia was stunned. "Me? B- but, mother, I'm needed here!"

Remilia laughed. "Oh, c'mon. I know you want to go with them. And after today, you deserve it. Hurry, before they leave."

Lemia gave her mother a quick goodbye hug, and ran after Dyne and Ghaleon as fast as she could. "Wait!" she cried.

The two of them paused and looked back towards her.

"Take me with you! Please!" she said as she caught up with them.

Dyne and Ghaleon grinned at each other, as if they knew she would ask all along.

"Okay by me," Dyne said. "Ghaleon?"

"Why not?" Ghaleon asked. "Besides, Dyne could use another magic tutor."

"Yes! Thank you, thank you!" cried Lemia, giving Ghaleon and Dyne a big hug apiece.

"Let's get going," Dyne said. "There's a whole world out there waiting for us."

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